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Please note all of our fresh and frozen bait is only available for Mainland UK customers.

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At Gerry's of Morecambe we know that the freshest bait brings the fish time and again, which is why we are proud to offer you this great selection of fresh sea and coarse fishing bait delivered right to your door!

Fresh Sea Fishing Bait

Our range of fresh sea fishing bait includes a great selection of plump and succulent black and blow lug dug locally for total freshness, quality ragworm as well as fresh peeler crabs - deadly for Cod and Bass!

We offer a range of in-store only worms and baits - these are fresh baits which would not travel well and must be used in a short timeframe, so if you need blog lug, white ragworm or regular ragworm then call into our store - we hold limited stocks of these fish killers!

Sea Fishing Oil

We stock the great range of Grauvell fish oil - an absolute killer when used in conjunction with other baits, this condensed fish oil provides long lasting flavour and attractiveness for all fish and it's especially good when you are going to freeze bait as it acts as a flavour enhancer and smell preservative!

Fresh Coarse Fishing Baits

Our range of fresh coarse fishing bait includes freshly dug lobworm, redworms, maggots and regular garden worms. Sold in either half or full pints, our maggots are totally fresh and last a long time, having been thoroughly cleaned prior to supply.

We supply locally sourced lobworms and garden worms so you get the very freshest bait - this is what you need if you want to catch the biggest fish as older, more experienced fish will often reject a bait which is past it's best. We have limited stocks of all of our fresh bait, so get it while it's here!

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