Frozen Bait

You'll always find a great selection of frozen bait at Gerry's Fishing. Here you can browse all of our frozen bait by using the refine by navigation on the left. Simply click on what your looking for to refine your search down to exactly what your after.

Please note all of our fresh and frozen bait is only available for Mainland UK customers.

If you need any advice or help please call us on 01524 422146 or email See more.

We stock a great range of frozen bait for sea and coarse fishing, with everything from frozen sandeels to frozen peeler crabs in stock. We have a large freezer cabinet which we store all of this bait in and hold large stocks of frozen bait.

Frozen Sea Fishing Bait

Our range of frozen sea fishing bait includes Ammo sandeels - the leader in frozen sandeels who have been flash freezing these baitfish for many years. Flash freezing means that these delicate fish thaw beautifully as if they were still fresh and stay in perfect condition for your first cast. Fresh, solid baits ensure you get more bites and with more bites come more fish, so choose these baits for your fishing if you're after Pollack, Mackerel and Bass!

Also in our selection of frozen sea fishing baits are frozen Mackerel, frozen Squid, frozen Black Lug and a great range of flash frozen peeler Crabs which are deadly for Cod, Bass and many other predatory species.

Frozen Pike Bait

Our selection of frozen Pike baits includes freshwater Eels, Blueeyes and Herring, as well as small Trout and other baitfish like smelt and sprats (the Pike fisherman's favourite deadbait!). We also stock a great range of coarse fish deadbaits which have again been flash frozen to ensure freshness and the best condition when thawed, these include Lampreys, Perch and Roach, which are deadly fished on a pike bung or trolled as you would with a spinner or plug past the reeds.

Frozen Shellfish Baits

Our range of shellfish baits can be used for both sea fish and for coarse fishing - deadly for Zander and Pike, our selection of Razorfish baits can be cast and trolled freeline to give the ultimate 'wiggly fish' look with the smell and oil which pulls in fish from afar. These baits of course are a favourite for Bass and Cod fisherman the world over as they provide great scent and stay brilliantly pliable and fresh in the water for a long time - an absolute must for Bass and a great attractor for feeding Cod.

All of our frozen baits are available only for Mainland UK postage only as we can't guarantee postage time to other areas.

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