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Carp fishing, as those who practise this most ancient niche of our sport will testify, can be a joyless experience when you're cold and wet. To prepare yourself for what may be a long wait before you get that speciment Carp, we offer a superb range of Carp Fishing Clothing from some of the best manufacturers available, offering clothing which is light, easy to wear whilst giving superb levels of thermal efficiency and protection from the elements.

Combats and Pants

Any fisherman will tell you that the most practical pair of pants for Carp fishing are combat trousers, because these offer a myriad range of pockets, hard wearing outers and are easy to wear over boots. We stock a great range of combat trousers suitable for Carp fishing, in a selection of colours suitable for stalking large fish.

Carp Fishing Footwear

We stock a large range of Carp fishing footwear including wading boots, military style waterproof boots, sturdy insulated wellingtons and a selection of waders for those who like to stalk their prey.

Fleeces and Hoodies

It's an old technique, but a good one. Layering up gives you warmth, plus the ability to take off layers should the weather change. We offer a range of fleeces and hoodies perfect for layering up for the Winter months or even the colder weather during the Summer. All of our hoodies and fleeces are in appropriate colours, so you can stay stealthy whilst you fish!

Hats and Socks

It's a fact that a large proportion of body heat is lost through the head, so you really need to keep that heat in whilst sitting around fishing! We offer a superb range of fishing hats which keep that all important heat where it's needed, whilst being comfortable to wear. A good pair of fishing socks can also save you from the misery of cold toes... we stock a selection of lengths using advanced materials to keep those tootsies warm!

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