Carp Fishing Tackle

Top quality Carp fishing tackle from the best names in the business, all in one place. If big carp are your thing then you need to take a look at this fabulous collection of rods, reels, accessories and bait specifically designed for Carp fishing. See more.

Fishing for Carp has been going on for Centuries, with a history going back right to the introduction of the species into the UK. Isaak Walton, wrote in his seminal work in 1653 "The Carp is the Queen of the River" and it seems this is still so, with Carp fishing being the fastest growing niche in UK Angling, with numerous magazines and websites springing up to quench our thirst for this big, gentle fish. Here at Gerry's of Morecambe, we have a vast array of carp fishing tackle including Carp fishing rods, Carp fishing reels and of course a great selection of Carp fishing bait formulas to help you catch that monster Carp!

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