Lure Fishing For Bass

We are mad about lure fishing for Bass.

The excitement when you see a boil behind your lure followed by the reel screaming as you hook into possibly the fish of your dreams is quite an experience.

It's possibly the best feeling you can have while fishing.

Our team works tirelessly testing and sourcing new tackle so we can help you catch more.

It's a hard job but someone's got to do it 😀 

Our Top Lures...

These lures are hand picked by our 'Bass mad' staff. These are the lures which we think should be in every lure anglers box.

It's a bit of an assortment of soft lures, hard lures and metals but together these lures should get you catching Bass no matter where you are fishing and in what ever conditions.


Our Favourite Rods & Reels...

There is an amazing amount of rods and reels to pick from and we get customers asking us all the time for our favourites.

Rather than just picking the most expensive ones, we have picked our best all round rods and reels factoring the price. You can then compare and pick which lure rod and reel is best for you.

All the lure rods we stock have 'braid friendly' guides. It's something not to worry about while browsing.