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Bait-Tech Groundbait Bucket Bait-Tech Groundbait Bucket
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Bait-Tech Groundbait Bucket A 17litre bucket from bait giants Bait-Tech with sealable lid. Ideal for carrying mixed or dry groundbait to your peg. Also with the sealable lid takes out any worry of spilling bait in the back of the car.
Bait-Tech Karma Groundbait 1kg Bait-Tech Karma Groundbait 1kg
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Bait-Tech Karma A super-fast breakdown mix that suits busy commercial method fishing perfectly. Packed withmeals, meat proteins and biscuit derivatives. The added meat meals makes this method mix super attractive to carp, bream and tench and justly gives it the pedigree it deserves. A true unique one off! There will never be another like This! "Down the edge loose, round a method, this groundbait is full of meaty attractors,
Bait-Tech N-Tice Groundbait 1kg Bait-Tech N-Tice Groundbait 1kg
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Bait-Tech N-Tice The one everybody is talking about! A very unique fine blend of pure meat proteins, added meat meal and a few other secret ingredients. Pungent attraction is guaranteed! When you open a bag you�ll see what we mean. A perfect partner to all meat and pellet baits, this super fine grade groundbait has decimated fisheries all over the country. A true one off all-rounder that packs a punch! N-TICE Meaty Mix not only attracts fish into the area it also stimulates fish into a feeding frenzy thanks to the complex, superior ingredients. Having undergone more extensive testing than any of our other Bait-Tech mixes this highly attractive concoction was two years in the making. Extensive trialing by our top anglers has seen N-TICE Meaty Mix blow rival mixes out of the water when fished side by side with the competition. Ideal to use when targeting carp, bream and barbel. Can you afford not to carry a bag of this with you on your next trip? 1kg Bags
Bait-Tech Pre Drilled Krill Pellets Bait-Tech Pre Drilled Krill Pellets
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Bait Tech Pre Drilled Krill Pellets take al the hassle out of trying to drill pellets on the bank. Krill Pellets have the highest levels of attraction available. These Krill Pellets are pakced with nutrients which have a slow steady release as they breakdown. A complex amino profile instigates aggressive feeding. These pellets are perfect for a host of fishing situations, PVA Bags, soaked around a method feeder, fed loose, as hookbaits, as a spod mix. in groundbait. These are great quality pellets for all species of fish. Available in 8mm & 14mm in 900g bags.
Bait-Tech Special G Green Groundbait 1kg Bait-Tech Special G Green Groundbait 1kg
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Bait-Tech Special G Green Still the most popular fishmeal based groundbait available and the reason is simple: GPS90 � and these two have it in abundance. This highest grade super soluble fishmeal is the most pungent and powerful fishmeal attractor bar none! The super soluble properties of GPS90 means the area of water surrounding your rig, or feeder are saturated with attraction. Now the most popular green fishmeal groundbait used and you know why? It works! Combined with other top quality fishmeals, ground pellets and/or attractants, Special �G� has forged a reputation as the ultimate fish catcher. Whether method fishing, cupping, balling, as a stick mix or as a paste, Special �G� does everything. It is the Ultimate diverse groundbait.
Bait-Tech Super Method Mix Red 2kg Bait-Tech Super Method Mix Red 2kg
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Bait-Tech Super Method Mix Red The ultimate all-round method mix has arrived. Full of nothing but natural ingredients, this proven fish catcher boasts nothing but quality. Super high in value with all the attraction in a top class bait, the NEW Super Method Mix has been developed using a fascinating blend of sweet herbs and spices that carp and other fish adore. Using only natural ingredients and proven winners such as hemp, vitalin caramill and cocarom – this mix creates a rich and naturally flavoured fish attractor which is easy to mix. This fast breakdown groundbait is perfect for any method feeder, ideal for flatbed feeders for carp, barbel or bream…..put simply: it is what it says on the bag! Packed with hemp, fully of natural herbs and over 5 different spice attractors, this method mix has flavour combinations that will out score all others. A versatile mix that has many uses this easy to mix groundbait excels when moulded onto a method feeder. Now available in RED.


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