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Welcome to our Breakaway page.
Breakaway produce some of the best and most reliable rig making components available. As well as their quality rig components, Breakaway are also market leaders with their impressive range of sea leads, which includes the ever popular Breakaway Impact Lead.

Breakaway Continental Impact Leads Breakaway Continental Impact Leads
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Breakaway Continental Impact Leads Continental style fishing has become very popular in the UK over the past few years especially during the summer months when the water is clear and calm, Not only has this been a productive development in the match scene it has also added enjoyment to our fishing utilising long light rods and light line. Breakaway had been asked many times to make a suitable lead to go with the lighter gear after much thought they decided to use our Patented impact system we realise not all anglers will want to clip down rigs but its there if needed, we also believe the cone will protect the lead and enhance the smooth retrieve. Available in: 110g and 130g Save Money when buying in 5s or 10s
Breakaway Leads Breakaway Leads
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Breakaway Leads   The start of it all.  The original Breakaway lead as used around the world for over 35 years by millions of anglers.   Holds across the tide with the wires locked into the recesses by the nylon rollers when fishing but folds back on the strike making the retrieval easier on tackle and fish. The original concept of the Breakaway lead was the brainchild of Nigel Forrest and Ian Gillespie. Over the years the shape and its overall performance has changed to keep up with the demands of the most serious anglers
Breakaway Adjustable Crimp Kit Breakaway Adjustable Crimp Kit
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Breakaway Adjustable Crimp Tool The new crimping tool for the new adjustable crimp. The body of this ingenious tool is made from heavy duty plastic so you can keep it in your tackle box without fear of corrosion. The metal blade that produces the lateral crimp is specially hardened to give maximum durability.Crimp Tool For too long crimps have been the weak link in trace design especially with crimping tools that produces serrated cuts accross the crimp. damaging the trace body in the process. This new tool crimps length ways in a neat controlled way allowing the adjustable crimp to be virtually locked or to a leeser degree so the the crimp can be moved to suit the trace design. The tool will come complete with 20 crimps and rubber inserts but may only be used with the new soft adjustable crimps
Breakaway Bait loader (1 Per Pack) Breakaway Bait loader (1 Per Pack) best
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Breakaway Bait Loader Much easier to use than conventional bait needle. You can either Slide the bait  on to the needle .Then put the hook in the loop and wrap with elastic or bait hook as normal then put onto needle and whip this method works well for smaller baits and for tying in fish strips once the worm bait is on the hook. Perfect for Fish strips all Soft baits like Mussel Prawn etc
Breakaway Boat & Pier Rest Breakaway Boat & Pier Rest
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Breakaway Boat & Pier Rod Rest Quick action for boat & pier hand rails & other awkward places. Rod rest that straps on to bars.
Breakaway Casting Cannon Breakaway Casting Cannon
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Breakaway Casting Cannon For accuracy and distance the most important element of your cast is holding down the line until the power stroke is complete. Its not easy and can be very painful without some mechanical device. The most popular is the Breakaway Cannon an original concept of Mr Alfred Priestleys. The Cannon is mounted under the rod in line with the rings and as near to directly over the spool. Unfortunately there is a wide variety of reels and reel fittings and many vary as to how they are fitted. Attach the Cannon onto the rod with insulating tape until you are happy with its position. Always check that your clutch is tight before casting in areas where big fish are regularly caught winding your leader around the Cannon three times will allow you to cast with a light clutch fitting.
Breakaway Escape Links (6 Per Pack) Breakaway Escape Links (6 Per Pack)
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Breakaway Escape Links The Breakaway Escape Link is a 'rotten bottom' device which unlike traditional rotten bottoms does not involve the use of lengths of weaker line. The Escape link instead relies on the sprung tension of the locking pin to release the lead when pulling free from a snag. The amount of force needed to 'trip' the Escape Link can be set by slightly altering the angle of the locking pin. A sliding plastic ring is pushed down towards the sinker before casting and this locks the locking pin so safety is insured with even the most powerful of casting styles. When the rig hits the sea water pressure pushes the plastic ring up the link so that the Escape Link works correctly and frees the lead in the event of it becoming snagged. Packs of 6 *The versatile rotten bottom lead release *No specialist rigs necessary *No monofilament weak link required *Adjustable overload setting *Safe powerful casting *Tie on or add to an existing clip *Safe casting releases at about 12lb pressure *Always use fine wire hooks and heavier main line when using any rotten bottom clip *6 per pkt
Breakaway Fastlinks Breakaway Fastlinks best
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Breakaway Fastlinks As still as popular as ever. Fastlinks are designed to be very quick and easy to use espacially in cold conditions when the fingers dont work as they should. Designed to be tied to your leader so rigs can be clipped and unclipped as quick as possible. Also suitable for attaching leads.
Breakaway Flattie Lead Breakaway Flattie Lead
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Breakaway Flattie Leads Flattie leads are a plain non wired lead designed to fish over mud flats ect in slow tides for Flounders and fish that may be temted by a slow moving bait. The lead settles on the mud rather than dissapearing into it like most plain leads do.It will hug the bottom and move slowly in the tide searching out the fish. Will plane to the surface on the retrieve. Available in 85g or 150g.
Breakaway Glowstick Tip Light Red Breakaway Glowstick Tip Light Red
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Breakaway Glowstick Tip Light Red Great New multi purpose Glowstick as a number of uses. These new fantastic lights from Breakaway lasts for approx 90hrs and waterproof to 40 metres so can be used on rigs as an attractor or on rod tips and floats, Batteries are replaceable so fantastic value 1 led light with battery installed Imagine how many chemical lights you would need for same usage. Now including new lightweight rod tip holder that can be Whipped or taped to rod will also take other chemical lights Available in Red & Blue (spare batteries also available)
Breakaway Glowstick Tip Light Spare Batteries Breakaway Glowstick Tip Light Spare Batteries
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Breakaway Glowstick Tip Light Spare Batteries Great item to keep with you when you on those fishing trips away from home, take up no room at all in your bag.
Breakaway Heavy Duty Non-Return Live Bait Sliders Breakaway Heavy Duty Non-Return Live Bait Sliders
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Breakaway Heavy Duty Non-Return Live Bait Sliders (Leaded)2pc Heavy Duty Non Return Live bait sliders,Made in S/Africa these well made sliders are used around the world to slide out a big live bait for Sharks, but increasingly used in the Uk for Bass and Tope from Boats Piers Jettys and beaches. Most anglers who use these do so by casting a heavy grip lead as far as possible,connect the slider to your main line by un-doing the clip at the coil and wrapping your main line through the coil, attach your bait on a trace to the arm and slide out to sea by raising your rod as high as possible, keeping a tight line to your anchored lead.
Breakaway Imp Assembly Tool Breakaway Imp Assembly Tool
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Breakaway IMP Assembly Tool The Breakaway Imp is probably the most popular bait clip if you use them a lot it's a pain to put a load together, particularly if you do not have the most dexterous fingers! This tool has been designed to literally take the pain out of assembling the Imp and allows you to put a pack together in no time at all. As well as assembling Imps the tool also has a handy built in knot puller. Features : Imp Building Tool Pain Free Assembly Easy to Use Build A pack in seconds Features a Knot Puller Full Instructions Made In UK Genuine Breakaway Accesories
Breakaway Impact Shields (10 Per Packet) Breakaway Impact Shields (10 Per Packet) best
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Breakaway Impact Shields Breakaway Impact Shields are the ultimate in bait release clips. Releases bait on impact with the water every time. Also avoids bait being smashed on impact. The Breakaway Impact shields are one of the biggest advances in trace technology. Its a neat foolproof system which ensures almost 100% certainty of clean release. no more wondering whether the hook on the sea bed is still tangled in the bait clip. The hook is thrown clear it doesn't disengage if your lucky,no relying on leader slackness to un-connect the hook as with ordinary wire or plastic clips, When set the hook should be tight into the clip use only enough rubber to stop impact shield moving through wind resistance. Available in packets of 10
Breakaway Impact Softy Lead Breakaway Impact Softy Lead
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Breakaway Impact Softy Leads The latest lead in this range is the soft wired version. This lead casts well and holds in strong tides, even with a small fish on it carries on fishing, so increases the chances of catching two or even three fish are increased. Once released from its hold the wires will straighten if pulled into snags especially lost tackle and line.
Breakaway Lead Lifts (2 Per Pack) Breakaway Lead Lifts (2 Per Pack) best
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Breakaway Lead Lifts Ideal for casting over rough ground and weedy areas. Designed to lift your lead up instantly when retrieving ensuring clearance from possible snags. Available in packets of two.  
Breakaway Leaded 6 Breakaway Leaded 6" Sole Boom
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Breakaway Leaded Sole Booms 6"x 3 These 6 inch twisted wire booms are fitted  with about 6 grms of lead to keep booms flat on the sea bed ideal for Soles .Perfect for nailing you bit down when the sea is ruff and your baits need to be pinned to the bottom .Or you can just use as a top boom to help keep your bait down when fishing with a low rod on shallow marks. Features : Length 6" 3 booms per pk Twisted Wire Anti Twist Swivel Approx 6gm weight per boom
Breakaway OTG Impact Clips Breakaway OTG Impact Clips
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Breakaway OTG Impact Clip This will surely be a bonus to anglers using pulley rigs and large baits. Designed to be fished when casting off the ground without coming unclipped, but it will still release your hook on impact with the water. Supplied in packs of 4, red in colour with a fast link to attach a lead. Designed to accept hooks all the way up to 8/0 in size but depending on wire diameter. When loading leave the hook bend clear of bait to give smooth ejection, also put a small bait on the hook point to stop the hook falling out of the holder. This is an original idea sent to Breakaway to allow anglers to fish a long trace or with slack hook line. A most to have in your tackle box if you do alot of casting of the ground.
Breakaway Proper Pulleys (10 Per Pack) Breakaway Proper Pulleys (10 Per Pack)
15 in stock
Breakaway Proper Pulleys An easy way to make pulley rigs. The fully radiused block eliminates line kinks and allows easy sliding movement. Connected by Breakaways own twinlink for quick and easy rig change although we recommend an oval or fastlink on the leader to facilitate quick changes. Breakaway have always critised rigs relying on swivels to take the strain of casting as no one can tell whether a swivel is worn or badly formed and through experience swivels can let go at any time thus endangering fellow anglers. On the rear of the packaging are recommended safe rigs using the clip Can also be used as a lightweight slider for sea or coarse fishing. Available in packets of 10.
Breakaway Relay Clips (10 Per Pack) Breakaway Relay Clips (10 Per Pack)
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Breakaway Relay Clips Secure traces and tackle during casting enabling greater distances to be reached. For streamlined rigsthat cast farther and minimise loss of baits. Relay Clip acts as a normal bait clip and supports the swivel attached to the next paternoster snood. Can be used by themselves or with Pivot Booms. In Packets of 10
Breakaway Seat Box Back Rest Conversion New Model Breakaway Seat Box Back Rest Conversion New Model
8 in stock
Breakaway Seat Box Back Rest (New Model) The new Breakaway Backrest and harness is for the new Shakespeare box as the lid is deeper on this version. Now with the longer brackets this one will allow the lid to open. For years anglers have struggled along shingle beaches with boxes slung across one shoulder either slipping and sliding or slowly strangling there owner. This Back-rest not only changes your seat box into a easy to carry ruck-sack style ,but also converts it into a comfortable seat for when you arrive at you're chosen fishing spot. Features : Easy to follow template and fitting instructions Fully adjustable shoulder carrying straps Adjustable height back rest Lower back support for extra comfort when carrying heavy loads For extra comfort add the breakaway comfy cusion to backrest and carrying pad.
Breakaway Seatbox Conversion Accessory Kit Breakaway Seatbox Conversion Accessory Kit
9 in stock
Breakaway Seatbox Conversion Accessory Tray This is a Great edition to any anglers seat boxes, will fit most boxes on the market today, From the shakespeare to daiwa etc. Keeps you tackle bits tidy and ready to use.includes a tray to hold 16 leads Leader line dispensers two multiplier reel holders and a camlock to prevent the box opening accidentally. Features Easy to fit to most boxes Hold upto 16 leads 2 spools of mono snood-shock-body 2 reel holders for keeping multi's out of the way
Breakaway Silicone Knot Protector (15 per pack) Breakaway Silicone Knot Protector (15 per pack)
8 in stock
Breakaway Sillicone Knot Protector (15 per pack) The New Silicone Anti-Tangle Knot Protectors these soft flexible tubes fits over any of the Minilink.Spinlink or fastlink clips or most large swivels as used in rig building.Not only protects the knots but streamlines the rigs and helps to eliminate tangles. Just snip of the end of hollow tube. sold in packets of 15 Colors may very
Breakaway Swivel Ts (10 Per Pack) Breakaway Swivel Ts (10 Per Pack)
17 in stock
Breakaway Swivel T's Swivel tees are the modern day three way swivel that stops snood lengths becomming tangled or twisted because unlike a three way swivel these work in all directions. No need for knots just position onto line and crimp into position. In Packets of 10 Colours: •Clear •Grey
Breakaway Teardrop Rig Beads Breakaway Teardrop Rig Beads
6 in stock
Breakaway Teardrop Beads Come mounted on a plastic card the Teardrop Beads come in two sizes large for Impact Shield release running ledger buffers and heavy-duty swivel rigs. The smaller beads are ideal for `trapped swivel` and cascade type casting rigs. Available in: •Clear •Black
Breakaway Uni Rests Breakaway Uni Rests
2 in stock
Uni Rests from Breakaway tackle a fantastic simple rod rest that fits around any size of boat railing promanade railing etc etc tough plastic with swivel head.


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