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Delkim Bite Alarms

Delkim has been at the forefront of Bite Indication Technology for over 35 years.

Delkim's unique Piezo Vibration Sensing revolutionised Carp Fishing Bite Alarms when this feature was first introduced in 1992. Delkim's range of Electronic Bite Alarms including the world famous Tx-i remains unsurpassed for controlled sensitivity, micro adjustment and, above all, reliable bite indication.

Gerry’s Fishing is happy to be able to offer you a wide selection of top of the range products from Delkim, who since Del Romang and Kim Donaldson founded the company in 1970, have been leading innovators in the world of fishing.

From the very beginning they were great thinkers and creators, and in fact it is seldom reported that these two men were the discoverers of now well established bait flavours such as Cream, which is currently known as Scopex, Strawberry and Spice "B".

However, it was indeed in the bite alarm business that Delkim revolutionised the existing landscape, as they picked up from where Dick Walker’s initially exciting but by then palpably defective ‘Heron’ antennae alarm left off, converting it into a more useful system with the introduction of LED’s and GPO speakers.

Throughout the next couple of decades, Delkim continued on their groundbreaking path to arrive at the truly pioneering Delkim Vibration System in 1992, which changed the game in a long term way.

Have a look through the Delkim products we have available here at Gerry’s Fishing and see which items out of the fantastic range of products takes your fancy. From the individual Delkim RX Plus Pro 6 LED Vibro Mini Reciever and EV Plus Bite Alarm to the full TXi Plus Bite Alarm and RX Pro Receiver Sets, this is the technology that will take your angling to the next level.

Delkim TXi Plus Bite Alarm Delkim TXi Plus Bite Alarm best
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Delkim TX-I Bite Alarms - Call for prices on sets - 01524 422146 The Delkim Tx-i Plus is the flagship and biggest selling model in the Delkim Plus range of electronic bite alarms. It continues to be the first choice bite alarm for experienced anglers all over the world where sensitivity controllability versatility and reliability are the main requirements. Used in conjunction with the Rx Plus Pro Mini Receiver it gives the user the most reliable and sophisticated cordless radio system that money can buy with genuine range and long battery life expectations. TRIED AND TESTED- Our Patented system uses digital microprocessor and piezo technology giving proportional indication of line speed/vibration with no moving parts whatsoever TWO SENSITIVITY RANGES - Set by a switch with additional fine rotary adjustment for optimum sensitivity setting to cover all conditions INTEGRAL FM RADIO TRANSMITTER - Crystal controlled Phase Lock Loop (PLL) with Patented digital transmission of codes tones and battery condition warnings THE ORIGINAL PATENTED AUDIBLE AND VISUAL REPLICATION SYSTEM UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL TRANSMITTER CODES - To prevent activation of other users receivers ANTI-THEFT ALARM - Transmits an audible and visual warning that the alarm has been switched off RADIO TEST AND EASY ACCESS RANGE CHECK WITH RUN OVERRIDE - Confirms operation of radio and enables the user to check the range EXTERNAL COIL AERIAL - Maximises performance HIGH VOLUME - Adjusting from zero to 100dB WIDE TONE RANGE - High to low with unique alternating run mode tones LARGE ROTARY CONTROLS - Adjusting sensitivity volume and tone TWIN CLEAR SUPER BRIGHT HIGH VISIBILITY FLASH AND LATCH LEDs - MULTI-FUNCTION COLOUR CODED PUSH BUTTON - Changes LED modes and confirms volume/tone VARIABLE LED MODES - 5 combinations for changing light conditions with high medium and low brightness plus Night Marking mode PATENTED DELKIM NIGHT MARKING MODE - When set the twin LEDs glimmer continuously for Night Marking eliminating the need for betalights NITELITE OUTPUT (2.5mm) - For connection of optional Delkim Illuminating Hanger SPEAKER AND BATTERY CONDITION TEST - Carried out automatically at switch-on plus battery condition is monitored continuously LOW BATTERY AND BATTERY FAIL AUDIBLE WARNINGS - Distinctive separate warnings for low battery and battery fail STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE - Speaker bolt locking ring etc HARD CASE INCLUDED - For total protection BATTERY LIFE OF AT LEAST A YEAR - Using a quality PP3 9V battery DISTINCTIVE DELKIM DESIGN LEGENDARY DELKIM ALL-WEATHER RELIABILITY 2 YEAR GUARANTEE
Delkim EV Plus Bite Alarm Delkim EV Plus Bite Alarm
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Delkim EV Plus   Introducing the Ev Plus, Optimum night indication using Delkims unique tried and tested piezoelectric, digital and microcontroller technology. Simplified operation. Designed, individually made and tested by Delkim in England with no compromise on Delkim Quality and Reliability. The Ev Plus does not come with a hard case. Features include the following: •Vibration sensing with no moving parts. •Piezoelectric, digital & microcontroller technology. •Single dynamic sensitivity range. •Total adjustability to cover all conditions. •Twin clear LED's in 6 colour options. •Normal LED brightness. •Permanent night marking. •Push button power on/off. •Large easy to use rotary controls. •Brass bolt/lock ring. •Audio & Nitelite outputs. •Delkim Quality & Reliability, Made in England. •2 year guarantee.


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