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Kali Kunnan

Kali Kunnan Battleship 14ft 4-8oz Kali Kunnan Battleship 14ft 4-8oz sale
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Kali Kunnan Battleship 14ft Surf Rod This is a superb, all round continental style rod suitable for fishing with slightly heavier 6oz leads and bait and in heavier tide runs. The rod also have a very good tip which has a great balance of sitting well in the tide yet producing good indication when a fish bites. Fiber: Carbon HM Terminal: Ergonomic Surf Spool: a graphite and metal thread Rings: Fuji KWAG Presentation: Cover fabric Length: 4.20 m Action: 100.250g Sect: 3
Kali Kunnan Big Surf Rod 14ft 4-7oz Kali Kunnan Big Surf Rod 14ft 4-7oz sale
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Kali Kunnan Big Surf Rod 13ft 4-7oz As the name suggest the Kali Kunnan Big Surf is designed for bigger swells and slightly larger leads than your average continental rod making it an ideal choice of rod for the UK coastline. The rod features a responsive tip which offers stability in the tide as well as good bite registration. Features - Length 4.2M (14ft) 3 piece Fixed reel seat Braid friendly Low rider style guides Metal spigot caps for extra strength Casts 4-7oz
Kali Kunnan Compact Sand Spike 0.5M Kali Kunnan Compact Sand Spike 0.5M
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Kali Kunnan Compact Sand Spike A great little sand spike for shorter rods and people who can't fit a full blown sand spike or tripod in the car. You can push 25cm of the spike into the sand and securely rest your rod in it and await the fish to bite. Its also small enough to fit in the suitcase for holidays. Length - 0.50m
Kali Kunnan Hanging Tripod Light Kali Kunnan Hanging Tripod Light
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Kali Kunnan Hanging Tripod Light This is a very handy light to hang from your tripod or on a rail. It provides a great working light for baiting up and unhooking fish without being to bright. It features 24 LED bulbs and have several brightness settings. The light also comes with a 360 degree hook to hang from just about anywhere as well as a strong magnet to stick to metal surfaces such as rails. Features: - Max. battery life up to 4h. - Strong ABS body with waterproof on-off switch withsilicon cover. - Magnet on back - easy to use. - 360º Rotatable hook. - Supplied with 3 x AA batteries
Kali Kunnan Hydrobag Trolley Kali Kunnan Hydrobag Trolley sale
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Kali Kunnan Hydrobag Trolley This is a super practical waterproof bag made from a wipe clean EVA material and fitted to a trolley system making it versatile getting to those marks that are a little bit further away. The bag features an extra large internal main compartment which is big enough for everything you need. A handy design feature of the main pocket is a few small drainage holes in the bottom ensuring any water, bait juice etc drips away. The front of the bag is fitted with a durable mesh pocket as well as 2 side pockets. Strap/handle wise it features a foldable yet durable handle to pull the bag along as well as a shoulder strap and 2 hand straps at the top of the bag. EVA waterproof material corrosion resistant zips durable wheels 3 external pockets drainage holes in the main compartment. Stablising front feet Size 48cm x 23cm x 46cm
Kali Kunnan ISEO Power Boat Rods Kali Kunnan ISEO Power Boat Rods exclusive
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Kali Kunnan ISEO Power Boat Rods If you are wanting a serious rod for big fish without breaking the bank, the ISEO power boat is for you. Each rod is created from an high quality and durable one piece blank and features heavy duty roller guides, a full Aluminium reel seat and heavy duty Aluniumium gimbal fitting on the end. This range of rods really does offer so much quality for the price point and performs better than more expensive rods. The roller guides are more aimed for use with mono but can comfortably cope with heavier braids. (0.40mm and bigger in diameter) The 30-50lb class version is a great choice for heavy wrecking when large weights and pirks are required up to 700 grams as well as a good 'big shark' rod for Blue's and smaller Porbeagles. The 50-80lb class rod is for Common Skate and targeting the largest shark species at home and abroad. This rod is capable of landing Porbeagles, Mako's and Threshers. 1 piece blank Full roller guides Aluminium reel seat Edged grip for maximum comfort Aluminium gimbal to fit into any butt pad. Length 1.65M (5ft 5")
Kali Kunnan Kaori Slow Jigging Rod Kali Kunnan Kaori Slow Jigging Rod save
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Kali Kunnan Legbag Kali Kunnan Legbag sale
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Kali Kunnan Legbag This is a great product for the roving angler out there. It has a main compartment which holds a small tackle box for you bits, Swivels - lures - hooks etc. Also fitted is a front pocket for holding your tools in keeping your pliers/cutters handy. Plus for added ease there is also a front pocket that can take your rod making changing lures over effortless no more having to took the rod under arms. Features Size 34 x 21 x 6cm 1 main compartment which holds small tackle box Side pocket for tools Front rod holdall Made from tough material with no zips Waist belt and leg belt for added support and comfort
Kali Kunnan Pocket Bag Kali Kunnan Pocket Bag sale
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Kali Kunnan Pocket Bag This is a great versatile Bag that can be used in some many differant ways. It comes with 2 velco straps to secures to your Belt. As two Seperate Pockets with double zippers and an internal mesh pocket for storing your tarminal tackle ie rigs, lures ect Supplied with a hook for attaching to other items of luggage or clip to a lure vest. Features Size 10 x 5 x 18 cm Durable wipe clean pvc
Kali Kunnan Saga Solid Boat Rods Kali Kunnan Saga Solid Boat Rods exclusive
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Kali Kunnan Saga Solid Boat Rods The Saga solid boat rods offer an ultra durable 'no nonsense' boat rod capable of landing any fish but still allowing you the fun while playing the fish. Each rod has a progressive action starting with a softer tip action to ensure hard fighting fish aren't 'bumped off' and also to cater for braid. From here the blank gets stiffer and finsihing with a very powerful butt end to help fight larger fish. The rod is fitted with durable and braid friendly, dedicated boat guides a full Aluminium reel seat and a Aluminium gimbal fitting on the end for use with butt pads. The 20lb class is the ultimate inshore rod which offers an action so you can have fun catching Bass and smoothound in shallower water but also has the backbone to deal with larger secies such as Tope. The 30lb class is the perfect choice is you are after a general purpose wrecking rod which will deal with the heavier weights but will letting you enjoy the fight of decent sized Cod and other species. The 30-50lb Class version is designed for heavier wecking conditions and when targeting larger species in much deeper water. For example drifting in the Shetlands for Cod and coalfish, bait fishing for Skate of the west coast of Scotland or targeting large conger from deep wrecks. Length 5ft 5" 1 piece rod EVA comfort grips Aluminium reel seat Aluminium gimbal for use with butt pads Dedicated braid friendly boat guides
Kali Kunnan X-Ray Surf Rod 14ft 4-8oz Kali Kunnan X-Ray Surf Rod 14ft 4-8oz sale
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Kali Kunnan X-Ray Surf Rod 14ft 4-8oz This is a fantastic continental rod for the UK.  It is powerful and responsive allowing you to use larger leads effectively yet features a hybrid tip which offers fantastic bite registration even in strong tides. Amazingly this rod is only an incredible 510g but can still cast 7oz leads a long way with an over head cast. Length 14ft (4.2M) 3 piece Casts 4-8oz Fixed reel seat Braid friendly Fuji Low rider guides Ergonomic hand grip on the bottom of the rod


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