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Catapults, Throwing Sticks & Baiting Spoons

ESP Megapult ESP Megapult
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ESP Megapult - This extra large pouch caty holds up to sixty 14mm boilies and delivers them with surprising accuracy. - Designed for short to medium range work, a full pouch of bait can weigh up to 3 1/2 oz (100g) which means a whole kilo of boilies can be introduced in a mater of minutes. - Accuracy and smooth delivery of bait is achieved using optimum lengths of natural latex which has a unique elasticity and power. - Unfortunately, this wonderful material also has a limited lifespan which is dependent on its use, exposure to sunlight, weathering etc. Spare latex is therefore available for the MEGA PULT at most good tackle shops
Fox Range Master Power Guard Multi Bait Catapult Fox Range Master Power Guard Multi Bait Catapult
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Power Guard Rangemaster Multi Pouch Curved ergonomic handle for increased comfort and control – curve in handle corrects for, and prevents the need for, wrist flexion when baiting • Features patented knuckle defender • Swing Head fixings help to prevent elastic from twisting • Textured rubber grip on pouch • One piece monocoque polymer frame • ‘Teardrop’ profile on handle to prevent twisting in the hand when in use, which aids accuracy • Deep conical pouch, for optimum baiting loads and accuracy • Non-tear material on pouch • Pouch has non-slip grip for easier use with wet hands • Multi-purpose pouch that is ideal for a wide variety of baits including boilies, particles and pellets • Spare pouches and elastic connectors available separately
Fox Rangemaster Multi Bait Spare Pouch & Connectors Fox Rangemaster Multi Bait Spare Pouch & Connectors sale
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Fox Rangemaster Multi Bait Spare Pouch & 2 Connectors Never be caught out on the bank if your cata-pult connectors snap or pouch splits. Features- Deep fill pouch helps deliver a more accurate group of bait. The fox rangemaster Multi bait spare pouch is compatible with both powerguard and powergrip catapults.
Korda Katapult Spare Pouches Korda Katapult Spare Pouches
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Korda Katapult Spare Pouches
ESP Boilie Pult Spare Pouches ESP Boilie Pult Spare Pouches
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ESP Boilie Pult Spare Pouch Spare pouches for ESP boilie pult. The boilie pult pouches are designed to help eliminate 90 % of bankside spillage. The cone shaping also helps to ensure the tight grouping of baits at good distances.
Nash Deliverance Baiting Spoons Nash Deliverance Baiting Spoons
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Nash Deliverance Baiting Spoons Deliver bait to margin areas with deadly accuracy, or deposit large amounts of bait easily and quicly with this rance of Nash Baiting spoons. Simply attach to a net pole and away you go!
Nash Deliverance Cyber Shot Stealth Throwing Stick Nash Deliverance Cyber Shot Stealth Throwing Stick
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Nash Deliverance Cyber Shot Stealth Throwing Stick By popular demand the ‘Midi’ version of the most advanced throwing stick yet. This short version of the deadly Cybershot puts out baits more accurately and with less effort and disturbance than you would ever think possible. Amazingly light thanks to its carbon rails that guide baits there is virtually no air resistance, making even heavy baiting effortless. Key Features: •High strength modular plastic/carbon construction •Unique carbon rail design reduces wind resistance for distance •Enhanced accuracy •Minimal fatigue and arm strain •Ergonomic soft touch grip •Fast base loading of baits •Adjustable safety wrist lanyard


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