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Hooklinks - Braid & Coated Braids

ESP Tungsten Loaded Soft ESP Tungsten Loaded Soft
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ESP Tungsten Loaded 20lb+ The tough, matt camo tungsten coating sinks heavily and strips easily while being resilient to fracturing on knots. Straightens without steaming. The super strong Dyneema core has an achievable knot strength of over 30lb. The semi-stiff version is outstanding as an all-round coated hooklink. When combined with larger hooks and boilies it is still rigid enough to push the bait away from the lead for optimum rig efficiency and also makes an excellent boom for hinge rigs. All available in muted camo Weedy Green, Camo Brown and Choddy Silt. Supplied on a 10m designer spool to reduce waste and fit the popular tackle boxes. Tried, tested and perfected in conjunction with Terry Hearn.
Fox Edges Coretex Matt Fox Edges Coretex Matt
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Fox Edges Coretex Matt - Coated Braid Coretex Matt features a soft supple inner sinking braid with a specially formulated easy to strip matt coating. Available in Weedy Green and Gravelly Brown in 15lb, 20lb, 25lb & 35lb breaking strains. FEATURES •Based on original Coretex but with a matt coating to reduce glare in water •Perfect for all manner of rig presentations •Available in Weedy Green and Gravelly Brown •Breaking strains – 15, 20, 25 and 35lb •20m on a spool EDGES™ The new Edges range is made up of a whole host of end tackle products that have each individually been designed to make the rigs you tie better than they have ever been. Within the range you will find leaders, hooklinks, clips, sleeves, shrink tube and gizmo’s that have been designed in conjunction with their consultant and underwater diver Rob Hughes, so that their colours and appearance best match a whole host of different lakebed make-ups – a massive ‘edge’ in itself!
Fox Edges Coretex Tungsten Fox Edges Coretex Tungsten
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Fox Edges Coretex Tungsten Features unique tungsten impregnated outer coating Soft, supple, sinking braid inner Tungsten coating helps to pin hooklink to lakebed Coating is strippable for creation of combi rigs Two tone colouring for camouflage Available in 20lb and 35lb breaking strains 20m per spool
Korda Dark Matter Super-Heavy Braid Hooklink Korda Dark Matter Super-Heavy Braid Hooklink sale
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Korda Dark Matter Super Heavy Braid Hooklink
Korda Hybrid Stiff Korda Hybrid Stiff
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Korda Hybrid Stiff Hybrid Stiff is THE coated hook link for use over clean lake beds. Its super-stiff, camouflaged coating helps kick your hook bait away from the lead every cast, to ensure perfect presentation. As such, its perfect for use with light baits such as pop-ups or wafters. The two versions, weedy green and gravel brown, have been chosen to blend with most lake bed conditions. We recommend that the Hybrid Stiff is used in conjunction with two key Korda tools, the Strippa Tool and the Krimping Tool. The Strippa Tool allows easy stripping of the tough, stiff coating and the Krimping Tool can be used to attach a Link Loop, which can be quickly attached and detached from a Kwik Link when changing rigs.
Korda N Trap Semi Stiff Korda N Trap Semi Stiff
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Korda N Trap Semi Stiff The second addition to the N-Trap range is slightly stiffer than the N-Trap Soft that has been so popular since its release. The stiffer coating that Semi Stiff boasts is still easily strippable, making it easier than ever to produce top-notch bottom-bait and pop-up presentations. N-Trap Semi Stiff performed extremely well when used on the underwater filming at St Johns. It is available in Weed Green, Silt and Gravel and in 15lb, 20lb and 30lb versions, to cover all UK and Worldwide situations.
Korda N Trap Soft Korda N Trap Soft
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Korda N Trap Soft The first batch of our new coated hook link N-Trap has arrived at Korda HQ for release in January. As you can imagine it’s an exciting day for all at Korda because we’ve got really high hopes for what already looks like a classic product. Although the original Hybrid hook links had many followers the Korda product development team thought that it could be bettered. The result is the culmination of two and a half years of development and testing. So why is N-Trap the best coated material on the market? Well it features a tough matt coating that is easy to strip yet won’t split when tightened down and the rugged Dyneema braid inner is a much better colour match for the coating than on previous versions. The first batch that we’ve got is the subtle Weedy Green colour although there will be Gravel and Silt versions to follow. Of course we have used our unrivalled underwater experience to closely match the colours to the conditions that you’ll find on your waters. The Weedy Green N-Trap is available in 15lb 20lb and 30lb versions. The N-Trap range won’t end there either – keep your eyes peeled for other variants which are well and truly in the pipeline!
Korda Supernatural Korda Supernatural
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Korda Supernatural It was about time that we released a supple braided material and finally we have – bring in the Supernatural. This is a finally woven braid that’s mega supple and ultra strong. It will therefore appeal to all you solid PVA bag anglers that like to fish over soft lake beds; such as in weed or over chod. Due to the suppleness, the Supernatural will gently rest over the contours of the lake bed laying flat and out of the carp’s way. It’s a big favourite of Adam Penning’s showing you the effectiveness of the product. If the carp in your water have been hammered on the popular coated braids, give this a try because it presents something that is completely different to them. Finished in Weedy Green or Gravel Brown it will cater for a whole host of lake beds.
PB Products Jelly Wire PB Products Jelly Wire
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PB Products Jelly Wire In order to meet the demand for a superior, flexible, coated rig material PB Products set about creating the ultimate coated braid.. Nearly 14 years later its still a firm favourite in anglers tackle bags all over the world!! This fast sinking hook link material has a round, smooth, braided inner core surrounded by a very easy to strip, semi stiff outer coating.Supplied on spools of 20metresAvailable in15lb 25lb and 35lbGravel, Weed, and Silt colours
PB Products Skinless PB Products Skinless
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PB Products Skinless The Skinless is a Coated hook-link material with an extremely rigid outer shell and a flexible, braided inner core. Much more rigid than the Jelly-Wire, but the rigid coating is easily removed to expose the braided core. Skinless is available in 3 colours to ensure your hook length is blended into the lakebed. This unique material will work with any type of hook and can be used to tie a wide range of rigs. It can be steamed for extra rigidity and dead straight peresentation.


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