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Hooklinks - Zig & Floater

Fox Zig and Floater Hooklink Fox Zig and Floater Hooklink sale
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Fox Zig and Floater Hooklink Produced to a laser controlled low diameter, this Zig & Floater Hooklink, is ultra smooth and buoyant whilst when tied, has an excellent knot strength. Available in low visibility clear.
Korda Kruiser Control Floater Line Korda Kruiser Control Floater Line
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Kruiser Control Floater Line Korda Kruiser Control Floater Line is a purpose designed floater fishing line developed from many hours of floater fishing experience. Formulated to give exceptional casting experience, this super soft supple line makes easy casting of lightweight controllers and even free-lined baits. The line has outstanding knot strength and is accurately rated for breaking strain using a Palomar Knot. Limited stretch means that Kruiser Control will minimise hook-pulls whilst being responsive enough to provide superb end tackle management even in cross winds. A low gloss, clear finish provides minimal visibility, and near neutral buoyancy ensures it hangs discreetly in the surface film. •150m Spool •Available in 8lb, 10lb & 12lb Breaking Strain
Korda Zig/Floater Hooklength Korda Zig/Floater Hooklength
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Korda Zig/Floater Hooklength Korda's first dedicated zig and floater hook link is fine, supple and camouflaged – everything you need to fool wary carp. The line carries a subtle green tint that has been formulated to blend in sub-surface. Zig Line is available in 7lb, 9lb and 11lb. 100M length Clever spool with line exit hole
PB Products Clear Skater PB Products Clear Skater
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PB Products Clear Skater Zig Line Our brand new dedicated Zig and Floater fishing hook link. The clear skater has been developed over a 2 year testing period with a the same thought process that went into our Control Mono Mainline, that being high breaking strain yet keeping the diameter as low as possible. Available on 100m spools and in 3 sizes: • 0.20mm 8lb 100m • 0.25mm 13lb 100m • 0.30mm 17lb 100m


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