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Leadcore & Leaders

Berkley Flourocarbon Trilene 50 mt Berkley Flourocarbon Trilene 50 mt
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Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon - 50m Spools This Fluorocarbon has got to be the best we have seen yet . Most fluorocarbon's have a high memory and tend to be wirey,very brittle and knotting is always an issue. However this fluorocarbon is none of the above.Its strong but very limp with superior knot strength To add to this it sinks like a brick, so is perfect for fooling wary fish. Ideal for leaders ,tippets ,snood line the perfect solution for bass spinning, Features: 50 mt spools 100% Flourocarbon Supper supple High knot strength Maximum invisibility Sinking
Fox Edges 30lb Camo Submerge Kwik Change Heli Rigs Fox Edges 30lb Camo Submerge Kwik Change Heli Rigs
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Fox Edges 30lb Camo Submerge Kwik Change Heli Rigs Product Overview •3 x 75cm lengths of pre-spliced Submerge Camo lead-free leader •All three leaders have Edges Trans Khaki rig components set up in place creating the ideal helicopter setup •Supplied with: 3 x Heli Buffer Sleeves, 3 x Tapered Bore Beads, 3 x 0.5mm Leader Silicone, 3 x Size 7 Heli Swivel, 3 x Micro Speed Links and 3 x Micro Anti Tangle Sleeves •
Korda Arma Kord Korda Arma Kord
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Korda Arma Kord Arma-Kord is an incredibly abrasion resistant braided line, which is also supple and thin for its strength. It has been designed as a high performance snag /shock leader for extreme snag or long range situations. In tests this braid proved at least 50 percent more abrasion resistant than the nearest competitor, its thinner diameter and low vis brown colour also makes it far less detectable underwater.
Korda Kable Leadcore 7 m Korda Kable Leadcore 7 m
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Korda Kable Leadcore Our Weed/Silt Kable has been designed for use over the sort of choddy weedy silty lake beds that the chod rig was designed for. Rather than simply producing a `me-too` product the product development team headed up by Adam Penning decided to try a unique banded camo pattern. The carefully selected alternating bands of subtle colour have the effect of breaking up the outline of your leader making it practically melt into the lake bed. Weed/Silt Kable has a breaking strain of 50lb and is available on 7m and 25m spools. It splices extremely well producing strong loops for easy connection to the rest of your terminal tackle and main line. If you`re looking for the perfect leadcore then you`ve just found it...
Korda Ready Tied Leadcore Leader Ring Swivel Korda Ready Tied Leadcore Leader Ring Swivel
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Korda Ready Tied Leadcore Leader Ring Swivel To use leadcore safely leaders need to be constructed to exacting standards. That’s why we’ve taken the doubt out and produced ready-tied versions that are every bit as good and as safe as the ones that team Korda tie themselves. What’s more being as they’re constructed from the toughest of all leader materials they’re perfect for most things that UK carp fishing will throw at you. We will be releasing lead clip and Ring Swivel leaders in the middle of November. The Ring Swivel leaders have been designed for use with inline leads and the lead clip versions feature our new lead clips which can be used semi-fixed or running and with lead clips or Kwik Links. You get three leaders per pack; both versions are 1m long and are tied from our 50lb Kable camouflaged leadcore which has won many fans this year already. In a world that imposes huge pressures on our time any time saving products are very welcome and these leaders are just that. You can literally use them straight out of the packet with total confidence.


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