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Marker Floats, Spods And Accessories

ESP Marker Gum ESP Marker Gum
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ESP Marker Gum ESP Marker Gum is the perfect material for tying stop knots on monofilament and braided main lines to maintain consistent accuracy when clipping up and casting to baited spots and features. It works in exactly the same way as the popular pole elastics used for marker knots but ESP Marker Gum is much finer in diameter, nominally 0.45mm but under tension it will stretch and contract to around just 0.30mm. This fine diameter produces tiny knots which simply fly through the ringes without hindering distance. Available in fluoro orange and yellow the different colours can be used on the same reel to mark different spots. A simple 3 turn stop knot tightened down will grip the line securely and not move. To remove the knot simply cut one of the tag ends flush with the knot and pull on the other tag end to release. Available on 5m spools (although by stretching the material down you end up with almost twice as much
Fox Impact Spod Large Fox Impact Spod Large
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Fox Impact Spod Large Having looked at the bait delivery devices currently available on the market Fox product design team at Fox believed that there was still room for further development for a product that could perform in a different way. Following an extensive three year research and development programme plus countless hours of field testing the Fox Impact Spod was born. Sold under license from Spomb® Fishing Limited, the Impact Spod boasts a number of unique features that sets it apart from any other bait delivery device currently on the market. Features such as a unique ‘scoop’ body shape, allow for rapid, single handed loading. This unique body and lid design not only enables you to fill the device very quickly, it also allows for highly efficient loading, resulting in a ‘one scoop’ operation that fills the entire inner compartment! This ‘complete fill’ enables you to put your bait out as quickly as possible, and additionally allows for an even weight distribution, which in turn makes it very stable in flight. Another benefit of the scoop design, in addition to the easy loading, is that it enables a tapered bait release should you wish to create a wider spread of free offerings, as opposed to tightly grouped patches, this is feature can be particularly handy when fishing a boilie-only approach or ‘big hit’ fishing with multiple rods on one large baited area. Key Features: • Scoop design allows for rapid single handed loading • Efficient filling shape for a ‘complete fill’ • Aerodynamically tuned for optimum casting performance for accurate baiting at extreme long range • Spring mechanism is encapsulated to prevent bait from being able to interfere with it • Intrinsically buoyant - In the event of a crack-off it will float and drift into the margins • Robust, damage preventing design • Top quality, anti-rust stainless steel components • Large heavy-duty swivel moulded into top of flight • Unique shape allows for wider spread of bait should you wish to do so • Two sizes available: Medium and Large
Fox Marker Sticks Fox Marker Sticks
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Fox Marker Sticks • Black anodised aluminium sticks • High visability sight tops with Beta Light slot • 24” / 60cm length • Measure and clip your reel lines for perfect accuracy every cast
Kiddy SeaTech Fat Boy 6 Kiddy SeaTech Fat Boy 6" 165gm Sea / Marker Float
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Kiddy EVA Sea Tech Fat Boy 6" 165gm Sea / Marker Float Extremely buoyant and visible.Ball weight for these 5 1/2 oz ,these Pro 'Fat Boy' floats are perfect for fishing/ suspending large bait at Sea or make a great marker float when carp / long range fishing. Features: Super Tough Ball weight for float 5 1/2 oz Bouyant EVA foam construction Internal Plastic tube Brass end caps top and bottom of tube to stop wear Top Quality finnish Virtually un-breakable !
Nash Dot Spod - Blue/Black Nash Dot Spod - Blue/Black
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Nash Dot Spod Floating, fast retrieve and loaded quickly with one hand! The Dot Spod casts extreme distance with zero spill yet always releases bait on impact even when clipped up or landing on its side. Floating, fast retrieve and loaded quickly with one hand the Dot Spod is suitable for all types of feed. Advancing accurate and long range bait delivery to a new level, the Dot Spod is a product Nash are proud to be associated with. The Dot Spod casts extreme distance with zero spill yet always releases bait on impact even when clipped up or landing on its side. Floating, fast retrieve and loaded quickly with one hand the Dot Spod is suitable for all types of feed. Available in two versions - black for temperate climates and maximum visibility at range, and a white heat reflecting model for perfect operation even in extreme climates.
Pro Logic Multi Rocket Pro Logic Multi Rocket
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Pro Logic Multi Rocket New generation bait Rocket/Spod, exclusive design and totally innovative. The MULTI ROCKET is made in two separate sections which slides one into each other giving the angler the chance to increase or decrease the internal volume of the bait rocket depending on the quantity and on the amount of baits used. Holes on the internal-front part allow a perfect water penetration.
Spomb Spomb
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The Spomb™ Recommended retail price £12.99 The classic black Spomb was first launched in February 2010. A few months later, due to demand from countries with extremely hot and sunny weather, the white Spomb was produced. This is the same size, design and quality as the original product, but does not feel warm to the touch in hot conditions. Advantages of using the Spomb as a baiting tool include: Awesome distance The aerodynamics of the Spomb are of a teardrop shape. This is certainly the ultimate product for flight through the air with the minimum resistance. Furthest measured cast distance is 190 yards (173 metres)! Instant bait delivery When the Spomb contacts the water the body is released fully open so washing the bait out instantly. Fast aquaplane retrieve The Spomb floats once opened and glides effortlessly across the top of the water with no spinning or line twist even in the strongest of winds. Other Spods have too much resistance on retrieve. No bait loss Once the Spomb is loaded, because the container is closed shut, no bait will come out until it impacts with the water and opens. Spods with an open end or with holes lets the bait fall out. Any bait Anything that fits in the Spomb can be cast out including:- pellets, boilies, hemp, corn, mixer, bread, meat, maggot, worms and particles etc. No need to mix All baits can just be loaded into the Spomb without any need to mix. If you wish to mix balls of ground bait though, these can be cast accurately to a given distance even at a very long range. Good wind accuracy Wind has very little effect on its flight because of the aerodynamics. Even with a strong cross wind, its accuracy and distance is remarkable. The Mini Spomb Recommended retail price £9.99 The eagerly awaited new mini Spombs, in black and white, are available from February 2012. They have the same quality, advantages and features as the Spomb and can be used on any rod. Minimum disturbance, so great for topping up your baited area. Due to the smaller diameter and length, the mini Spomb complies with various fishing competition rules, worldwide, where baiting products cannot exceed 50mm in diameter or are restricted by length. Technical Information: Weight 7/8th of an ounce (approx. 25 grams), maximum weight fully loaded 3 ounces (approx 85 grams) Length – 160 cm, width 43mm across body and 56mm across hinge. Recommend - tie direct to line, any rod.


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