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Rig Sinkers & Putty

ESP Tungsten Putty ESP Tungsten Putty
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ESP Tungsten Putty It took a series of samples which were tweaked and improved until it was just right. ESP Tungsten Putty provides all the key elements that make an excellent rig putty suitable for various applications. Optimum density means just the right amount can be moulded around a swivel or hook link to provide efficient rig mechanics for balancing pop ups on a variety of presentations. The putty’s adhesive properties ensure it stays in place on the cast and during use and it hardens slightly in water ensuring excellent durability. The inherent elasticity makes the putty easy to mould and with any relatively hard putty it becomes more malleable as it is warmed in the hands or this process can be aided in cold conditions with heat from a lighter or warm surface. For best results, pinch a small amount of putty off and mould and stretch to improve malleability and adhesion. Once moulded around a swivel or hook link, small amounts can carefully be trimmed off with scissors to achieve critically balanced rig presentations. Available in weedy green, camo brown and choddy silt so the putty can be matched to the lake bed or the different colours can be moulded together to create a multi camouflage putty. Supplied in handy little ‘tackle box friendly’ screw top jars containing 25g of putty.
Fox Edges Kwick Change Pop up weights Fox Edges Kwick Change Pop up weights
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Fox Edges Kwick Change Pop Up Weights Kwik Change Weights provide the angler with a multitude of balancing and weighting options. Available in practical sizes to cover a variety of uses. The weights are attached simply by stretching a piece of the rubber tube and placing into the slot. This forms a totally secure fixture that will not damage the line.
Fox Edges Tungsten Hooklink Sinkers Fox Edges Tungsten Hooklink Sinkers
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Fox Edges Tungsten Hooklink Sinkers EDGES™ The new Edges range is made up of a whole host of end tackle products that have each individually been designed to make the rigs you tie better than they have ever been. Within the range you will find leaders, hooklinks, clips, sleeves, shrink tube and gizmo’s that have been designed in conjunction with their consultant and underwater diver Rob Hughes, so that their colours and appearance best match a whole host of different lakebed make-ups – a massive ‘edge’ in itself! Developed with as much Tungsten as possible for maximum density to help pin your hooklink to the lakebed for improved rig concealment.
Fox Edges Tungsten Rig Putty Fox Edges Tungsten Rig Putty
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Fox EDGES™ Power Grip® Tungsten Rig Putty Power Grip Tungsten Rig Putty can be easily moulded in all weather conditions and hardens enough to withstand extreme casting. This high density putty is perfect for pinning down hooklink materials, tubing and counter balancing pop-ups.
Korda Dark Matter Hooklink Sinkers Korda Dark Matter Hooklink Sinkers
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Korda Sinkers A compact hooklength weight made from heavy tungsten designed to slide onto your hook link and ultimately pin it to the lake bed to keep your hooklength out of the carp’s way. Simply place your hook link material through one of the Sinker sections and slide the weight on. Moistening the hooklength will allow it to slide much easier. The great thing about a Sinker is that it stays in position rather than flying off on the cast like putty may. Available in Safezone colours to camouflage into the lake bed and two separate sizes.
PB Products Downforce Contra Liners PB Products Downforce Contra Liners
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PB Products Tungsten Contra Liners The new Contra liners are designed to thread down your hook link to offer a sudden weight enabling the hook to pull faster in to the lip of the fish. Made from Tungsten Also a great addition when free lining or stalking simply thread up the line for just enough casting weight. Available in 3 weights 1 gram 2 gram 3 gram


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