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Rig Tubing

ESP Tungsten Loaded Rig Tubing ESP Tungsten Loaded Rig Tubing save
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ESP Tungsten Loaded Rig Tubing Tungsten Loaded Tube is significantly heavier than leadcore and is exceptionally supple, so it follows lake-bed contours, keeps the last few feet of mainline protected and anchors it hard to the bottom. The 0.65mm internal bore is easy to thread, even accepting tapered leaders and the outside diameter is a good fit for a variety of tail rubbers and rig sleeves. Features: -  Significantly heavier than leadcore -  Follows the bottom -  Protects line from damage -  Anchors line hard to the bottom -  0.65mm internal bore -  Tube diameter fits a variety of tail rubbers and rig sleeves -  Non-flash surface finish
Fox Edges Anti Tangle Tubing Fox Edges Anti Tangle Tubing save
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Fox EDGES™ Anti Tangle Tube Providing superb line protection and easy threading this Anti Tangle Tubing not only sinks quickly but also has a semi-translucent, matt finish that blends discreetly into most surroundings. Compatible with all other Fox rig components including Carp Safety Lead Clips.
Korda Dark Matter Tubing Korda Dark Matter Tubing save
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Korda Dark Matter Tubing Our Gravel Brown tubing has been coloured to closely match the lake bed conditions found in many of our lakes. The sheer weight of this tubing will ensure that it will sink into the softer lake beds and disappear completely. It is easy to thread which was of huge concern to the product-development team when they were testing early samples. Dark Matter tubing comes supplied in 2m packages. It lends itself perfectly to all manner of presentations including lead clip and inline lead systems. This tubing sets a new benchmark so if you use tubing then you`d be mad not to check it out.
Korda Sinking Rig Tube Korda Sinking Rig Tube save
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Korda Sinking Rig Tube Not only does rig tubing stop the hook link from wrapping around the main line on the cast preventing a tangle it also stops the fish coming in contact with the line during the fight. This is a vital safety aspect of the rig which we feel should not be ignored. Danny has actually seen a carp roll on the line as it was being played and watched as scales fluttered down to the lake bed. When the carp was landed it had several white marks where the scales used to be. This was from a method feeder where no tubing was required because the hook link was squashed inside the method ball so it could not tangle. But for the sake of having some tubing on which if you use it right does not have to spook the carp you will ensure the fish stay as perfect as the moment they made the mistake of wanting your hook bait! Our tubing has a matt finish which makes it harder to see underwater and most importantly easy to thread. It comes in three colours all of which sink without the need for putty. Having said that we have seen from the underwater footage that the better the rig is pinned to the lake bed the less scared the carp will be. It is also better to get the colour of the tube exactly right for the spot you are fishing and then weight it with extra putty. Our underwater experience tells us our colours are right and extra putty can only enhance the whole set up but is not as essential as getting the colour right.
PB Products Downforce Tungsten Tubing PB Products Downforce Tungsten Tubing save
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PB Products Downforce Tungsten Tubing This product provides the same function as standard anti-tangle tubing but, with the added bonus of weight and suppleness. The Tungsten content will hold the tubing tight to the bed of the lake and the soft and supple material will mould to the contours of the bottom, perfect for wary carp. Supplied in 2m lengths.


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