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Scissors & Rig Tools

Korda Krimps Korda Krimps
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Korda Krimps The final launch in our big-hitting trio of new releases is the long-awaited Krimp Tool. We’ve been fielding questions about the release date for what seems like years but the big day is now very close. The clever system will allow us all to reach brand-new heights of neatness in rig creation! The Krimps and Krimp tool have been designed to allow easy rig construction with stiff materials. In particular we’re really excited about the potential to create extremely neat loops for chod rigs. Not only this but using Krimps will allow you to create chod rigs that are exactly the same length each and every time. There are two sizes of Krimp available which have been designed to suit different materials. The smaller one will suit normal stiff materials and stiff coated braids like our Hybrid Stiff and the larger one is perfect for really thick materials (like 30lb plus mono). The product development team went to extreme lengths to make sure that the Krimps and Krimp tools were exactly right having to overcome various problems along the way. The complexity of getting the tool and Krimps just right has meant that this has been a long development but we’re sure that it’s been well worth the wait. Judging from the interest that you’ve shown in this product range it’s about to become one of our most popular products!
Korda Razor Blades Korda Razor Blades
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Korda Razor Blades :Korda Razor Blades are constructed using the highest quality stainless steel which is tempered to exceptional hardness Designed with a special cutting angle Korda Razor Blades can cut through even the finest Dyneema based braids with ease and with fraying.
Korda Rig Toolz Pulla Korda Rig Toolz Pulla
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Korda Pulla The Pulla has been specially designed so that the angler can easily pull knots tight on hooklinks and check that they are strong enough. The 2mm stainless steel hook fits perfectly through a Korda size 8 swivel or a link loop this handy little tool makes tying rigs much easier as holding the swivel and tightening up can be a fiddly job.
Korda Rig Toolz Stripper Korda Rig Toolz Stripper
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Korda Stripper Tool Since releasing their Hybrid hook link material Korda have been inundated with emails and calls from people enquiring how to strip it. For the last few years they have recommended using your teeth which can`t be doing anyone any favours for their dentist bills! Well they have now found an answer to this problem - the unique Strippa Tool. This is a simple but extremely effective device that can be used for all coated hook link materials making it an absolute must have item for any serious carp angler. The Strippa Tool is a small neat product manufactured with Anodised Aluminium in British Racing Green. This truly is a nail and teeth saviour for those anglers who love using coated hook links.
ESP Braid and Mono Scissors ESP Braid and Mono Scissors
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ESP Braid and Mono Scissors Featuring an improved design and high-grade stainless steel blades, these new scissors are an essential tackle box accessory. Available with ergonomic hi-viz orange or green handles with a comfortable soft touch finish, these super sharp scissors are perfect for all hook link materials and mono's. One of the blades has a serrated edge which is perfect for gripping (without the need to hold under tension) and providing a clean cut on thicker materials such as stiff rig bristle filament
Fox Edges Braid Blades Fox Edges Braid Blades
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Fox EDGES™ Micro Scissors Featuring a serrated blade for the clean cutting of the finest braids and hooklink materials
Fox Edges Multi Tool Fox Edges Multi Tool
3 in stock
Fox EDGES™ Multi Tool
Fox Tension Bar Fox Tension Bar
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Fox Edges Tension Bar The Tension Bar is an invaluable rig tool for any anglers tackle box. Its uses include making consistent sized loops, straightening stiff rigs and boom sections, knot tightening, knot testing and knot picking. Features -  Invaluable rig tool for any tackle box -  Ideal for loops, stiff rigs and boom sections -  Useful for knot testing, knot picking & tightening


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