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Fox Zig Aligna Tools Fox Zig Aligna Tools
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Zig Aligna™ Loading Tool Following the incredible success of the Zig Aligna’s since their launch we have been inundated with requests to sell the special little loading tool separately and also to make it a brighter colour. We have therefore made the tool bright Fox orange and put two in a packet to be sold separate to the Aligna’s and Foam themselves.
ESP Zig Bugs Size 10 Water Boatman ESP Zig Bugs Size 10 Water Boatman
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ESP Zug Bugs Size 10 Water Boatman Designed to mimic hatches of water boatmen which are prevalent through the spring, ESP Zig bugs have proven to be deadly when fished zig-style for carp feeding on naturals up in the water. Expertly tied to super sharp ESP Curve-Shanx hooks and buoyant enough to support a long mono hook link, the black foam body acts as a silhouette, replicating a bug perfectly and acting as a lure to carp feeding aggressively on fly hatches. The four bugs have different coloured bellies pearl, red, green and yellow which add a visual flash of colour for added attraction. Available in sizes 8 and 10 and a choice of barbed or barbless. Four bugs per packet, mounted in hook protecting soft foam
Fox Edges Zig Aligna HD Foam Fox Edges Zig Aligna HD Foam
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Fox Zig Aligna Foam Spare sleeves for the Fox Zig Alinga Kit. Available in Red, Yellow or Black 3 lengths of foam per packet.
Fox Edges Zig Aligna Kit Fox Edges Zig Aligna Kit
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Fox Specimen Zig Aligna Kit These innovative new range of Zig Aligna’s are set to change the way that anglers fish with Zig Rigs forever. Based on our Line Aligna Adaptor, which was developed for pop-up and bottom bait fishing, the new Zig Aligna is constructed from a softer, more buoyant plastic and features a unique moulded loop on the back. By using the loading tool supplied in the Zig Aligna Kit you can simply insert your chosen colour of foam into the loop on the back of the Aligna and trim it to your preferred size to create the ultimate hookbait. The loop grips the foam extremely tightly meaning it will not come off even on the biggest of casts. Features include the following: •Better Hookholds and anti-eject properties - Creates a much wider gape than a standard knotless knot or Zig Bug style hook (no fluff or foam impeding hook point penetration), for much better hooking potential. •Better Hooking Potential - The Aligna allows your hookbait to sit centralised at all times, a downside with a knotless knot on light mono is that the Hair naturally wants to sit off to one side, which can lead to poor hook holds. •Stronger more reliable knots can be used - Allows you to attach your hook to your hooklink with a Palomar or Grinner Knot rather than a Knotless Knot, which are much stronger and also prevents the eye of your hook from rubbing on and weakening the hooklink when playing a fish. •Far greater value for money - Should your hook point turn over you can simply slide the Aligna up your hooklink and attach a new hook – with Zig Bug style hookbaits once the point has gone they have to be thrown away, which can get very expensive. •Very versatile – You can mix and match the colours of foam and Zig Aligna to create a whole host of hookbait colour options until you find the combo that works the best on any given day. •Very Quick and Easy – Changing of your hookbait is very quick to do and swapping hookbaits is also very fast thanks to the unique loading tool. •Imitate Shape of Emerging Larvae – Most Zig Bug style hookbaits imitate creatures that live out of the water, which is a pretty pointless imitation as they are not natural! The shape of the Zig Aligna combined with a foam insert very much replicates the shape of a nymph with a thin curved body and a big head. •Hi-Vis Colour Options – The red and yellow options allow you to create hi-viz hookbaits when single hookbait fishing or spodding a slop over the top – especially effective when using a spod mix that contains red maggots and sweetcorn. Kit consists of the following: •3 lengths of Zig Aligna HD Foam – 1 x red, 1 x yellow and 1 x black. •6 Zig Aligna Sleeves– 2 x red, 2 x yellow and 2 x black. •1 x Loading Tool.
Fox Edges Zig Aligna Sleeves Fox Edges Zig Aligna Sleeves
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Fox Edges Zig Aligna Sleeves Zig Aligna Sleeves • Available in Red, Yellow or Black and Brown, Pink and White • 8 Zig Aligna Sleeves per packet
Fox Edges Zig Float Kit Fox Edges Zig Float Kit
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Fox Edges Zig Float Kit - New fluted design for increased casting stability - Resistance cavities aid hooking properties - Finished in Trans Khaki colouration - Shaped to accommodate the Edges Angled Drop Off Run Ring to ensure the lead hangs flush to the float - Supplied with a boom that incorporates an Edges Angled Drop Off Run Ring at one end and an Edges Heli Drop Off Bead at the other - The unique design of the boom means you can choose to eject the lead (without losing boom) or keep the lead depending on how much weed is present - Angled Drop Off Run Ring enables you to swap between using a boom and not using a boom without having to cut the line and re-tie the set-u - Also features unique anti-tangle cavity, into which you can place a small piece of rolled up dissolving foam, which you can then nick your hook into - this will help to reduce the chances of your hooklink tangling on the cast and as the float rises through the water - Supplied with a ball bearing swivel to reduce hooklength twist - Also supplied with Trans Khaki Short Anti-Tangle Sleeve
Fox Zig and Floater Hooklink Fox Zig and Floater Hooklink sale
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Fox Zig and Floater Hooklink Produced to a laser controlled low diameter, this Zig & Floater Hooklink, is ultra smooth and buoyant whilst when tied, has an excellent knot strength. Available in low visibility clear.
Korda Interceptor Controller Floats Korda Interceptor Controller Floats
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Korda Interceptor Controller Floats The colour of these inline floats has been carefully selected to make them as visible as possible from above the surface, so that the angler can see them as clearly as possible, but at the same time are almost invisible to carp below the surface. They are available in a variety of sizes, the smallest being just 5g which is perfect for flicking baits out close to the bank but where freelining won’t give you the casting accuracy or line control that you need. The 15g and 30g sizes are great all-rounders for any situation where you aren’t having to cast at longer range, and for any situation where the fish are further out, or in windy conditions where it can be difficult keeping the bow out of your line, there are 50g and 80g versions which can be cast to the horizon! One feature that is a bit different is the quick-change system that allows you to quickly switch from one size of float to another, simply by sliding it off of your main line and using the specially designed quick-change swivel. This is perfect if the fish suddenly move out of range, or drift close in and you don’t want to be crashing a heavy controller near them. These floats are incredibly buoyant and the inline stem helps to prevent tangles, with a soft insert used to house the quick-change system.
Korda Kruiser Control Floater Line Korda Kruiser Control Floater Line
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Kruiser Control Floater Line Korda Kruiser Control Floater Line is a purpose designed floater fishing line developed from many hours of floater fishing experience. Formulated to give exceptional casting experience, this super soft supple line makes easy casting of lightweight controllers and even free-lined baits. The line has outstanding knot strength and is accurately rated for breaking strain using a Palomar Knot. Limited stretch means that Kruiser Control will minimise hook-pulls whilst being responsive enough to provide superb end tackle management even in cross winds. A low gloss, clear finish provides minimal visibility, and near neutral buoyancy ensures it hangs discreetly in the surface film. •150m Spool •Available in 8lb, 10lb & 12lb Breaking Strain
Korda Zig Kit Korda Zig Kit
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Korda Zig Kit The Zig Kit is the ultimate adjustable setup! The precision blow-moulded float is the optimum size to allow the float to easily rise to the surface, whilst being compact enough to allow long range fishing and the light grey colour ensures it's unobtrusive midwater, regardless of the light/water conditions. The float features a soft insert that houses the (supplied) size 11 QC Swivel, this reduces the profile of the float and helps to prevent tangles. A clear anti-tangle sleeve is also supplied. The crucial feature of the boom section is the ball bearing swivel, the swivel ensures the rapid rotation of the boom and prevents the float tangling, the buoyant ball ensures the link sits up over any debris allowing the float to rise freely. The kit contains everything needed to set up an adjustable zig set-up. just add: PVA Foam, a lead, hooklength/bait and you're away! 1 per pack
Korda Zig Kit Anti Tangle Sleeve Korda Zig Kit Anti Tangle Sleeve
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Korda Zig Kit Anti Tangle Sleeve Designed to work in conjunction with Korda Zig Floats, these anti tangle sleeve are a great way to help avoid all those annoying tangles when casting zig rigs. With sub surface camouflage, they also blend in well with there surroundings Features Help prevent tangles Sub surface camouflage Works in conjuction with Korad zig float kits
Korda Zig Magnet Korda Zig Magnet
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Korda Zig Magnet The innovative new Zig Magnet has just hit tackle shops! Anyone who has fished with zig rigs will know how awkward it can be when the hook link is swinging around behind you, but now the innovative, just released, Zig Magnet solves that problem! Even shorter zigs in windy weather have a habit of trying to catch on any bit of undergrowth or other obstacle behind you, and long ones are even more problematic. The Zig Magnet solves this, and this simple piece of tackle will become an essential element of any zig anglers armoury in the future, as it will allow you to fish more effectively. The concept is very simple, basically a flat featuring a magnetic head with a tilt attachment that can be screwed into any bankstick or storm rod and adjusted so that your rig and hook link stays clear of anything it might get caught on during the cast. Not only will the Zig Magnet prevent your rig getting caught on anything, it will also prevent any danger of your hook touching against anything that could blunt it. Those who have had access to Zig Magnets during the testing stage have been putting them to good use already, and they are set to become a common sight in swims on waters across the country! To get the best out of the Zig Magnet it is best to use a bankstick with nothing protruding from it, to eliminate any risk of tangles. -
Korda Zig/Floater Hooklength Korda Zig/Floater Hooklength
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Korda Zig/Floater Hooklength Korda's first dedicated zig and floater hook link is fine, supple and camouflaged – everything you need to fool wary carp. The line carries a subtle green tint that has been formulated to blend in sub-surface. Zig Line is available in 7lb, 9lb and 11lb. 100M length Clever spool with line exit hole


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