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Imitation Bait

Korda Pop Up Corn Korda Pop Up Corn
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Korda's first release in the Fake Food range is this pop-up imitation corn. It's Danny Fairbrass' baby, and here's what he has to say about it: “I have put a great deal of time and effort into formulating a bespoke range of plastic hook baits to cover almost any angling situation, worldwide. Our baits are different from anything else because they contain our favourite flavour/attractor combinations arrived at after years of making our own pop-ups, actually moulded into the plastic. These flavour combinations are as follows, I.B. - Ali's Illegal bast###s, a blend of several fruits that is now legendary. Pink Fruity Squid - blend of the best squid and several fruity attractors. White Banoffee - Danny's most recent favourite that has caught him huge fish all over Europe Green Citrus Zing - a blend of exclusive citrus flavours, made to make their mouth water. All come with free hair stops that pull up inside the bait so the hair cannot be seen from above, a trick taken from some of the best plastic users in the country. A small but deadly range that will soon dominate the plastic baits scene."
ESP Artificial Bouyant Double Corn ESP Artificial Bouyant Double Corn
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ESP Artificial Buoyant Double Corn ESP Double Corn is permanently buoyant and available in five proven carp catching colours. The distinct sizes where originally designed to pop up the ESP Cryogen Stiff Riggers in Sizes 5, 6, 7 & 8 but can of course be used on a wide range of hook patterns and sizes to create critically balanced baits or perfect pop-ups. Perfect for balancing a rig without the need for putty. Artificial baits without the need for putty ensure you can continue fishing effectively for as long as possible even in crayfish infested waters. Each double corn also features a hair stop groove, allowing the hair stop to be pulled down into the bait, making it harder for crayfish to pull it off and remove the bait. One packet contains 4 sizes and 16 pieces in total Supplied with a strip of hair stops Available Colours: Yellow, Fluroro Yellow & Orange, Pink & White ESP Artificial Buoyant Double Corn
ESP Buoyant Sweetcorn Yellow ESP Buoyant Sweetcorn Yellow
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ESP Buoyany Sweetcorn Yellow Ideal for Carp, Tench and big Bream, different sizes can be used alone or combined with natural corn to counterbalance the weight of the hook or create the perfect pop up. -The Buoyant corn has a very generous 16 grains in the packet (6 large, 6 medium, 2 small and 2 mini) plus two strips of complementary mini yellow ESP hair stops. An innovative feature is the hair stop recess on selected grains which accepts the mini hair stop. Some of the grains have the recess on the end whilst others have the recess on the side to suit various presentations. This recess makes the hair stop sit almost flush with the surface of the corn which not only looks very neat but is also a real help when fishing waters where cray fish are present, it makes it much more difficult for them to steal the bait! There are also grains with no hair stop recess at all. - ESP sweetcorn is perfect for a wide variety of presentations from balancing or tipping boilies or nuts, to creating the perfect pop up. The larger sizes are also ideal for zig rigs. The vibrant ‘nature identical’ yellow colour provides excellent visual attraction whilst the creamy sweetcorn flavour impregnated during the moulding process offers an attractive scent.
ESP Cork Sticks 6mm ESP Cork Sticks 6mm
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ESP Cork Sticks Ideal for popping up Tiger Nuts, boils etc. - These 6mm diameter Cork Sticks are made to fit the holes produced by the E-S-P Nut Drill. - By inserting different lengths of cork stick, a range of buoyancies can be achieved from just counterbalanced to perfect pop up.
ESP Pop Up Corks 10mm ESP Pop Up Corks 10mm
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ESP Pop Up Corks 10mm - 12mm corks in a blister - Available in 10mm & 12mm (30 corks per blister) - 14mm (25 corks per blister) - Produced in natural, unfilled cork with a heavily pitted surface. This helps the paste really grip and makes for easy, efficient pop-up production


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