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Bite Alarms

Delkim Txi-D Bite Alarm Delkim Txi-D Bite Alarm
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Delkim Txi-D Bite Alarm The eagerly awaited new alarm from Delkim is finally about to arrive, due for release this spring. These new products include a number of exciting new features, alongside Delkim’s unique tried and tested vibration sensing technology, to once again raise the bar in bite indication technology. The Txi-D digital electronic bite alarm features a brand new smaller, more compact design; new patented Digital Signal Processing; Beep Speed Control; a fully digital radio system. It also features a brand new patented IMU Security Movement Sensor – for enhanced security. There are more adjustable LED settings include the new ‘Stealth Mode’, as well as 64 Digital tone settings and much more. The Rx-D digital receiver utilises a fully digital radio with patented pulse and visual replication; advanced patented security; easy pairing; multiple range settings; a new RunLite mode and DND (Do Not Disturb) setting; adjustable vibro alert modes; last activity recall plus more. Both the Txi-D and Rx-D have brand new casings and come with a new moulded protective hard case. In addition, to its standard 2 year warranty, Delkim will also be offering an optional 3 year warranty on these new products “With over 40 years of bite alarm experience this is the most technologically advanced bite alarm we have ever produced. It is packed with features but we have not lost sight of the fact that bite indication is the key,” said Del Romang, Chairman and Managing Director. “Digital signal processing, beep speed control, digital radio, advanced robotic weather proofing and smaller precision mouldings are just some of the improvements that have gone into this alarm,” he added. The best just got a whole lot better!!! We expect these to be in short supply as being made in the UK Delkim do not have huge deliveries coming in from overseas, they make and sell them on a continuous cycle. • Tried and Tested Vibration Sensing • Digital Signal Processing (Patented) • Beep Speed Control (Patented) • Digital Radio with Range Test • Enhanced Weather Protection • IMU Security Movement Sensor (Patented) • Compact Design 30% Smaller • Enhanced LED Settings • Stealth LED Mode • Twin Clear LEDs – Available in colorbar1.jpg, 1.0kB • NiteLite Output Socket • Mute Function • 64 Digital Tone Settings • Memorised User Preferences • Enhanced Power Saving • Moulded Hard Case • Optional 3 Year Guarantee
Delkim Ev-D Bite Alarm Delkim Ev-D Bite Alarm
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Delkim Ev-D Bite Alarm For carp anglers waiting for something special to come along to replace your battered, tired bite alarms, we have something for you to get excited about. The brand new Delkim Ev-D alarms are coming soon to AD shelves, an entry level alarm from the disciplines leading bite alarm brand. The Delkim Ev-D Alarm offers a user-friendly interface and notorious reliability that is associated with the Delkim brand. The Ev-D Delkim bite alarm is manufactured to the same standards as its flagship model, the Txi-D model so you can be assured the Ev-D will offer a host of impressive functions. With a singular Ev-D bite alarm you get the option to tailor the settings depending on your preference or conditions. If you are an angler that tends to fish close to other anglers and wish to be a considerate neighbour than the mute function, as well as the day and night LED model of this alarm will sure come in handy. One of the features is the vibration sensing technology that ensures the smallest movement on your line is noted. We have all experienced being at the bank, hearing your alarm call to either realise it was your neighbours rod on the near-by peg or not knowing which one of your rods requires attention. Not to worry as further personalisation of the Ev-D alarm can be achieved with the sixteen digital tone settings. That is right, sixteen! So, when you do have more than one alarm or one similar to a fellow near-by angler you can change it to identify your own or which rod the alarm is for. The Ev-D is also available in six colour LED options to best suit the rest of your indicator system. Choose from red, green, yellow, blue, white and purple. This is great for anglers fishing all year round when the light conditions drop or for the over-night sessions when your choice in LED lighting helps guide you towards your rod. If you are a clumsy angler, the Delkim alarm will be safe from a few knocks on the bank and from the unpredictable UK weather conditions thanks to the high quality moulded protective hard case that comes with the alarm. If that was not enough, the Ev-D alarm is reasonably priced. Delkim are helping anglers that look to purchase two or three alarms for their rod set ups as it is a common method for anglers to be fishing off of more than one rod at one. These alarms are completely compatible with all of Delkim’s Visual Indication systems including the Safe-D and D-Lok systems. With the spring season just around the corner it will soon be time to dust off your old alarms for yet another season, but with Delkim offering a high-spec alarm at such a competitive price, perhaps its time to treat yourself. Features Tried and Tested Vibration Sensing Patented Digital Signal Processing Enhanced Weather Protection Compact Design Day/Night LED Modes 16 Digital Tone Settings Mute Function NiteLite Output Socket Compatible with all Visual Indication Systems and Accessories Twin Clear LEDs Available in 6 Colours Moulded Hard Case Optional 3 Year Warranty
Fox Micron M Bite Alarm Fox Micron M Bite Alarm
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Fox Micron M Bite Alarm An updated version of this popular well loved stand alone head unit. Fantastic value for money, and coming packed with features seen on the much more expensive models in the range. You can now select between 4 LED colours at the flick of a button positioned on the back. Other improvements include the D-tec sensing system, and a Tru-run roller wheel improving the overall bite sensitivity. Additionally a power out socket allows you to add an illuminated swinger for extra visibility at night. Features - High visibility 4mm multi-coloured LED (select between Red, Orange, Green and Blue) - LED colour changed by pushing rubber touch button on rear of alarm (as per RX+) - Indexed volume adjustment dial - High quality Piezo speaker - Rubber ear inlays - Tru-Run roller wheel - Two position toggle switch - D-Tech Sensing System - Silent start up - 1 x power out socket for use with illuminated bite indicators - Supplied with hard case - Powered by 2 x AAA batteries
Korum KBI Alarm Korum KBI Alarm
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Korum KBI Alarm The KBI alarms are compact, rugged and reliable. Featuring a sensitive roller wheel and a bright LED, it’s a fantastic choice for all forms of specimen angling. The speaker features adjustable volume, while the LED boasts a 10 second alert feature. Feature- Powered by a 9V battery Adjustable volume 5mm LED Compact design 10 second latching LED Adjustable locking nut and compression washer Water guarded speaker High output speaker Sensitive bite indication
Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm
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Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm When a Siren R3 sounds, take notice like never before. The R3 Intelligent Sensing microchip technology eliminates false indications, giving you the ultimate insight into what is happening in your swim. Step into the future A revolutionary advancement based on change of speed in line movement, the new Siren R3 with Intelligent Sensing means an end to irritating bleeps from wind, undertow, weed, even variable current in flowing waters. The Siren R3 sounds only to alert you to fish activity in a swim. No longer will bobbin creep disturb you in the early hours when conditions change or weed builds up on the line. No longer will there be any doubt or dismissal over unexplained bleeps.
Sonik Gizmo Bite Alarm Sonik Gizmo Bite Alarm
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Sonik Gizmo Bite Alarm Small but perfectly formed. The new Gizmo® bite alarm offers top performance in a miniature package. Featuring Illuminated snag ears and line roller giving you instant indication for the slightest of line movement. The intelligent mute function allows you to quickly, conveniently and silently adjust indicators or line tightness and will automatically re-arm the alarm after 30 seconds. V.T.S. functions are all controlled by click dials which are super easy and quick to setup for multiple alarm heads. Add to this; fully protected electronics, improved battery life, clip on hardcase cover and a receiver with anti-theft and torch function. Features: Twin illuminated snag ears and line roller Colours available (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue) 8 Sensitivity Levels 8 Volume and Tone settings (including silent mode) One-touch intelligent mute function Silent start up 2.5mm power out socket Forward and backward drop back indication Night glow LED function Silent Low battery warning Up to 150m range Requires 2 x AAA Batteries Sealed electronics Supplied with clip on protective cover


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