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Bite Alarms

Delkim Txi-D Bite Alarm Delkim Txi-D Bite Alarm
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Delkim Txi-D Bite Alarm The eagerly awaited new alarm from Delkim is finally about to arrive, due for release this spring. These new products include a number of exciting new features, alongside Delkim’s unique tried and tested vibration sensing technology, to once again raise the bar in bite indication technology. The Txi-D digital electronic bite alarm features a brand new smaller, more compact design; new patented Digital Signal Processing; Beep Speed Control; a fully digital radio system. It also features a brand new patented IMU Security Movement Sensor – for enhanced security. There are more adjustable LED settings include the new ‘Stealth Mode’, as well as 64 Digital tone settings and much more. The Rx-D digital receiver utilises a fully digital radio with patented pulse and visual replication; advanced patented security; easy pairing; multiple range settings; a new RunLite mode and DND (Do Not Disturb) setting; adjustable vibro alert modes; last activity recall plus more. Both the Txi-D and Rx-D have brand new casings and come with a new moulded protective hard case. In addition, to its standard 2 year warranty, Delkim will also be offering an optional 3 year warranty on these new products “With over 40 years of bite alarm experience this is the most technologically advanced bite alarm we have ever produced. It is packed with features but we have not lost sight of the fact that bite indication is the key,” said Del Romang, Chairman and Managing Director. “Digital signal processing, beep speed control, digital radio, advanced robotic weather proofing and smaller precision mouldings are just some of the improvements that have gone into this alarm,” he added. The best just got a whole lot better!!! We expect these to be in short supply as being made in the UK Delkim do not have huge deliveries coming in from overseas, they make and sell them on a continuous cycle. • Tried and Tested Vibration Sensing • Digital Signal Processing (Patented) • Beep Speed Control (Patented) • Digital Radio with Range Test • Enhanced Weather Protection • IMU Security Movement Sensor (Patented) • Compact Design 30% Smaller • Enhanced LED Settings • Stealth LED Mode • Twin Clear LEDs – Available in colorbar1.jpg, 1.0kB • NiteLite Output Socket • Mute Function • 64 Digital Tone Settings • Memorised User Preferences • Enhanced Power Saving • Moulded Hard Case • Optional 3 Year Guarantee
Delkim EV Plus Bite Alarm Delkim EV Plus Bite Alarm
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Delkim EV Plus   Introducing the Ev Plus, Optimum night indication using Delkims unique tried and tested piezoelectric, digital and microcontroller technology. Simplified operation. Designed, individually made and tested by Delkim in England with no compromise on Delkim Quality and Reliability. The Ev Plus does not come with a hard case. Features include the following: •Vibration sensing with no moving parts. •Piezoelectric, digital & microcontroller technology. •Single dynamic sensitivity range. •Total adjustability to cover all conditions. •Twin clear LED's in 6 colour options. •Normal LED brightness. •Permanent night marking. •Push button power on/off. •Large easy to use rotary controls. •Brass bolt/lock ring. •Audio & Nitelite outputs. •Delkim Quality & Reliability, Made in England. •2 year guarantee.
Fox Micron RX+ 3 Rod Presentation Set Fox Micron RX+ 3 Rod Presentation Set
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Fox Micron RX + 3 Rod Presentation Set The Fox RX+ alarms have set the bar for bite alarms, being the most advanced alarms ever created! Following on from the flagship NTX-R range, Fox have created the groundbreaking RX+ series. The Fox RX+ alarms feature dual LED lighting, meaning that they can be seen from any position in the swim. The alarm roller wheel has been made higher, meaning less chance of it freezing in cold weather. Fox has brought in a new high-sensitivity feature starting at 2.8mm, which means that the alarms act just like a Delkim on sensitivity. The RX+ alarms feature far superior sensitivity when compared with the NTX-R alarms. The alarms feature two external buttons, which allow for changing both the LED brightness and colour. The twin multi-coloured LED lights can change to red, green, blue, purple, orange, and white. Rod-friendly rubber inlays protect and secure the rod when on the alarm. The user-friendly receiver has an easy pairing system for the alarms. The new bivvy light feature fades in and out when any alarm has three consecutive bleeps The sealed weatherproof case protects the alarms from any weather condition, ensuring that your alarms will be in perfect condition whenever you need them. The Fox RX+ alarms feature indexed ergonomic control for both volume and tone. It features eight different volumes, the lowest of which is silent. The eight different tones can be changed by turning the dial - clockwise raised the pitch of the alarm, while anti-clockwise lowers the pitch The low battery drain of the RX+ alarms means that you can use them for longer without any worry that the alarms will run out. The LED changes to cyan when the battery needs changing The alarms require 2xAA batteries Features •Weatherproof sealed case •Digital circuitry •D-Tec™ Plus Sensing System (DTSS) •Low battery drain •CNC machined Tru-Run™ roller wheel •Twin multi-colour LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple & White) •On / Off toggle switch with 2 operational modes (day and night mode) •When in night mode both LEDs will subtly glow in your chosen colour •High quality cone speaker •Rigid 3/8” stainless steel thread •Rod-friendly rubber inlays •Indexed ergonomic control for volume (8 different levels of volume with lowest setting being completely silent) •Indexed ergonomic control for tone (8 different tone settings: turn dial clockwise to raise pitch and anti-clockwise to lower pitch) •Indexed ergonomic control for Intelligent Sensitivity featuring See-Saw elimination (8 different sensitivity settings – see below Sensitivity table for comparison to NTX-R) •Range test function allows user to check RX+ Receiver is picking up RX+ head at any given range •Low battery warning (LED colour changes to cyan indicating it is time to replace batteries) •Power Out Socket (2.5mm) for use with illuminated Swingers •Supplied with two compression washer options: rigid and soft with an additional spare soft washer per unit •Requires 2 x AA batteries •RX+ Single heads, RX+ Receiver, 2-rod and 4-rod presentation sets also available separately Improved features compared to NTX-R •Deeper ears with no increase in the height of the alarm •Twin multi-colour LEDs, one per ear and at the very top of the ear •External control of the multi-colour LEDs with Colour Sync™ function – simply change LED colour via button on the battery cover •Manually selectable day and night modes •External control of the Vari-Bright adjustable LED brightness to suit the conditions you are fishing in (choice of 3 LED brightness settings in day mode and 3 different brightness settings in night mode) simply adjust via button on battery cover •Larger clearance around the roller wheel and improved drainage vastly reduces chances of roller wheel freezing up in extreme cold conditions •Stronger range performance with RX+ Receiver •Improved sensitivity range (see below) Sensitivity Control In all sensitivity settings (except maximum), the line must travel the specified distance in the same direction and within 2 seconds in order to trigger the unit. Any movement in the opposite direction will reset the distance counter to zero. This can substantially reduce, or eliminate false triggering caused by wind and water movement. RX+ Receiver Features •Ultra-Long Range™ •Digital circuitry •Low battery drain •Battery life indication when receiver is switched on (4 x green LEDs indicates full/close to full, 3 x green LEDs indicates the batteries are used, but do not need replacing, 2 x orange LEDs indicates the batteries are becoming low, 1 x red LED indicates batteries are low and need replacing) •Low battery warning (LEDs will flash cyan periodically indicating the batteries need replacing) •Alarm low battery warning (when RX+ head turns to low battery warning so will the receiver for that particular alarm, again changing colour to cyan) •Vibration alert function (via switch on rear) •Bivvy light function (via switch on rear, see below for more details) •Anti-theft alarm •Easy RX+ Micron registration (via switch at rear) •Indicator LEDs with Colour Sync™ •On/Off & volume control •High quality cone speaker •Lanyard attachment point •Requires 3 x AA batteries Improved features over NTX-R Receiver •Larger indicator LED windows, visible from both the front and the top of the receiver •Optional bivvy light function when you receive a bite •Free standing design for placing on bivvy table/bucket lid •Soft grip casing •Ability to sync up to eight RX+ Micron heads •Stronger radio performance •Silent ON mode, full receiver function but with no sound output Bivvy Light function When the bivvy light feature is turned on via the switch on the back of the receiver it will behave in the following ways: •The indication lights on the receiver will be dimmed slightly to prevent the receiver emitting too much light whilst the bivvy light is active •The bivvy light will only come on if three bite triggers are received in quick succession to prevent liners and false indication turning your bivvy light on unnecessarily •The bivvy light will fade into full brightness and remain on whilst the alarm continues to send trigger signals to the receiver. The light will fade out to nothing in the 5 seconds after the trigger lights have gone out on the receiver as long as no more indications are received . . .
Fox Micron M Plus Fox Micron M Plus
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Fox Micron M Plus The Micron M+ is the first to benefit from a whole host of new features. Immediately you’ll notice its classic Fox Micron look, with a raised 5mm red LED. It’s powered by 2 x AAA batteries, which coupled with new internal circuitry, offers an extra long battery life. It has an indexed front volume adjustment knob that’s easy to use. The M+ has a piezo speaker for clear audible indication of a run, with robust rubber inlays in the ‘ears’ to prevent rod slippage. There are also 2 outputs: one for power out, and one for transmitter out. This has to be one of the best alarms for the money ever! Features • 2 x AAA batteries • Red 5mm LED • Indexed pot volume adjustment knob • 2 x outputs: 1 x power out. 1 x transmitter out • Raw plastic finish (ABS) • Piezo speaker for clear sound • Brass threaded stud • Nylon thread cap • Hardcase • Rubber ear inlays
Nash Siren R3 Receiver Nash Siren R3 Receiver star
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Nash Siren R3 Receiver When a Siren R3 sounds, take notice like never before. Setting new standards in bite registration, the R3s Intelligent Sensing microchip technology eliminates false indications, giving you the ultimate insight into what is happening in your swim. Centred on the change of speed in line movement, Intelligent Sensing means an end to irritating bleeps from wind, undertow, weed, even variable current in flowing waters. The Siren R3 sounds only to alert you to fish activity in a swim. No longer will bobbin creep disturb you in the early hours when conditions change or weed builds up on the line. No longer will there be any doubt or dismissal over unexplained bleeps. The Siren R3 is a revolution connecting angler and carp like never before possible. Put simply, Intelligent Sensing alerts you on a Need to Know basis. The Best By Test THE SIREN R3 boasts market leading remote performance, vastly exceeding the competition. Whilst we would never encourage people to take advantage of the R3s 400 metre plus extreme range capability, the strength of radio signal becomes critical when your rods are not in a clear line of sight such as in dugout swims or when surrounded by dense foliage. Whatever the nature of a swim, its surroundings or obstacles that block weaker signals the R3 will out perform all others. Features -  Market leading remote performance independently verified -  Exact alarm tone reproduction -  Four channel one touch pairing with R3 alarm heads -  Additional fifth channel to programme in friends alarms (maximum 30) -  Anti-theft warning alarm -  Adjustable volume -  Vibration and mute functions -  Interchangeable LED lenses -  Lanyard and karabiner included. -  Powered by 1 x CR123A 3V battery (not included)
Nash Siren S5R Receiver Nash Siren S5R Receiver star
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Nash Siren S5R Receiver The award winning compact Nash Siren S5 goes wireless with the launch of the S5R remote series. With the same bulletproof build quality common to all Siren series alarms the Siren S5R uses advanced communication technology and component integrity for accurate and reliable remote performance whatever the conditions. Registering the smallest indications in the worst weather the Siren S5R keeps you in touch. Features -  Extreme range remote performance -  Complete set of interchangeable lenses to match LED colours to any combination of S5R alarms -  High output adjustable volume -  Solid state compact design -  Soft touch rubberized finish -  Extended battery life -  Powered by 1 x CR123A 3V battery (NOT INCLUDED) -  Lanyard and karabiner included -  NOTE: The S5R Receiver does not work with Siren S5 alarms
Delkim Rx-D Receiver Delkim Rx-D Receiver
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Delkim Rx-D Receiver - Pre Orders • Digital Radio • Pulse & Visual Replication (Patented) • Multiple Range Settings • Easy Pairing • RunLite Mode • DND (Do Not Disturb) • Advanced Security (Patented) • Adjustable Vibro Mode • Recall Last Activity • Power on Indicator • Enhanced Power Saving • Lanyard and Attachments • Moulded Hard Case • Optional 3 Year Guarantee
Korum KBI Alarm Korum KBI Alarm
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Korum KBI Alarm The KBI alarms are compact, rugged and reliable. Featuring a sensitive roller wheel and a bright LED, it’s a fantastic choice for all forms of specimen angling. The speaker features adjustable volume, while the LED boasts a 10 second alert feature. Feature- Powered by a 9V battery Adjustable volume 5mm LED Compact design 10 second latching LED Adjustable locking nut and compression washer Water guarded speaker High output speaker Sensitive bite indication
MAD Nano Bite Alarm MAD Nano Bite Alarm
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MAD Nano Bite Alarm The little brother of the Wireless Nano Alarms with all the features as the big brother, but without the transmitting function and with a blue LED. Runs with a small photo cell battery (MN21) which lives one season in average, thanks to the sophisticated technics. Features -  Volume control -  Tone control -  Sensibilty control -  LED light up time control -  High reach -  Low battery drain -  Extremely compact -  High-impact ABS case -  Brass thread
Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm
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Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm When a Siren R3 sounds, take notice like never before. The R3 Intelligent Sensing microchip technology eliminates false indications, giving you the ultimate insight into what is happening in your swim. Step into the future A revolutionary advancement based on change of speed in line movement, the new Siren R3 with Intelligent Sensing means an end to irritating bleeps from wind, undertow, weed, even variable current in flowing waters. The Siren R3 sounds only to alert you to fish activity in a swim. No longer will bobbin creep disturb you in the early hours when conditions change or weed builds up on the line. No longer will there be any doubt or dismissal over unexplained bleeps.
Nash Siren R3/S5R Alarm Head Batteries - CR2 Nash Siren R3/S5R Alarm Head Batteries - CR2
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Nash Siren R3 / S5R Batteries Optimum life for your R3 and S5R heads Optimum power and performance for your Siren alarms. Fitting the R3 and S5R Siren alarms these high power CR2 cells ensure optimum life, out performing cheaper cells. Key Features: •High power cells designed for digital devices •Provide optimum life in Siren R3 and S5R alarms •One per pack
Nash Siren R3/S5R Receiver Batteries Nash Siren R3/S5R Receiver Batteries
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Nash Siren R3 / S5R Receiver Batteries - CR123A Optimum power and performance for your Siren Receivers Fitting the R3 and S5R Siren Receivers these high power CR123A cells ensure optimum life, out performing cheaper cells. Key Features: •High power cells designed for digital devices •Provide optimum life in Siren R3 and S5R Receivers •One per pack
Nash Siren S5R Nash Siren S5R
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Nash Siren S5R The award-winning Nash Siren S5 Bite Alarm has been given wireless capability with the S5R remote series. Representing great value for money, but still made to the same quality standards common to all Nash bite alarms, the Siren S5R uses radio communication technology and high-quality components for accurate and reliable performance. This angling bite alarm will register the smallest bite indications, even in rough weather, and its rugged form means it will stand up well to travel and frequent use in the great outdoors. Carp anglers appreciate that long, dark nights in all weathers may be the price to be paid for success. When combined with the Siren S5R Remote Receiver unit (sold separately), the S5R Alarm will give you audible and visible signals via the remote unit as well as on the alarm head itself, meaning you can be aware of and react to opportunities while tucked away in a bivvy, safe from the wind and rain. A set of up to four alarms can be assigned to different LED indicator colours (red, blue, purple, or white) and monitored with one receiver. The wireless connection range is quoted as reaching up to 400m, depending on the environment and atmospheric conditions, and the signal has been found to penetrate 100m through dense bushes and trees in this Nash bite alarm review on the AD blog. As you would expect from Nash, the alarm volume, tone, and sensitivity settings can be chosen by the user and will give an indication of the rate of play on the line by means of periodic or continuous tones. The alarm volume can be adjusted independently on the alarm head and the receiver. The Siren S5R unit has compact dimensions of 80mm (L) x 38mm (W) x 37mm (D) and the battery cover is weather-sealed. Its supplied soft PVC case provides protection when in transit or when out of use on the bankside. It features a standard 3/8” BSF thread, ready to use with a wide range of rod supports. For convenience, this Nash bite alarm is fitted with push-button on/off and an integrated line guard. Nash is confident of the performance promised by this lower-priced yet reliable product and offers a three-year guarantee to back it up. Features -  Extreme range remote performance -  Super-sensitive bite indication -  Run LED and latching LED -  Choice of LED colours in red, blue, purple, or clear - High output adjustable volume -  Built-in line guard -  Extended battery life -  Powered by 1 x CR2 3V battery (not included) -  3-year Nash guarantee -  Supplied with a protective PVC case
Prologic BAT Bite Alarm Prologic BAT Bite Alarm
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Pro Logic BAT Bite Alarm Compact and elegant, the new BAT bite alarm is a perfect and safe choice for every angler. It comes supplied with a rubber protective cover for easy and safe transport and storage. Red LED for bite indication and nightlight, the BAT offer all the most important feature needed from the modern carp anglers like volume with silent option and sensitivity adjustment. - Volume adjustment - Silent option - Sensitivity adjustment - Waterproof - Red LED for bite indication - Red nightlight with manual on/off - Operate with two AAA batteries - Rubber protective cover included
Ron Thompson B-Alert Bite Alarm with Snag Ears Ron Thompson B-Alert Bite Alarm with Snag Ears
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Ron Thompson B- Alert Bite Alarm With Snag Ears If you are looking for a quality bite alarm on a budget, then this could be the one for you. Boasting many features you would expect from a high end product, these compact and well designed alarms are ideal for both beginners and experienced anglers alike. Features - Run and Back Drop Detection - Magnetic Blue Roller Wheel - Removable Snag Ears - Six Tone Settings - Seven Volume Settings - Battery Included  
Sonik SKS 3+1 Bite Alarm + FREE Bivvy Lamp Sonik SKS 3+1 Bite Alarm + FREE Bivvy Lamp
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SONIK SKS ALARM & RECEIVER SET (WITH FREE BIVVY LIGHT!) The new state-of-the-art SKS bite alarms from Sonik are compact, lightweight and packed with all the latest technology to provide the important features the modern carp angler requires. Using normal AAA 1.5V batteries, the sleek and compact shape is 100% waterproof and benefits from a matt black soft tough paint for understated good looks. Supplied complete with a free bivvy lamp, which can be paired to automatically match light colour for the alarm which has sounded. SPECIFICATION •Available in 3+1 kit plus free bivvy lamp •Operates with 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries (not included) •Six volume levels plus silent mode Four sensitivity adjustments Seven tone adjustments •100% waterproof •Diamond shaped roller •Dedicated drop back LED indication •Dedicated drop back tone Ultra-bright LED •Low battery detection alert
Sonik SKX Bite Alarm and Receiver Set + FREE Bivvy Light Sonik SKX Bite Alarm and Receiver Set + FREE Bivvy Light
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Sonik SKX Alarm and Receiver Set (WITH FREE BIVVY LIGHT!) The Sonik SKX takes bite alarm performance to a new level. With twin bright 5mm multi-colour LEDs you can choose your preferred colour combination. The intelligent mute function allows you to quickly, conveniently and silently adjust indicators or line tightness and will automatically re-arm the alarm after 30 seconds. The intuitive control system is quick and simple to operate and the 3+1 set comes complete with protective alarm covers and removable snag ears. Fully weatherproof design and protected electronics ensure these alarms keep performing through the harshest of conditions. The included bivvy light also has a host of features with six different delay and brightness settings. It can function completely independently as a standard bivvy light or when synchronised with the alarm heads provides an extra level of illumination. Each alarm can also be assigned a colour channel so that you instantly recognise which alarm head has been triggered and perfect placement is easy with both hook or magnetic bivvy attachment plate.


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