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Hookbait Storage

Korda Infuza Glug Pots Korda Infuza Glug Pots
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Korda Infuza Pots Most anglers appreciate that the inspiration to develop a new product comes from being faced with a recurring problem, and here at Korda Developments we have recently seen an increase in the need for a no-fuss hook bait storage facility, which is why we decided to develop this little gem, the Infuza. Boosted hook baits have been a popular technique in carp fishing for many years; the use of oils, flavour additives and bait soaks have seen a resurgence in the last couple of years and the use of such products in our own fishing really did highlight the need for a product that satisfied our requirements. We needed to design something robust and easy to use, which allowed excess liquid to drain from the surface of the hook baits, ensuring an even coating. The internal tray allows the baits to sit above the glug, but be coated with a simple shake of the pot. Lastly, we wanted to design a quality piece of tackle. We think that the Infuza does everything that an angler requires from this type of product. It is available in two sizes, large and small.
Fox Camolite Glug 6 Pot Case Fox Camolite Glug 6 Pot Case
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Fox Camolite Glug 6 Pot Case This allows you to soak your hookbaits in your favourite attractants whilst storing them in neatly sized pots for quick and easy access. Designed using their unique camouflage pattern to fit with the rest of their luggage. Features- Available in a 6 Pot model or 8 pot model Unique Fox Camo pattern Double heavy duty zips Padded dividers Tinted PVC lid for easy contents identification 100% treated 500 denier polyester The 6 Pot Case contains: 2full size hookbait pots 4 half size hookbait pots Dimensions: 16cm x 16xm x 10cm
Korda Kutter Korda Kutter
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Korda Kutter What a response we’ve had to the launch of this gem. It’s the brother to the Krusha and allows you to smash out loads of perfectly chopped boilies in double-quick time. There are three Kutters in the range that suit 16mm, 20mm and 25mm baits. To use them, simply depress the button, remove the plunger and drop in a few baits. Then use the plunger to force the baits down the Kutter, whereupon the inner blade slices them perfectly – and it’s practically effort-free! The resulting halved baits are superb in spod mixes and won’t roll off the spot at all, due to their shape – which is a bonus when targeting sloping gravel humps, marginal slopes or moving water.
Nash Hookbait Pouch Nash Hookbait Pouch
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Nash Hookbait Pouch (includes pots) Carries all your hookbait options from pop-ups to drilled pellets Tough, insulated and padded pouches containing screw top hookbait pots and space to spare. Available in 4 and 8 pot capacity. The ideal way to carry hookbaits from pop-ups to drilled pellets, keeping them from sweating up in warm weather and offering presentation options at a glance. Available in 4 and 8 pot capacity. Both pouches feature waterproof bases and suede carry handles, and double as excellent tackle storage pouches if required. Pots included, other contents shown for illustrative purposes only.
Trakker Half sized Glug Pots 6 pack Trakker Half sized Glug Pots 6 pack
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Trakker Half sized Glug Pots 6 pack The Half-Size Glug Pots are just that – half the size of the standard Glug Pots! At just 5cm in height, they are perfect for keeping hookbaits in, and the leak-resistant design means that you can keep those hookbaits glugged-up without fear of the contents leeching out and making a mess of your carryall! These Half-Size Glug Pots are also ideal for storing tea/coffee/sugar etc., and for those who like to try and keep everything as compact as possible, two pots can be stored neatly inside one of the Trakker Plastic Cups, which come supplied with the NXG Brew Kit and NXG Deluxe Food Set, or can be purchased individually . Features : Screw top water tight glug pots Leak resistant Perfect for hookbait or glug storage Translucent green 150 ml capacity


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