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Carp Reels

Welcome to our Carp Fishing Reels section. Here you can browse all our Carp fishing reels by using the refine by navigation on the left. Simply click on what your looking for to refine your search down to exactly what your after.

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Carp can be big... very big! With this in mind, you need a reel which will hold lots of line, perform silently and smoothly yet give you the power you need to reel in that big one. Our specialist selection of Carp fishing reels has been designed to allow you to capture that specimen without fear of mechanical failure, something you have to be wary of with low quality reels.

Carp Fishing Reels

At Gerry's of Morecambe we have a large selection of different carp fishing reels, including Daiwa big pit reels and Shimano Baitrunner reels. You can choose the reel that best suits your angling preferences and one with features that will help to enhance your carp fishing capabilities. Whether you want a big pit reel to land a monster catch, or something a little more all-round that will match any carp fishing needs, we offer competitive rates and enable our customers to buy securely online or by visiting the Gerry's shop.

Big Pit Reels

Big pit carp reels are based on sea fishing reels that were used when anglers needed to reach maximum casting distance from the beach. They have made the transition to coarse fishing and, in particular, to carp fishing because the extra power that they afford to the angler makes catching specimen fish easier. Many big pit reels also have a freespool function; a system that offers an additional drag system at the flick of a switch. You can buy high quality Daiwa big pit reels as well as models from Shimano. Big pit carp reels are ideally suited to large fishing venues, large waters, and to catching large specimen fish.

Match Reels

There is a very large selection of match reels available, many of which are designed for casting short to medium distances. They are used for float fishing as well as for spinning, and as well as expensive models, you can also buy inexpensive and budget models that are ideal for use by beginners.

Match carp fishing reels are best suited to smaller waters, offer precision casting, and are ideal carp reels for anglers of all skill levels.

Free Spool Reels

Free spool carp reels, which have become more commonly known as baitrunner reels, are any type of reel that have a freespool function. Shimano baitrunner reels started the trend, and were the first to adopt the baitrunner name, but you can also buy freespool reels from the likes of Daiwa. The freespool function can be manually engaged by flicking a switch, which allows a hooked fish to swim away freely. By disengaging the function, you can then strike and then use the standard drag function that is found on most carp fishing reels. Free spool reels have become very popular, especially with those anglers that use rod tripods and rests because they prevent the rod from being pulled into the water. Allowing the first to take the bait also means that the bait is swallowed further, so the carp is truly on the line before you strike and start trying to reel it in.

Carp Reels For Beginners

Free spool reels are the preferred option with many anglers, including the more experienced carp fisherman as well as the novice. They really can increase the chances of landing a bite, whether you are fishing for smaller 10lb or larger 40lb specimen fish. What's more, they don't have to be expensive. Both Daiwa and Shimano offer a selection of these types of reel for under £100, which means that you can be sat by the water with high quality tackle and carp fishing equipment without having to break the bank.

Choosing Carp Fishing Reels

There are many functions and features to consider when buying carp fishing reels. In order to ensure that you buy a reel that will work best on your fishing trips, you should consider the type and size of fish that you want to catch, the water that you will be fishing, and both your fishing expertise and the frequency that you go fishing.

If you only fish small waters, then you need to question whether you really require a big pit carp reel, or whether something more standard will suffice. Determine whether you intend to land specimen fish or are happier with smaller samples. Finally, if you are only just starting out, or you only fish infrequently, then there isn't really any need to splash out on expensive carp fishing reels with all of the latest features and functions.  Of course, it never hurts to have a backup or secondary reel, but if you are on a budget, then a decent quality reel should last you for years and won't blow all of your carp fishing budget on a single item.

Other Carp Fishing Accessories

The carp reel is just one item that you will need when you are looking to land carp. Choose a rod according to the type of fishing you will be doing and to match the rest of your angling equipment. Slow taper rods are best suited to short range fishing while medium action taper rods are stiffer near the base and allow fishing from medium distance. Fast taper rods, which tend to be combined with big pit reels, are stiff from the base to the tip and they allow for considerable casting distance, although technique and skill play a major part in how far you will be able to cast. Rod supports, bite alarms, landing nets, and tackle like your main line, carp rigs, and hooks need to be on your shopping list of carp fishing accessories.

You should also buy clothing, tents, and even fishing luggage to help ensure that you have everything you need in order to be able to enjoy a productive and enjoyable fishing trip. You are likely to be sat on the banks for hours at a time, and if you don't have the right clothing or you are scrambling around trying to locate tackle and bait, you will lose some bites.

Gerry's Of Morecambe

At Gerry's of Morecambe, we have a large selection of carp fishing reels, including Daiwa and Shimano big pit reels. We have carp reel deals that enable you to pick up well known and trusted gear for less. Whether you want a cheap carp reel that is best suited to beginners, or one of the best carp reel models available, we can provide you with advice on the best to buy, while also offering advice and guidance on buying carp fishing equipment.

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