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Carp Rods

Avid Carp Exodus Carp Rods Avid Carp Exodus Carp Rods
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Avid Carp Exodus Rods The Exodus Rod range from Avid Carp offers outstanding performance, superb quality and exceptional value for money. Exodus rods are built on a high modulus, lightweight carbon blank and finished with a 3k weave to make them THE best performing, as well as the looking rods available for those on a tight budget. In the range, you will find a 10ft 3lb rod, which is perfect for stalking and small water fishing, 12ft rods in 3lb, 3.25lb & 3.5lb, & a combined Spod & Marker rod. All Exodus rods are finished with the same high quality fittings, understated graphics, Laser etched Butt Caps & high grade carbon, so quality no longer has to come at a price. Exodus rods have a crisp casting action and fast recovery which up to now, has only been found on rods twice the price, whilst the fish playing action is responsive and forgiving, even under the rod tip where most hook pulls happen.
Daiwa Black Widow G50 - Carp Rods Daiwa Black Widow G50 - Carp Rods
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Daiwa Black Widow G50 Carp Rod These carp rods give an incredible combination of distance casting and fish playing ability that really makes the Black Widow series outstanding, particularly for their price point. With a progressive action that leans towards the faster side, you're able to access the full power the rod can give with each cast. This allows you to cast long distances with stunning accuracy, time after time. When you inevitably find yourself playing a fish, you'll find that the rod loads up across the rod, giving you a fantastic cushion and hook hold, even during big under-tip lunges. The Daiwa Black Widow series is a solid all-rounder for the carp angler in need of a dependant and reliable bit of kit. The matt finish on the rods gives a low glare, diffused soft light appearance, even in harsh sunlight. This series is a classy outfit that looks as good on the bank as it feels. Its low profile grips are subtle and soft to the touch. The DPS reel seat is constructed from graphite, so it is lightweight, hardwearing, and stylish. The aluminium oxide guides are ultra-low friction, meaning that you can comfortably cast long distances with either a monofilament or a braid; the choice is yours. To complement this series of carp rods, Daiwa has also released a Black Widow Spod rod (available to buy separately). This addition to the range means that you can fully equip yourself with an incredibly stylish and versatile set of rods that will give you angling joy for many years to come. Daiwa is one of the biggest tackle companies in the world and it has dominated the global stage for much of its sixty year life span. This doesn't look set to change any time soon and the brand continues to experience incredible success, year on year. Features -  Lightweight carbon blanks -  DPS style reel seat -  Slim profile full shrink grip handle -  Stainless steel frame guides -  Lightweight LS ceramic rings -  Aluminium butt cap
Daiwa Crosscast - Carp Rods Daiwa Crosscast - Carp Rods
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Daiwa Crosscast Carp Rod The Crosscast Carp rods are designed for carp anglers looking for a product efficient and durable. these rods are made with an optimized design for extreme situations. Features -  1K Woven Carbon -  Fuji DPS Reel Seat -  Shrink Grip Handle with Flared Butt -  Stainless Guides with LS Rings -  50mm Butt Guide (40mm on 10ft Rods)
Daiwa D Carp - Carp Rods Daiwa D Carp - Carp Rods
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Daiwa D Carp - Carp Rods Powerful enough to control the hardest fighting carp. Forming part of the D-Fish range, this rod has been designed with novice anglers in mind. The perfect starter rod for beginners to the sport, this rod delivers above and beyond its price point. This makes it ideal for the angler who wants to improve, as this rod allows for a broad range of operational skill. Whether you want to start little and aim for those single figure carp or you’ve got your sights on an impressive double this rod has the ability to cope with all carp fishing situations. Incredibly lightweight, this rod is suitable for junior anglers looking to improve their casting with top quality Daiwa technology. With a casting weight of up to 3oz you have an outstanding range of versatility with your terminal tackle choices allowing you to bait up in whichever way you desire. Finished in a classy delicately glossed black with understated graphics the D-Fish Carp Rod looks as good as it feels. You can pair this with any of Daiwa’s fishing reels for a supremely balanced outfit that allows you to perform at your best. This D Carp Rod is just one in the range and to complete your collection you can also purchase whip and spinning D-Fish rods. Daiwa is famous for its innovative, functional, and high quality tackle. Committed to making angling as inclusive as possible, Daiwa’s range of tackle all exhibit outstanding value for money. This D-carp rod is no different and many of the performance qualities of this rod would not look out of place on a rod three times its price. This is what makes this rod so suited to the novice angler, as you are able to try out the sport without breaking the bank. Features    • Premium grade carbon blanks    • Low glare matt tape finish    • Improved crisp action    • Aluminium Oxide guides with Stainless Steel frame
Daiwa Infinity DF X45 Carp Rod - 12ft 3.75lb Daiwa Infinity DF X45 Carp Rod - 12ft 3.75lb
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Daiwa Infinity DF Carp Rods This rod by Daiwa has been designed in conjunction with expert carp angler Danny Fairbrass. Daiwa presented Danny with the profile of the famous Magnum Taper and sent him off with the freedom to design the rod to meet his own exacting specifications. The end result is the Infinity DF Carp - a stunning rod which is an exercise in performance technology. Featuring a set up designed to thrill the big hitters; the Infinity DF Carp has a butt guide of 50mm followed by intermediates of 38mm and 32mm. These are purpose built to expertly funnel the line towards the tip. Danny’s custom specifications are also prevalent in the handle design. The classic Fuji reel seat and stainless steal trim ensures that the Infinity DF looks as classy as it feels, and the NS grip extends down to the butt giving the rod an extremely sleek finish. This grip is flared as it reaches the butt to allow for a better grip, as well as complementing the rod shape impressively, and the butt is finished with a stainless steel cap. The low glare matt silk finish completes the outfit, leaving you with an incredibly elegant and attractive rod that performs like a dream. A pairing between Daiwa’s expert rod manufacturing skills and Danny Fairbrass’ experience and design prowess was always going to yield incredible results, but no one could have expected such an incredible rod as the Infinity DF Carp. As the name suggests, this medium-profiled rod is the perfect tool for the discerning carp angler who really wants to up their game at the bank. This rod is available in both 12ft and 13ft, with a range of test curves between 2.75lbs and 3.75lbs. If you would like any advice on which rod size or test curve to choose our customer services team are happy to advise in any way possible. Features Designed in conjunction with Danny Fairbrass Infinity Magnum Taper fast action blank Silk matt low glare finish Medium profile, high diameter guide configuration Fuji graphite reel seat Profiled, NS shrink tube handle Stainless steel butt cap and trim rings Custom build finish throughout
Greys GT2 - 50 Carp Rods Greys GT2 - 50 Carp Rods sale
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Greys GT2 - 50 Carp Rods Greys are renowned the world over for producing some of the best Carp Rods in the business. This all encompassing , comprehensive range of high quality, modern rods incorparate the highest quality and most technical attributes available. The 1k carbon weave means these rods are capable of puting baited rigs well over 150yrds in the right hands, but still retain a fantastic playing action under the rod tip, helping to prevent hook pulls and minimise any possible damage to a Carps mouth. This rod is perfect for anyone looking for top end performance, without a top end price tag! Features -  Deluxe Fuji DPS 18 Reel Seat -  Anti Frap Tip Guide -  Weight Saving Carbon Blank -  1K Carbon Weave -  Laser Engraved Butt Cap -  Supplied With A Universal Adjustable Line Clip
Harrison Torrix Carp Rod - 12ft 3.25lb Harrison Torrix Carp Rod - 12ft 3.25lb uk
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Harrison Torrix Carp Rod - 12ft 3.25lb Harrison is one of the finest UK rod designers and manufacturers and its series of Torrix rods really are known as the benchmark for the modern carp angler. This is the classic of the series; the original Torrix which has set the standard for other carp rods to meet. In many ways, the Harrison Torrix is the classic 12ft performance rod and whether you’re looking to invest in your first top quality carp rod or you’re simply looking to take your carp fishing to the next level then this is the perfect rod for you. What’s more, since Harrison designs and manufactures all its rods right here in the UK (something most UK rod companies can’t say), you can be confident that quality is built in to every aspect of the rod and Harrison has full control over even the smallest elements in the production process. The Harrison Torrix is manufactured from mixed material, which offers a balance between compression tension and release in order to give you a faultless action. High modulus carbon fibre ensures that the blank offers the famous rigidity with which the brand is associated, ensuring that your can tackle even the hardest fighting fish with confidence. This is supported by a 1k carbon weave on the butt section. Whilst this looks great, the carbon weave offers much more the simply a cosmetic enhancement. It also adds additional resilience where you need it the most, providing additional strength and toughness in the final crucial moments as you land your catch. You’ll also find a little of this 1k weave at the joint of the tip section, to provide a little extra strength, but there is no need for the 1k weave to reach all the way to the tip due to its tough carbon scrim ribcage. The Harrison Torrix is 12ft in length, which is generally considered ideal for a wide range of scenarios. This means you can enjoy the very best of the UK’s carp waters with confidence that this rod is going to be more than up to the challenge. This is ideal for the very largest of the UK’s carp and it can be used in even snaggy scenarios. Both curve options are available with a 40mm and a 50mm butt ring. If you’re an angler who likes to target carp from huge distances then the 50mm Kigan 3D butt ring and guides are ideal for distance casting The Harrison Torrix boasts an 18mm Fuji DPS reel seat, to hold your carp reel in the perfect potion, with stainless steel collars which have been manufactured by Solar. The butt cap is also in Solar stainless steel. The handle is abbreviated and features a slim 5 inch EVA grip, to ensure that you can keep a strong hold on the rod when it counts. The rod is not only beautifully balanced but it is also ultra slim and the blank boasts a lifelong finish with discrete graphics. This is one rod that looks every bit as good as its performance and you’ll be turning heads on the bank for all the right reasons when you wield a Harrison Torrix rod. Features Beautifully balanced, ultra slim carp rod Designed for distance casting High modulus UD carbon blank 1k woven fabric finish of the butt, right up to the joint on the tip Tough ribcage of carbon scrim on the inside of the tip Delivers accurate & effortless casting with fantastic fish playing action Kigan 3D 50mm ring set Fuji DPS 18 reel seat Solar stainless steel collars and butt cap Abbreviated handle with slim 5inch EVA grip and discreet small logos Long-life blank finish Built in the UK to the highest standard
Harrison Torrix TE Special Edition Carp Rod - 12ft 6 Harrison Torrix TE Special Edition Carp Rod - 12ft 6" uk
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Harrison Torrix TE Special Edition Rods 12ft 6" If you were a fan of the original Torrix rod series then you’ll love this Special Edition TE rod. Designed, developed, and tested by none other than distance casting legend Terry Edmonds, this rod has been built to hit out monster distances with ease. This makes the Harrison Torrix TE Special Edition perfect for the angler who likes to tackle the largest venues that Great Britain has to offer – as well as a wealth of Europe’s biggest carp fishing waters. You’ll find yourself playing the biggest carp you’ve ever encountered with relative ease with this Torrix TE Special Edition. This rod has been hand-manufactured right here in the UK to the same high standard as the original Torrix rods. This means that the rod boasts a dual carbon fibre construction – allowing the rod to achieve a low-down casting power across the zero axis in order to ensure that you have a forgiving action in the middle and the tip with out any hint of lockup. The ribcage of the rod allows you to built power superbly, too, and you’re able to hit out massive distances comfortably with this Harrison Torrix TE Special Edition 12ft rod. The rod is finished with top end furnishings, too. After all, would a caster like Terry Edmonds settle for any less than the best? A 50mm butt guide leads into a Kigan 3D ring setup which allows your line to glide along the length of your rod with ease. Features -  Beautifully balanced, ultra slim 3.5lb test carp rod -  Designed for distance casting -  High modulus UD carbon blank -  1k woven fabric finish of the butt, right up to the joint on the tip -  Tough ribcage of carbon scrim on the inside of the tip -  Delivers accurate & effortless casting with fantastic fish playing action -  Kigan 3D 50mm ring set -  Fuji DPS 18 reel seat -  Solar stainless steel collars and butt cap -  Abbreviated handle with slim 5inch EVA grip and discreet small logos -  Long-life blank finish -  Built in the UK to the highest standard
Nash Dwarf Cork Rods Nash Dwarf Cork Rods
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Nash Dwarf Cork Rods Cope With All Mainstream Carping Bringing the premium feel of cork handle finish to Dwarf users by popular demand, and bringing short packdown performance to every situation thanks to the addition of a 6ft 1lb model for stalking, freelining and margin fishing plus a 2.75lb model for smaller venues and shorter range work. Alongside the proven 3lb and 3.25lb workhorses that cope with all mainstream carping there is a Dwarf Cork to suit everyone.
Shakespeare Firebird 12ft 2.5lb Carp Combo Shakespeare Firebird 12ft 2.5lb Carp Combo
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Shakespeare Firebird 12ft 2.5lb carp combo The Firebird combos are perfect for anglers looking for a reliable product without breaking the bank. They display strong and attractive Firebird artwork and cosmetics that stand out in store and appeal to anglers of all ages. These 2 pc rods are perfect for modern commercial fishing as the blanks are strong and provide a nice progressive action. They will also suit junior anglers fishing rivers / canals and when bait fishing on trout waters. 12ft 2 piece rod 2.5lb test curve Baitrunner reel loaded with 20lb mono Reel ratio 5.2.1
Sonik Dominator X Carp Rods Sonik Dominator X Carp Rods
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Sonik Dominator X Carp Rod Crafted from high modulus carbon, the blank on the Dominator X Carp Rod features a 1k wrap, this rod features a multifunction tip section, with a carbon lay-up for improved accuracy, this lightweight, low profile rod gives you dynamic casting ability and amazing control when you’re playing fish in, while a Fuji DPS reel seat allows you to feel exactly what’s going on, so you can instantly make the right move to bring your fish to the bank smoothly, quickly, and safely. A Japanese shrink wrap butt grip makes it easy to keep hold of your rod even when its wet, which is perfect, given the tendency for the British weather to be more rain than sunshine, while the rod’s appearance is finished off with a laser etched butt cap, and black anodised collars. Dominate the carp fishing scene with the Sonik Dominator X rod, designed with carp in mind. If you’re looking to take your carping to the next level, this rod gives you the power and performance to get there, and make the most of your angling experiences. The blend of powerful performance and complete control make this a truly desirable rod for carp anglers of all abilities. Features -  High modulus carbon fibre blank with 1k wrap -  Multi-directional tip section carbon lay-up for increased accuracy -  Lightweight low-profile double leg black SIC guides and anti-frap tip -  50mm ringing pattern on 12ft & 13ft models -  Fuji 18mm DPS Black reel seat -  Understated cosmetics -  Line friendly custom contoured Sonik clip -  Slim Japanese shrink wrap butt grip -  Black anodised collars -  Butt cap laser etched with S logo
Sonik Gravity XT Carp Rods Sonik Gravity XT Carp Rods
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Gravity XT Carp Rods Our mission – to create the ultimate carp rod. The result – the stunning new Gravity XT series from Sonik. Using the very latest aerospace carbon fibre materials, the blank has a near parallel butt section which gives extra power when casting whilst a fast tip recovery gives greater accuracy at range. The continuous power transfer (CPT) joint improves performance for both casting and playing fish, whilst the low profile black 50mm SIC guides, unique CNC contoured collars, engraved stainless steel butt cap and a hard wearing armoured carbon finish to the blank gives looks to die for. Mission accomplished…… Features Advanced Nano Particle Resin System construction Ultra high modulus, low resin carbon blank Multi-directional nano-fibre tip section lay-up Continuous Power Transfer (CPT) joint system Lite-ply 1k armoured carbon weave throughout Fuji DPS18 deluxe reel seat Lightweight low-profile DL-Black SIC guides & anti-frap tip Full Japanese shrink rubber handle Engraved stainless steel butt cap Supplied with neoprene tip, butt and guide protectors
Sonik Vader X Carp Rods Sonik Vader X Carp Rods
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Sonik Vader X Carp Rods Sonik once again are setting new standards with this impressive new range of technically advanced carbon Carp rods. Fantastic performance and incredible value for money. These rods look and perform like rods that are at least twice the price. Features -  Slim lightweight matt finished black carbon with a progressive casting action -  Double leg black SIC guides and anti-frap tip -  50mm butt rings on 3lb test and above -  DPS black reel fitting -  Sonik contured line clip, with slim Japanese shrink wrap butt grip -  Black anodised butt cap with lazer etched S logo -  Gerry's Highly Recommend this product!
Sonik Xtractor 2 Rod Carp Kits Sonik Xtractor 2 Rod Carp Kits
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Sonik Xtractor 2 Rod Carp Kits Full set includes 2 XTRACTOR Rods, 2 VADERX FS reels and 1 VADERX 2 piece 42” net. Another brand new innovation from Sonik is the introduction of four new XTRACTOR 2 rod carp kits. Available now, the new kits comprise of 2 x XTRACTOR slim shrink retractable-butt rods in either 9’ 2.75lb, 3lb or 10’ 3.25lb, 3.5lb versions, together with 2 x VADERX 5000 or 6000 FS size reels, (5000 with the 9’ and the 6000 with the 10’ models), plus a VADERX, 2 piece 42″ landing net, all in one box. Ultimate convenience, exceptional performance, maximum value – join the mobile carp fishing revolution today!
Sonik Xtractor Carp Rods Sonik Xtractor Carp Rods
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Sonik Xtractor Carp Rod With the increase in popularity of short, semi-telescopic carp rods, the new XTRACTOR carp rods fill a real gap in the market for affordable top-quality rods that are easy to transport due to their short pack down lengths. Two 9’ models and two 10’ models with test curves ranging from 2.75lb to 3.5lb make up the range, with pack down lengths of 44” and 50”. The super-slim matt black, part-telescopic carbon fibre blanks have plenty of reserve power in the butt section and a fast tip recovery to give surprising performance whether casting or playing large fish close in or at range. Lightweight black M-Series DL guides with anti-frap tip, 17mm DPS reel seat, Japanese shrink wrap handle, custom line clip and a black anodised butt cap, laser etched with ‘S’ logo completes a top-quality specification. Ideal matched with the custom Sonik Xtractor rod sleeves, which are available in 9′ and 10′ lengths and can be easily connected for safe, effective transportation. Features •Slim, silk matt black carbon fibre blank with progressive power action •Super-light M-SERIES DL black guides •Hard wearing Anti-frap ceramic tip ring •Large ID 40mm to 12mm ringing pattern •17mm black DPS reel seat to house all reels •Line friendly custom contoured Sonik clip •Slim Japanese shrink rubber handle •Black anodised butt cap laser etched with ‘S’ logo •9ft transport length 113cm (44“) 10ft transport length 127cm (50”)


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