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Spod & Marker Rods

Avid Carp XR Spod/Marker Rod Avid Carp XR Spod/Marker Rod save
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Avid Carp XR Spod/Marker Rod - 10ft The XR Spod & Marker is the perfect combination of power and accuracy.Avid Carp XR Spod/Marker Rods Whilst having the back bone and loading capability to deliver a large spod full of bait at range, the XR Spod & Marker also has the accuracy and feel to map out the water in front of you. The rods are are built on a lightweight 1k carbon blank, finished with lightweight fittings to allow for a faster tip speed when casting and longer use without fatigue. The range carry's a 12ft foot model for baiting and marking at extreme range and a 10ft model for smaller waters. 10ft & 12ft models Lightweight 1k carbon blank Abbreviated handle Superb accuracy Capable of casting extreme distances
Harrison Torrix Marker Rod Harrison Torrix Marker Rod uk
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Harrison Torrix Marker Rod If you are already a proud owner of the inimitable Harrison Torrix carp rod, and maybe you already own the powerful Torrix Spod rod too, then you’ll be chomping at the bit to get this Harrison Torrix Marker rod and complete your Torrix collection. When the Torrix was first released, avid carp anglers were quick to say that it was the finest carp rod ever to be produced. This is a title that the Torrix has proudly retained for a number of year and there is still yet to be a rod released that can match the power, casting, and fish playing ability of the Harrison Torrix carp rod. The Harrison Torrix Marker rod has been designed by the same impressive team who designed the original rod. As such it has been built to the same exacting specifications as the Torrix in order to perfectly complement the existing range. For example, the rod boasts a 1K carbon weave that stretches up the length of the rod from the butt to the tip joint. This not only gives the rod the kind of action that you would demand to place your marker precisely where you require it but it also ensures that this rod is the perfect cosmetic match to the rest of the Torrix range. Marking your swim is essential, as after you’ve put in all that hard effort finding your feature you don’t want to loose it after misjudging your cast. In order to accurately bait an area – particularly when you’re spodding a swim – and to ensure that you’re placing your hook bait right on top of your freebies you need to introduce a marker float into the area. This is where the marker rod comes into its own, giving you the same casting ability as your main rod but this time with a specialist marker float. If you want to accurately to mark your swim then this Torrix Marker from Harrison is ideal for you. Features -  Capable of putting a marker as far as you need it -  But will still be sensitive in the tip -  Finished to the same spec as the Torrix range
Harrison Torrix Spod Rod Harrison Torrix Spod Rod uk
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Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Harrison Torrix Spod Rod If you were to ask the avid carp angler what the best carp rod of all time is chances are they would say the Torrix. From the day it hit the market the Harrison Torrix set the bar for other carp rod manufactures to beat and, so far, no-one has managed the feat. It wasn’t long after the release of the Torrix that Harrison customers started to ask for complementary rods to complete their carp fishing setup, so the team behind the Torrix returned to the drawing board once more. This Harrison Torrix Spod was the result of many months of intensive research, development, and testing. After all, Harrison couldn’t just release any old rod and call it the Torrix Spod! It had to be a rod that lived up to the Torrix name. This rod does just that and it forms the perfect companion rod for all your spodding needs. The Harrison Torrix Spod is manufactured to the same prestigious specifications as the original Torrix rod. This means that it is built from high quality and high modulus UD carbon and, like the original, it benefits from a 1K carbon weave from the butt section right up to the tip joint on the rod. Not only does this ensure that it is in perfect cosmetic harmony with the original but it also ensures that the rod has the kind of backbone you would require from it in order for it to be able to power fully loaded spods across the swim to your marker with ease. In fact, like the original this Torrix Spod is more than capable of achieving fantastic distances with ease. With a 4.5lb test curve it can hurl huge spods with incredible accuracy, ensuring you can deposit a healthy number of freebies around your hookbait – perfect for enticing in an unsuspecting carp and enabling you to quickly and accurately bait up your swim. Features -  Built to the same spec as the Torrix rods -  Features a test curve of around 4 1/2lb -  Ideal for just about all spod work -  Capable of mega distances -  50mm butt ring


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