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Rod Rest Heads

Allcock U Bankstick Top Allcock U Bankstick Top
7 in stock
Tough U Bankstick Top Tough bankstick top that will fit all normal threaded banksticks
Allcock V Bankstick Top Allcock V Bankstick Top
9 in stock
Tough V Bankstick Top with line cutout Tough bankstick top that will fit all normal threaded banksticks
ESP Mini Butt Grip Small Abbreviated ESP Mini Butt Grip Small Abbreviated
1 in stock
ESP Mini Butt Grips Small Abbreviated ESP Mini Butt Grips are available in three sizes, designed to fit specific types of rod butt: Small - For abbreviated handles Medium - For shrink rubber handles Large - For duplon and cork handles The screw fittings are machined stainless steel and the rubberoid cups have been produced from specially formulated polymers to provide optimum fit, grip and release. These grips are neat and minimal yet provide a vice-like grip to prevent rod movement yet release easily when the rod is picked up
Fox Butt Grip Medium Fox Butt Grip Medium
1 in stock
Fox Butt Grips They have been constructed from a robust rubber that grips to the butt of your rod with impressive strength. This grip is greater than most other models available as despite their small size the Fox Butt Grips are actually in contact with more of the butt’s surface area than most. As mentioned previously they are very small, which when coupled with their minimalistic styling makes them every tackle tarts dream back rest! There are two models available, which are Small for standard abbreviated handles and Large for full Duplon and cork handles.
Fox Butt Grips Fox Butt Grips
2 in stock
Fox Butt Grips Designed to grip the rod tightly eliminating the danger of slippage during a take. Constructed from a rubber over moulded plastic that allows the head to flex automatically adjusting to the diameter of your rod butt. Small To fit abbreviated handles Large To Fit full duplon or cork handles
Nash Butt Lock Nash Butt Lock
18 in stock
Nash Butt Lock A revolutionary cam-action rod rear rest to keep rods secure when snag fishing or expecting violent takes. The Butt Lock's levers clamp your rod in a vice-like grip and keep your rods more secure than ever, however violent the takes or tightly locked up your clutches. Lift the rod and the unique cam action instantly opens the levers for easy and smooth release. Available in two sizes to suit cork and full handles or abbreviated/shrink wrapped.


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