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Marker Leads & Back Leads

Fox Edges Sliders Fox Edges Sliders
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Fox EDGES™ Sliders Flying ‘back leads’ designed to slide back up the mainline during the cast to help pin down the line whilst fishing, reducing the chance of the line spooking fish.
Fox Multi Purpose Backleads Fox Multi Purpose Backleads
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Fox Mulfti Purpose Backleads • Can be used as a quick-change flying backlead or converted into a traditional ‘clip on’ backlead. • To change, simply remove the quick-change flying insert from the lead and replace with the ‘clip-on’ backlead insert by pushing it into the core, twist the insert once in place to ensure lead cannot come off • If the ‘clip-on’ backlead should become snagged, it is designed to release from the line as the clip will spring open, releasing your line • When used in flying backlead mode it has been designed not to fly too far back up the line like other makes currently do, this helps to ensure that the line closest to your rig will be pinned down • Perfect for pinning your line to the lakebed when fishing for line-shy carp, also ideal when fishing on venues with boat traffic to keep the line out of harm’s way • Available in 3 sizes – 5g, 10g and 15g • Each pack contains 4 x leads, 4 x flying backlead inserts and 4 x ‘clip-on’ backlead inserts
Korda Intelligent Backleads Korda Intelligent Backleads
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Korda Intelligent Backleads Our latest addition to the range of Intelligent Backleads is now here in the form of a tiny, 0.25oz/7 gram version. Intelligent Backleads are designed to pin the line down, keeping it close to the lake bed between the angler and the baited area. At Korda we believe that line concealment is a vital aspect of successful carp angling and these will ensure that this is successfully achieved! The new versions are the smallest in the range and are perfect for subtle, close-in work. The backleads can be set to stay on the main line without dropping off or they can be set so that the backlead breaks apart when snagged in weed. The super-slick plastic attachment ensures that the backlead will glide easily down the line, dramatically decreasing the chance of movement at the rig end. Backleads are most effective over even, flat bottoms and are an excellent way of preventing a hooked fish from picking up your other lines.
Korda Marker Lead 2oz/3oz (2 per pkt) Korda Marker Lead 2oz/3oz (2 per pkt)
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Korda Marker Lead 2oz/3oz These marker leads with probes on the sides allowing you to feel the Lake bed with more accuracy. These leads will remain uncoated as bare lead is far more effective at transmitting the contours of the lake bed more than a standard lead. Identify weed, silt, clay, gravel; you name it you can fish on it, or avoid it. 2 per pkt
Korda Safe Zone flying Back Leads Korda Safe Zone flying Back Leads
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Korda Safe Zone Flying BackLeads Korda Safe Zone Flying Backleads have been specially designed to help create a Safe Zone around the baited area. The unique design enables the weight and insert to be removed quickly and easily making it the most effective system on the market.  Available in two sizes so you can adjust the distance that the weight flies back from your rig.


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