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Carp fishing

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Carp Fishing Tackle

Top quality Carp fishing tackle from the best names in the business, all in one place.

If big carp are your thing then you need to take a look at this fabulous collection of rods, reels, accessories and bait specifically designed for Carp fishing. See more. Fishing for Carp has been going on for Centuries, with a history going back right to the introduction of the species into the UK.

Isaak Walton, wrote in his seminal work in 1653 "The Carp is the Queen of the River" and it seems this is still so, with Carp fishing being the fastest growing niche in UK Angling, with numerous magazines and websites springing up to quench our thirst for this big, gentle fish. Here at Gerry's of Morecambe, we have a vast array of carp fishing tackle including Carp fishing rods, Carp fishing reels and of course a great selection of Carp fishing bait formulas to help you catch that monster Carp! .

Carp Fishing

Carp are one of the most popular species of fish for sport fishing. With catches regularly reaching 20lbs or more, and sizeable catches tipping the scales at more than 40lbs, they can be a major challenge to reel in. Accurate casting, fishing difficult waters, and using the right carp fishing tackle will all help you to achieve personal best carp catches.

At Gerry's of Morecambe, we have a large selection of carp fishing rods and reels, tackle, and bait. We offer competitive rates and fast delivery, including a courier delivery service for live bait that ensures you receive your live bait when it is as fresh as possible.

One of the benefits of carp fishing is that they are hungry fish. They will usually snag any bait or food that is placed in front of them, although this is less true in winter. Despite this, carp can be considered an intelligent species, while specimen sized samples weighing 40lbs or more can require a lot of work and considerable tackle finesses. Found in many lakes, ponds, and waters across the country, they are prevalent across the UK, which is another reason for the popularity of carp fishing.

Carp Fishing Rods And Reels

As when choosing any type of fishing rod, you should choose one that you are most comfortable with and that best suits your fishing style. Generally, though, carp fishing rods are 12' or 13' in length. The longer 13' rods are best suited to strong anglers with accurate technique, while the 12' variants are easier to fit in the car as well as being easier to handle. The shorter rods are especially well suited to areas with low hanging trees, where the extra foot can make it difficult to precisely avoid obstacles.

For long distance casting, such as you would experience at large lakes, a fast taper rod is stiffer and you will need to master its use before you enjoy huge success rates. A through action rod, on the other hand, is considered an all-rounder. It allows you to cast more easily and offers greater flexibility. Specialist carp fishing rods are also available, but are typically only considered by serious carp anglers. Your carp reel should match the type of rod you are using and that holds enough line.

Big pit reels are usually combined with rigid, fast taper rods, to give the greatest casting distance. They also offer excellent cranking power. Free spool reels allow carp that you snag to take the line easily. Turn the handle to disengage the free spool facility and then you can start the struggle.

Tackle And Carp Fishing Rigs

There are numerous carp fishing rigs available to choose from. The type of rig that will work best depends on the type of conditions you are fishing, as well as the age and intelligence of the carp that you want to catch. Specimen carp tend to be older and wiser, so they will be more likely to spot poorly disguised rigs and tackle. Consider the spot you will be fishing and then make or buy a rig that matches the ground underneath. Not only should you choose a rig that uses the right design, but the right layout will be important when trying to avoid craggy rocks and rugged fishing spots.

Big carp can put up a big fight, and your combination of rod, reel, and rig, should be able to easily cope with the fight. Small changes to your carp fishing setup can have a huge impact, so don't be afraid to change the size of your hook or change out the colour of your line if you are struggling. Also bear in mind that just because you have had some success with one particular rig at a specific lake, doesn't mean that you will enjoy the same levels of success at a different spot with the same rig. The fish at a particular lake may have become accustomed to a certain type of rig, which means that they will be better able to spot and avoid them. You may need a selection of carp fishing rigs, in order to be able to change to a more effective or more efficient one for a particular spot.

At Gerry's, we have a large catalogue of carp rigs, as well as other carp fishing equipment, at competitive prices. Buy the variety and selection of equipment that you need in order to increase your chances of making catches at a variety of fishing spots.

Alarms And Other Accessories

Bite alarms are especially useful when you can't see all of your line. Carp can be very easy to spook, so putting some distance between you and your line is a good idea. Bite alarms vary from simple units with an on-off switch to much more complex pieces of kit that include sensitivity and other sensor changes. Combine these with your chosen carp fishing sets and setups to increase your chance of landing bigger fish, and beating your personal best.

Accessories And Other Equipment

Gerry's of Morecambe also has a large selection of carp fishing accessories and equipment to make the life of the angler a little easier and more comfortable. We have shelters, furniture, and carp luggage. We also stock nets, lighting for night fishing, and even bait boats.

Carp fishing is one of the most popular forms of sport fishing in the UK, and the fish are prevalent in waters across the country. This means that there is also a large selection of fishing equipment and gear that is designed specifically for carp fishing trips, and the selection can seem baffling and confusing at first.  The staff at Gerry's of Morecambe are keen anglers, so you can contact us directly to talk about your planned fishing trip and to help determine the best carp fishing tackle, rods, reels, and other items. As well as frozen bait, we can also courier live carp fishing bait to your home so that it arrives fresh and in good condition. Either buy your equipment from our secure online store, or visit us to share a few fishing tales and so that we can help you choose the best gear for your needs.

Aqua Black Series Large Rucksack Aqua Black Series Large Rucksack freepost
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Aqua Black Series Large Rucksack A large-capacity, free-standing rucksack, offering easy access to the main compartment under a well-fitting weather flap. A multitude of external pockets offer a modular method of stowage. Comfortable to carry with its new, ergonomic moulded neoprene back system. • 6 external, deep-zipping, padded & lined pockets • Modular capabilities with multiple options (items shown are available separately) • Large load capacity (90 litres plus) • Improved oversized zips throughout • Reinforced base with additional stowage options for unhooking mat 680mm (h) x 360mm (d) x 470mm (w)
Aqua Black Series Small Rucksack Aqua Black Series Small Rucksack
3 in stock
Aqua Black Series Small Rucksack A compact version of our large Black Series rucksack. This smaller version is ideally suited to the mobile anglers and those who like the freedom of a rucksack but don’t tend to take the kitchen sink. Fully featured and modular, this rucksack can be tailored to suit your requirements utilising the many items from the Black Series range. Endura fabric. Front Main Pocket 200mm Width, 280mm Length, 40mm Depth Features #10 zips throughout. Padded and lined. Nyplex base. Ergonomic carry system. Extended webbing straps to accommodate mats/ bivvy at the base. Dimensions 600mm (h) x 360mm (d) x 480mm (w)
Daiwa Hybrid Chest Waders Daiwa Hybrid Chest Waders
2 in stock
Daiwa Hybrid Chest Waders Hybrid Chest Waders are designed to deliver the best of both worlds and utilise the thermal protection of neoprene with the lightweight comfort of a breathable fabric. The rubber boot is tough and features a kick off heel. Other features include micro fleeced lined handwarmer pocket, zippered chest pocket and adjustable belt. Features: - 4mm neoprene combined with breathable waterproof fabric. - Tough rubber boot with kick off heel & deep cleated sole. - Webbing waist belt and braces plus a large zipped pocket with micro fleeced lined inner pouch. - All seams taped by hand. - 100% quality controlled and serial numbered. Available in sizes 7 (EU - 41), 8 (EU - 42), 9 (EU - 43), 10 (EU - 44) or 11 (EU-45).
Fox Digital Scales inc Case Fox Digital Scales inc Case
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Fox Digital Scales Inc Case Following huge demand Fox are now able to offer these new and improved Digital Weighing Scales that are capable of weighing the largest of carp. Featuring a compact design they are extremely user-friendly and couldn’t be easier to use... • Features on/off button to ensure maximum battery life • Independently sealed electronics • Simple zero button (0.00) which you press once you have attached your wet weigh sling • Simply press the kg/lb button to select between kilograms or pounds • Backlit screen for easy use in the dark • Metal loop on top for use with a weigh bar or crook, or simply use your thumb for small fish • Large weighing hook so easy to place weigh sling on it • Low battery indicator • Weighs up to 60kg (132lb) in 1oz increments • Supplied with protective PU hard case • Takes 2 x AA batteries
Trakker AS 365 Sleeping Bag Trakker AS 365 Sleeping Bag freepost
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Trakker AS 365 Sleeeping Bag A universal sleep system designed for use in all seasons 365 days a year. The bag's outer shell is waterproof and breathable and offers 3-season protection. The inner shell can be zipped in to give the bag a 5-season rating and secure protection against the coldest winter nights. This inner shell is also reversible, giving the option of fleece or a smooth material touch to the body. Product Features. Breathable and waterproof outer material Q7 hollowfibre filling for improved insulation Designed for all-season use Reversibe inner can be zipped in or out, with the choice of fleece or ultra-soft polyester Internal baffles for less heat loss Filled hood for improved warmth and comfort External baffles to stop air penetrating the zip Elasticated hoods top and bottom Unique bedchair fixing strap design Dual-sided quick-release zips Supplied with compression sack Technical Specifications. 5 season rating Material: Breathable and waterproof polyester Dimensions: L215cm x W91cm Weight: 5.5kg
Trakker Big Snooze Plus Sleeping Bag Trakker Big Snooze Plus Sleeping Bag
1 in stock
Trakker Big Snooze Sleeping Bag We've only gone and made our best-selling bag even better! The Big Snooze+benefits from highly breathable ripstop material, elasticated bedchair fixings, warm fleece inner, and much more. We really have put the Plus into the Big Snooze! Product Features. Fits all standard-sized Trakker bedchairs - Levelite Bed, RLX Flat-6 Bed & RLX 6-Leg Bedchair. Highly breathable ripstop construction Quick-release zips on two sides, with webbing to prevent snagging Secure elasticated bedchair head and foot fixings Bedchair fixing strap to reduce movement Lined with a warm carpy green fleece Supplied with stuff sack Technical Specifications. 3 season rating Material: Polyester (outer) Dimensions: L215cm x W90cm Weight: 3.5kg
Trakker Big Snooze Thermal Cover Trakker Big Snooze Thermal Cover
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Trakker Thermal Cover Made from a polyester fabric which is completely waterproof and breathable the bedchair thermal cover is a must for every angler. The cover can be used on its own in Summer or when the weather starts to turn cold it can be used with a sleeping bag to give you an extra level of warmth and comfort. They are designed to fit most bedchairs currently on the market. Product Features. Attaches firmly to bedchairs via snap-lock buckles Soft fleece inner
Dynamite Baits Particles Jars Dynamite Baits Particles Jars
20 in stock
Frenzied Hempseed This product is available in original spicy chilli and garlic flavours stored in both tins and jars. All of the baits are cooked inside the packaging so that all of the oils and natural attractants from the hemp are retained and no preservatives are added so you are getting a totally natural bait. The 2.5l jars are ideal for long sessions or when you know you will need a lot of bait and the 700g tine are perfect for storing in your carryall or rucksack just in case you might need them. Frenzied Hempseed is now also available in smaller 350g tins which are ideal for short sessions or when you don’t need much bait. Frenzied Mixed Particles A mixture of Dynamite Baits’ finest particles all cooked and prepared to the highest standard. This is an excellent bait when you are looking to create a bed of feed as the different baits in the mix ensure that fish don’t get pre-occupied feeding on just the one food item. You can get the Mixed Particles in 2.5l jars or 600g tins. Frenzied Tiger Nuts These tiger nuts are ready to use straight from the jar or tin and require no preparation at all. You can buy them in three different versions – Monster chopped and mini. The chopped ones are ideal for inclusion in spod and stick mixes whereas the mini ones are great to use as a bed of feed with a Monster fished on the hook so that it really stands out. All are cooked in the jar or tin which means all of the sugars and fish feeding stimulants that normally get lost during the cooking process will remain in the tin. New for 2010/11 is Frenzied Chilli Tiger Nuts. These tigers have been cooked with chopped chilli’s which is a great stimulant that really arouses the taste buds of carp and triggers them into feeding. Frenzied Maize Feeding Maize and fishing with a small stack of it on a hair rig is a very effective way of fooling carp and other big fish on waters where they have seen a lot of boilies and wised up to them. Maize looks a bit like giant sweetcorn and shares many of the same properties such as its sweet juice which is stored within the can as it is packed and then cooked. Large jars are available for times when you want to fish with a bed of bait or you can get tins for times when you only want a few hookbait samples.
Dynamite Baits Zig Cloud Dynamite Baits Zig Cloud
7 in stock
Dynamite Baits Zig Cloud Fishing through the water column is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the huge success rate it provides, both of these will sit in a moving water column for up to 45 minutes, keeping fish in the area for the longest time possible. An all new active mix for fishing at different levels for cruising, pre-occupied and mid water feeding fish. Made with quality tiger nut meal and high in water soluble proteins with crushed pellets and hemp. 2kg re-sealable bag.
ESP Boilie Pult ESP Boilie Pult
2 in stock
ESP Boilie Pult - For maximum distance and tight grouping with minimum spillage - Pouch capacity approximately 10 x 18mm or 16 x 15mm boilies - With a little practice, tight groupings of baits can be achieved at distances around 40 metres - Reduce the quantity and weight of bait for increased distance - Special cone shaped pouch - Spare pouches and latex available - Latex is a natural material with limited lifespan and should be replaced regularly
ESP Shank Stops ESP Shank Stops
6 in stock
ESP Shank Stop Designed for any rig that incorporates a sliding ring on the hook shank, ESP Shank Stops are housed on a handy frame that can be stored neatly in the tackle box. No more problems trying to extract a tiny stop from a flip top box! -The frame contains 40 stops, 20 of each mini and small. The mini stops are perfect for hook sizes 8 and 10 whilst the small are best suited to larger hooks. -Moulded in a soft, clingy material in a conical shape, the holes at each end do not quite meet in the middle, leaving a central membrane which is pierced by the hook point resulting in a secure, tight fit on the hook shank which will not slip on the cast and therefore requires no gluing.
Fox Edges Hook Beads Fox Edges Hook Beads
11 in stock
Fox Edges Hook Bead The moulded, low profile stops fit onto the hook shank acting as a buffer for Micro Ring Swivels or Rig Rings. Designed to create the ultimate in modern anti-eject carp rigs. EDGES™ The new Edges range is made up of a whole host of end tackle products that have each individually been designed to make the rigs you tie better than they have ever been. Within the range you will find leaders, hooklinks, clips, sleeves, shrink tube and gizmo’s that have been designed in conjunction with their consultant and underwater diver Rob Hughes, so that their colours and appearance best match a whole host of different lakebed make-ups – a massive ‘edge’ in itself!
Trakker Armo Life CG-3 Stove Trakker Armo Life CG-3 Stove
1 in stock
Trakker Armolife CG-3 Stove Cook, boil, eat, drink, stay warm .A reliable stove is a god send when you are fishing over long periods .A low slung profile makes this stove ultra stable when cooking Features : Oversized preheat tube for efficient gas combustion Piezo-electronic ignition systemto the base of the stove Wide frame and low centre of gravity for increased stability of cookware Ultra-strong, easy to use and very quick to assemble Comes complete with nylon carry bag Specification; Weight 381 gm Dimensions 9 cm x 9.5cm Max power output 3500 W
Aqua Black Series Modular Coolbag Aqua Black Series Modular Coolbag
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Aqua Black Series Modular Coolbag Refined for 2015 with a hard wearing, bronze foil lining for durability and close cell foam for superior insulation. Designed to be used in conjunction with our Standard and Session Coolbags. 270mm (h) x 300mm (d) x 420mm (w)
Aqua Black Series Small Carryall Aqua Black Series Small Carryall
1 in stock
Aqua Black Series Small Carryall The new Black Series Small Carryall is padded and lined and features a reinforced waterproof base and a sturdy rigid lid that can be used as a table. This carryall has been developed to accommodate multiple accessories from within our black series range into its modular design. • 5 external deep zipped, padded & lined pockets • Comfortable, moulded, neoprene shoulder strap • Improved oversized zips throughout • Reinforced base & solid lid designed to be used as a table • Modular design offering multiple configurations to suit your style of angling 310mm (h) x 380mm (d) x 580mm (w)
Aqua Fast And Light Brolly MKII Aqua Fast And Light Brolly MKII
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Aqua Fast And Light MKII The second incarnation of our popular fast and light raises the bar in more senses than one. Thanks to our space saving, hi tensile steel frame we have managed to increase the head room but maintain the slender pack size associated with mobile and quick to erect brollys. The 9th rib (a firm favourite with users) allows unhindered vistas and our 55” framed brolly (with redesigned wings) gives an increased level of coverage without hindering the view. By tweaking the design of this tried and tested frame we have squeezed every last centimetre of space from such a small foot print. We have also improved the fittings and fixtures by powder coating them in stealthy black to compliment the green Aquatexx®. Effective, reliable and ultra mobile, the fast & lights have the been first choice for many serious anglers for very good reason, this version will be just as popular Features - Performance grade AQUATEXX®. - Space saver frame. - Ninth rib system. - Extended storm sides. - Machined aluminium bell cap with tie down ring. - Stealthy black powder coated fittings. - Rod retaining straps. - Comes complete a light weight Aqua storage sleeve. - Requires 24” Quick Sticks (not included). - Footprint 2480mm (w) x 1850mm (d) - Height 1350mm - Brolly Weight: 4.5kg - Weight including sleeve and pegs: 5.5kg
Aqua M3 Bivvy Aqua M3 Bivvy new
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Aqua M3 Bivvy There is a very good reason why this shelter is our number one selling product... its versatility. The M3 sets an industry benchmark that others strive to achieve, so if you only want one bivvy make it this one. It has unparalleled strength with the heaviest grade of Aquatexx® which has hydrostatic head ratings of over 14000mm, and the unbeatable Aqua-designed frame. The M3 comes complete with a heavy duty carryall complete with T pegs tension strap and window not to mention a brand new tension bar system featuring interlocking precision moulded nylon fittings. • Aquatexx material • Mozzi door and window panels • 3 rib system • 2 break pole system • Full removable infill panel • Removable peak • Heavy duty groundsheet • Heavy duty pegs supplied • M3 weighs 6kg • M3 infill panel weighs 2kg • Groundsheet weighs 2.5kg • Pegs bag/frame support etc 1.5kg • Total weight 12kg
Dynamite Baits Maize Tin Dynamite Baits Maize Tin
3 in stock
Frenzied Maize Feeding Maize and fishing with a small stack of it on a hair rig is a very effective way of fooling carp and other big fish on waters where they have seen a lot of boilies and wised up to them. Maize looks a bit like giant sweetcorn and shares many of the same properties such as its sweet juice which is stored within the can as it is packed and then cooked. Large jars are available for times when you want to fish with a bed of bait or you can get tins for times when you only want a few hookbait samples. The main thing that sets the Dynamite Particle Range apart from the rest is there are no added preservatives what so ever! The range of particles are cooked inside the tin/jar, meaning none of their natural fish attracting oils and nutrients, attractants are lost.
ESP Megapult ESP Megapult
7 in stock
ESP Megapult - This extra large pouch caty holds up to sixty 14mm boilies and delivers them with surprising accuracy. - Designed for short to medium range work, a full pouch of bait can weigh up to 3 1/2 oz (100g) which means a whole kilo of boilies can be introduced in a mater of minutes. - Accuracy and smooth delivery of bait is achieved using optimum lengths of natural latex which has a unique elasticity and power. - Unfortunately, this wonderful material also has a limited lifespan which is dependent on its use, exposure to sunlight, weathering etc. Spare latex is therefore available for the MEGA PULT at most good tackle shops
Fox Duralite Low Chair Fox Duralite Low Chair
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Fox Duralight Low Chair Strong but exceptionally lightweight Duralite Magnesium Alloy construction and padded seat aids comfort whilst helping to keep overall weight low . Features •Strong but exceptionally lightweight Duralite Magnesium Alloy construction •3D mesh and polyester padded seat aids comfort whilst helping to keep overall weight low •Fully adjustable legs that lock into position •Large Swivelling mud feet •Rated to 180kg
Fox FX Combo Chair Fox FX Combo Chair
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Fox FX Combo Chair A true multi purpose chair brought to you by Fox. As you would expect, the product is porduced to the highest of standards and is ideal for a multitude of angling situations. Use 1 - Traditional Bedchair Buddy Firstly it can be used across the middle of a bedchair as a traditional bedchair buddy. This is perfect for when you want to sit up and read a book/magazine or socialise with friends in the bivvy when the weather is bad outside. The unique reinforced rear leg structure simple extends across the bedchair and overhangs the end of it giving you a very firm, and comfortable chair on the bedchair. This will fit practically all bedchairs on the market. Use 2 - Doorway Chair With most modern shelters they are designed for your bedchair to be situated as far back into the bivvy as possible. Therefore being sat across the bedchair is not ideal if you want to simply sit and watch the water looking for those carpy signs. Thanks to the rear leg design it can easily be reduced to its shortest length (via the simple twist collar mechanism). You can then simply place the angled foot onto the frame of your bedchair that is nearest to the front door enabling you sit in the doorway. This means you can still stay protected from the elements but have a much better view of the lake in front of you. Use 3 - Low Chair Finally the chair can also be used on its own as a standalone low chair should you wish to sit outside of the bivvy besides your rods or offer a chair to a guest that visits your swim. Due to the angle of the rear leg and also the length of the adjustable front legs you can sit very comfortably in the chair for hours on end. Further Features The FX Combo Chair features the same fleece lined high density foam padding as the award-winning Flatliner bedchairs, which ensures maximum comfort. In addition it also has retaining clips on both sides to enable you to lock the chair shut and prevent it opening when being carried (allowing you to store essential bits when moving swims etc). Finally the chair comes supplied with padded, removable shoulder strap enabling you to keep your hands free for other items of tackle when carrying it to and from a swim.
Fox Ultra 60 Brolly System Khaki Fox Ultra 60 Brolly System Khaki
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Fox Ultra 60 Brolly System Khaki A quality brolly system designed to perfectly complement the Fox Ultra 60 Khaki Brolly, this brolly system zips fully to the front of the Ultra 60 Brolly, forming a secure, weatherproof shelter, with 20,000mm hydrostatic head, which includes a compression bell cap with rubber gasket seal, for total waterproof reliability. There are three door options – clear PVC, Solid Fox Khaki, and Fox Khaki Mozzy Mesh, each with two-way zips. The front door panel has a side mozzy mesh vent, and there are also rear mozzy mesh vents, so you’re fully protected from irritating insects. The Ultra 60 brolly system also gives the option to add the Ultra Brolly Mozzy Mesh Screen (sold separately), if desired. As with the Ultra 60 Brolly, a removable inner vapour shield is included; this can be left attached when packing up the Fox brolly system, and helps reduce condensation. Extended side skirts also ensure complete protection from the surrounding elements, while the reinforced ground pegs provide firm, secure anchoring in almost all conditions. With a short-threaded centre pole that makes set up a breeze, this is a practical fishing accessory which will look good on the bank, and help ensure nothing spoils your session, however long you’re out for. The Ultra 60 Brolly System is a winter fishing essential that can be regularly used throughout the year, offering excellent value for money over the long term. With the Fox Ultra 60 fishing umbrellas and related additions, you can enjoy a full day on the bank no matter what the weather’s doing. Angling is a sport, and sport is meant to be fun; shivering under whatever bankside trees are available as the rain hammers down around you doesn’t spring naturally to mind when you think about having fun. However, sitting under cover with a kettle on for tea, listening for the trill of your bite alarm that tells you something in the water is ready to say hello, is a pretty good way to spend your time. Features -  Ventec Rip Stop fabric in unique Fox Camo -  That has a 20,000mm hydro static head -   Zip-on, fully removable Ultra Brolly Camo Full Front -   That features three door options -   Front panel also features side mozzy mesh windows -   Rear mozzy mesh vents -   Removable internal vapour shield to help reduce condensation -   Button-release STS Equipped mechanism -   Incredible stability -   Extended side skirts -   Short threaded centre pole -   Weight: 12.9kg (everything included)
JRC Cocoon 2G Twin Skin Bivvy 1 Man JRC Cocoon 2G Twin Skin Bivvy 1 Man sale
2 in stock
JRC Cocoon 2G Twin Skin 1 Man Make condensation a thing of the past with the Cocoon 2G Twin Skin Bivvy. JRC were the first to create a practical well vented twin skin bivvy that revolutionised comfort on the bank, and now this modernised version brings even more creature comforts to make waiting for that dream fish a pleasure. Features - 10,000HH 210D 100 ylong outer skin Inner skin with oversized vents Integral peak system Virtually condensation free Full tape sealed seams on outer skin Lightweight 100% PVC HD removable groundsheet Ultra-light 6061 aerospace grade rigid aluminium poles in a non-glare titanium grey finish Multi position zip door with PVC window and mosquito mesh sides Interlocking rigid aluminium tension poles Including strong carrybag & HD steel pegs Large back vents in outer skin Rod retaining Straps Length = 235cm, Height = 145cm, Width = 280cm
Korda Krimps Korda Krimps
7 in stock
Korda Krimps The final launch in our big-hitting trio of new releases is the long-awaited Krimp Tool. We’ve been fielding questions about the release date for what seems like years but the big day is now very close. The clever system will allow us all to reach brand-new heights of neatness in rig creation! The Krimps and Krimp tool have been designed to allow easy rig construction with stiff materials. In particular we’re really excited about the potential to create extremely neat loops for chod rigs. Not only this but using Krimps will allow you to create chod rigs that are exactly the same length each and every time. There are two sizes of Krimp available which have been designed to suit different materials. The smaller one will suit normal stiff materials and stiff coated braids like our Hybrid Stiff and the larger one is perfect for really thick materials (like 30lb plus mono). The product development team went to extreme lengths to make sure that the Krimps and Krimp tools were exactly right having to overcome various problems along the way. The complexity of getting the tool and Krimps just right has meant that this has been a long development but we’re sure that it’s been well worth the wait. Judging from the interest that you’ve shown in this product range it’s about to become one of our most popular products!
Korda Marker Braid Korda Marker Braid
2 in stock
Korda Marker Braid This braid casts superbly well, thanks to its low diameter, and transmits the feel of the lake bed accurately back to your rod, allowing you to find the very best feeding areas with your marker float setup. It is hard-wearing and has high knot strength, which is key when you consider just how much punishment that your marker setup is subject to over the course of a year. The Marker braid is finished in a SUB-Green colour, to make it as unobtrusive as possible. There are 300m on each spool, so you’ll be able to spool up more than once, as long as you back your spool up. We recommend that you use a 30lb Arma-Kord shock leader to take the force of the cast; you can attach this using a back-to-back grinner knot.
Korum Electronic Scales Korum Electronic Scales
2 in stock
The Korum Electronic Scales are a small light weight scale ideal for the roving specimen angler. Designed to fit neatly in your hand and tackle box. They have an easy read digital display screen with imperial and metric measurments. They weigh up to 85lb (40kg). Also supplied with a splash proof neoprene case and a 9v battery.
Nash Indulgence SS4 5 Season Sleep System Bedchair Nash Indulgence SS4 5 Season Sleep System Bedchair
Nash Indulgence SS4 5 Season Sleep System Featuring a dual layered 3/5 Season luxury duvet and the great new design and frame advantages of reduced packdown and transport dimensions the SS 5 Season models provide unrivalled insulation or cool comfort whatever the season or conditions. All SS 5 Season models feature a removable dual hollow fibre and foam filling mattress with an air mesh panel in the base of the bed, allowing trademark Indulgence air flow with the mattress removed for hot nights and summer sessions, and a Velcro tear off strip to seal air flow to guarantee draught free warmth in the winter. Adjust personal comfort by removing the top 2 season duvet, or combining the Summer or Winter Shroud with one or both layers, it’s simple and allows warmth to be tailored to you as well as the conditions. Features : Removable luxury duel hollow fibre and foam filled mattress Air mesh panel for trade mark cooling air flow in hot conditions Enhanced central lumber support eliminating 'sag' over time Velcro tear off strip seals air flow for improved comfort in winter Twin layer deluxe zipped 2 and 3 season duvets combine for 5 season protection Bottom duvet layer features Nash Body Baffles New frame and hinge configeration significantly decreases transport size on barrows and in cars Perimeter velcro tabs for easy fitting of optional Indulgence Matteress Sheets Twin mesh valuables pockets for phones ,remotes and keys Dual side packaway compression straps for a flat load base on barrows Fold flat mud feet with pegging holes
Savage Gear Polar Boots Savage Gear Polar Boots
21 in stock
Savage Gear Polar Boots Simply the perfect fishing boot! Ultralight & Warm! Extremely tough 100% Oxford polyester shell fabric with water-repellent finish Insulated by one layer of 100% sponge and artificial warm berber fleece of 70% polyester/30% acrylic as inner lining Adjustable at upper collar Removable breathable foam innersole for extra comfort Ultralight 100% waterproof EVA mid-sole 100% strong rubber outsole with special grip pattern
Sticky Baits Krill Freezer Bait 1kg Sticky Baits Krill Freezer Bait 1kg sale
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Sticky Baits Krill Freezer Baits Harnessing one of the most nutritional micro-organisms known to man, The Krill Boilies have been tailored to perfectly suit the carp’s dietary requirements leaving them actively hunting out the bait as an ideal food source. Not only does the inclusion of Krill add to the nutritional profile of the bait, it is also highly regarded in the aquaculture industry as one of the greatest natural “flavours” and stimulates fish into a feeding frenzy. Whilst Krill may be the namesake of the range, this devastating boilie comprises of a staggering twenty-five different ingredients including a couple of little gems to which we attribute the baits immeasurable success. As much as we love the open and honest approach…we’ve got to have the odd little secret! During the testing stages it was clear that the bait was going to be a huge success, but it wasn’t until the bait was released that we realised just how much of an impact it would have on the carp bait world. Since it’s release in March, the bait has accounted for an unreal amount of big fish, and even if we do say so ourselves, it’s undeniably a classic in the making! Available in 12mm, 16mm and 20mm in 1kg bags or 5kg bags
Vass Fleece Lined Boots Vass Fleece Lined Boots best
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Vass Fleece Lined Boots with quick release Velcro straps, easy on and off, and benefit from 'no metal zips or eyelets, no rust' and no more broken laces caused by rusty lace eyelets. Waterproof to halfway with textile upper is water resistant. Features include Lightweight, Flexible high quality PVC, easy and quick to put on and take off. These are a very comfy warm boots that will keep your feet warm in most conditions. Good for rock work slipping from bolder to bolder, and have the now famous Vass tough sole that has good grip! (Please Note: Sizes are more fitted on this style compared to our normal boots, you may need to go up a size dependant on preference) Gerry's Highly Recommend this product.


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