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Boilies, Pastes & Artificial Baits

Drennan Buoyant Casters Drennan Buoyant Casters
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Drennan Buoyant Caster •Four mixed natural colours pineapple flavour. •Buoyant Caster can be used on their own or fished with natural baits. •The idea is always to counterbalance the weight of the hook and make it easier for carp, tench and big bream to 'hoover' up the bait and hook. •This consistently produces better more hookable bites. •The pineapple flavour is a proven attractant which can be boosted or over-ridden by immersion in more concentrated flavours. Drennan Buoyant Artificial Maggot Drennan Buoyant Artificial Maggot Bloodworm Red - £1.99Fluorescent - £1.99Natural - £1.99 £1.99 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Drennan Buoyant Maggots Drennan Buoyant Maggots
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Drennan Buoyant Maggots •Mixed shapes and sizes available as naturals fluorescents or bloodworm red. •The three different sizes of Buoyant Maggot can be used on a wide range of hooks producing effective baits which are sinking, critically balanced or popped up. •They are also effective fished in conjunction with live maggot or as a combination bait with real or artificial sweetcorn. •Ideal for carp, tench and bream. The pineapple flavour is a proven attractant which can be boosted or even-ridden by immersion in more concentrated flavours.
Dynamite Baits Robin Red 15mm Boilie Dynamite Baits Robin Red 15mm Boilie
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Dynamite Baits Robin Red 15mm Boilie A high leakage LT fishmeal boilie with a rich and spicy taste profile Blended with original Haiths® bird foods and Robin Red® giving it that deep red colour A true all year round boilie that appears to have addictive properties when the fish get on them. We are proud to be officially licensed by Haith’s® and only ever use the original Haith’s® Robin Red ® in all our baits Also an excellent bait for barbel and chub.
Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Extreme Paste Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Extreme Paste sale
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Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Extreme Paste The New Swim Stim Extreme paste is a versatile ready to mix fishmeal paste available in Original, Betaine Green and Red Krill flavours. Simply add water to the powder and mix to the required consistency. You can mix as a tough fibrous paste for fishing on the waggler or as a loose wet mix for fishing on the pole. The internal fibrous structure works to keep the paste on your hook, giving you confidence that your rig is always fishing. Availabler in 350g re-sealable bags.
Mainline Match Boilies 8mm Mainline Match Boilies 8mm sale
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Mainline Match Boilies 8mm Using the proven flavours and additives the Mainline brand is famous for, the 8mm Match Boilies are rolled from a purpose designed, high-leakage base mix packed full of attraction! Ideal for Hair-Rigging the 8mm Match Boilies are available in four fantastic colour/flavour options found attractive by all course species. 8mm - 50ml Jar Orange – Chocolate White – Cell Pink – Tuna Yellow – Pineapple
Mainline Match Wafters 8mm Mainline Match Wafters 8mm sale
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Mainline Match Wafters 8mm The 8mm Rounded Wafter was designed using the highest quality ingredients and experience in bait creation by the Mainline team… The bait is critically balanced when used in conjunction with a size 12 Guru QM1 hook, or a hook of a similar weight. Using these balanced buoyancy hookbaits means your hook finds it’s natural position while lightening the weight of your hook, giving you optimum hooking potential. Crafty fish often suck up away from a feeder, meaning these hookbaits give you the best chance of optimizing on hook ups. Perfect for Hybrid, Method or Pellet Feeder tactics, in conjunction with a Hair Rig or Bayonet. 8mm - 50ml Jar Orange – Chocolate White – Cell Pink – Tuna Yellow – Pineapple
Ringers Washout Wafters Ringers Washout Wafters
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Ringers Washout Wafters These Ringers washed out wafters have already caught lots of fish during testing and are sure to be a winner. They are coloured with a 'washed out' look and have very pungent smells, ideal when targeting all fish. Supplied as a mixture of 10mm round and dumbell shaped baits in a 20gr tub. Available in 3 colours: Pink, Yellow and Orange
Sonubaits Mixed Method Boilies 8/10mm Sonubaits Mixed Method Boilies 8/10mm
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Sonubaits Mixed Method Boilies 8 /10mm Mixed Method Boilies are the perfect hookbait for Method Feeder Fishing. Their durable structure makes them perfect for hair rigging or using with a bayonet. Because of their durability they are also ideal for use on the straight lead or bagging waggler. Their strong fluoro colours make them the perfect hookbait which feeding fish pick out. Each pack contains both 8mm and 10mm hand rolled baits, so the quality of them is second to none.


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