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Liquids & Syrups

Welcome to our coarse liquid and syrups range.
Choosing the right liquid or syrup for the day can give you a massive edge over the competition. Here at Gerry's, we stock a wide range of different liquids and syrups to cover you for all conditions.

Dynamite Baits DB1 Liquid Groundbait Binder 500ml Dynamite Baits DB1 Liquid Groundbait Binder 500ml
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Dynamite Baits DB1 Liquid Groundbait Binder 500ml NEW for 2020 DB1 groundbait binder liquids. Bind groundbait together in minutes by mixing direct to dry groundbait or adding to your mixing water. Ideal for fishing deep swims, balling in at range or for fast flowing rivers. Available in three flavours, Silverfish, Bream and River for barbel and chub 500ml bottle Three flavours Silvers – Contains Corriander Oil, ideal for roach Bream – Contains sweet caramel River – Cheesy, meaty flavour loved by barbel and chub Helps to bind groundbait together and add weight for use in deep swims, balling in at range, feeder fishing or for river mixes To Use: Mix your groundbait fairly damp and then add a drizzle of DB1
Dynamite Baits Swim Stim F1 Sweet Cool Water Pellet Soak Dynamite Baits Swim Stim F1 Sweet Cool Water Pellet Soak
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Dynamite Baits Swim Stim F1 Sweet Cool Water Pellet Soak Following the huge success of the original F1 Sweet Pellet Soak as a top match and coarse fishing bait, the NEW ‘Cool Water’ version offers all the same fish loving liquid ingredients but in a lighter and more subtle variation – ideal for fishing in cooler conditions, right down to icy winter temperatures. Adds Swim Stim attraction and a light colour to ‘fishery own’ pellets in order to give them an almost washed out and safe look whilst adding the attraction which will give you the edge when targeting F1’s, carp and silverfish. The liquid has all the same palatants as the original F1 Sweet Pellet Soak but these have been slightly reduced to make the liquid more subtle in cold water and in clear conditions associated with fishing in autumn, winter and early spring. Add the liquid direct to pellets, hookbaits and groundbait mixes or when pumping expanders to enhance their flavour 500ml bottle
Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Pellet Soaks Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Pellet Soaks
18 in stock
Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Pellet Soaks These liquids are made to match the range of Dynamite feed pellets. They can be added to boost the colour and flavour of these pellets or used on fishery pellets to give them a boost. Supplied in 500ml bottles.
Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Sticky Pellet Syrup 300ml Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Sticky Pellet Syrup 300ml
34 in stock
Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Sticky Pellet Syrup 300ml New for 2020 these are designed to add stickiness and flavour to your pellets. Great for making your Method feeder pellets that little more tacky to avoid them coming off the feeder on the cast but still break down ultra quick once the feeder hits the bottom. Can also be used to make your pellets more sticky for catapulting at range or feeding by hand when accuracy is important. One of four classic SwimStim flavours which also includes Betaine Green, Krill and Amino Original Four flavours – Krill, Betaine Green, F1 Sweet and Amino Original 300ml Designed to help make your pellets more sticky for the feeder and flavour them too Glucose based syrup Can also be used to make pellets more easy to fire in a catapult or feed by hand in the wind or at range Can be used in conjunction with a standard pellet soak to colour, flavour and make pellets sticky To use: Mix dry pellets with water. Drain after 45 seconds and leave for 5 minutes. Then added a good dousing of syrup to the pellets and mix it in thoroughly. Pellets will bind but then break down quickly in the water
Sonu Baits Clear Pellet Oil 250 ml Sonu Baits Clear Pellet Oil 250 ml
17 in stock
Sonu Baits Clear Pellet Oil 250ml Add to fishery pellets to enhance their performance Makes feed pellets sink quickly Prolongs the water stability of a pellet Available in 3 flavours Scopex F1 Krill
Sonubaits Bait Booster 800ml Sonubaits Bait Booster 800ml
11 in stock
Sonubaits Bait Booster 800ml Sonubaits New Bait Booster as being made to enhances the performance of your feed pellets. Greatly increases attraction and scent of your pellets, just dip your Method Feeder or PVA Bag into the pot for an extra edge. As an added bouns the Sonubaits Bait Booster is PVA Friendly. 5 different flavours Banoffee, Chocolate Orange, Krill & Squid, Pina Colada and Washed Out.
Sonubaits Haze Sonubaits Haze
21 in stock
Sonubaits Haze Haze is a range of new liquids designed to enhance, colour and flavour your hookbaits, pellets or groundbait prior-to use. Thinner in consistency when compared to Lava making it extremely user-friendly and useable year-round, yet still denser than water ensuring it clings to and remains around your bait leaking an attractive cloud of colour and scent into the immediate surroundings. Supplied in a generous bottle and available in eight of our most popular flavours; Banoffee, Pineapple & Coconut, Krill & Squid, Washed-Out, F1uoro, Chocolate Orange, Bloodworm and Spicy Sausage.
Sonubaits Lava Sonubaits Lava
61 in stock
Sonubaits Lava This awesome liquid additive is a coloured flavour that can be used to glug baits, soak pellets, or add to any groundbait, PVA sausage, spod, or method mix to produce a trail of flavour through the water column that is just irresistible to fish. It's a soak, a glug, and a spod-mix additive, all rolled into one, and is the perfect enhancement to any bait. The concentration of flavour and cloud will mean you can get away with using small amounts to your hookbaits, feeders and PVA. Comes in matching flavours to compliment Sonubaits products from both match and carp fishing. The perfect enhancement to any bait. Available in 10 different flavours.
Sonubaits Lava Rocks Sonubaits Lava Rocks
1 in stock
Sonubaits Lava Rocks Extremely easy to use and with no mess, Lava Rocks can be added to method feeder moulds before the groundbait or pellets, used in PVA bags, or simply dripped in through a pole pot. Once wet, the granules rehydrate to form a coloured cloud on the lake bed or in the water column that remains until disturbed by feeding fish, when it then spreads throughout the swim encouraging further feeding acivity. Available in black, green, orange or red colours to suit all water conditions or personal preferences. 150g flip top pot.
Sonubaits Liquid Flavours Sonubaits Liquid Flavours sale
44 in stock
Sonubaits Liquid flavours A great selection of well known and established fish catching flavours ideal for flavouring maggots, boilies, pellets, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and groundbait. All flavours in the range it give the angler more choices whilst fishing. Flavours can be added hours before fishing at home or they can be added on the water side to add that bit of extra flavour to pull the fish back into your swim if all has gone quiet. With all of the range not only do the fish love ‘em but they are totally fish and fishery friendly too so you can use them with confidence wherever you go.
Sticky Baits Hookbait Sprays Sticky Baits Hookbait Sprays
2 in stock
Sticky Baits Bait Sprays The Bait Spray range has been designed as an alternative attractor to supplement the liquids already in each range Features - Liquid Food and Glug ranges they aren't ideal for soaking hookbaits for prolonged periods of time - Their heavy weight can dramatically affect the buoyancy of a pop-up or wafter - This will render your rig mechanics useless - The new Bait Sprays are a much lighter alternative - Yet still pack the same punch as their thicker counterpart - So simply grab a tub of hookbaits give them a couple of sprays to seriously boost their attraction


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