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Banksticks & Accessories

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Fox Black Label Banksticks Fox Black Label Banksticks
8 in stock
Fox Black Label Bankware We recently heard someone say that the stainless look is ‘so last year’ and it’s not hard to see why when you take a look at our incredibly sexy new Black Label range of bankware! So what exactly is Black Label we hear you ask? Black Label took 18 months of development and is a range of bankware that is constructed from chunky aluminium that has an anodised black coating. Not only does it look stunning but it has also been designed to be incredibly practical as well; with every single item designed to work together as a complete system. The chunky black-look; combined with no thumb screws and subtle logos that are stamped into the aluminium itself make this range a thing of beauty
Daiwa Black Widow Bankstick - 8 inch Daiwa Black Widow Bankstick - 8 inch
2 in stock
Daiwa Black Widow Bankstick - 8 inch Well made, solid banksticks. Perfect for use on their own of in conjuction with Black Widow Buzz Bars.
Dinsmore Arrow Point Adjustable Banksticks Dinsmore Arrow Point Adjustable Banksticks sale
1 in stock
Dinsmore Adjustable Arrow Point banksticks These  are constructed from a lightwieght, strong aluminium and feature the dinsmore spearpoint and an anadised thread. Adjustable length from 20" - 38".
Gerrys 21-36 Inch V Top Adjustable bankstick Gerrys 21-36 Inch V Top Adjustable bankstick
1 in stock
Gerrys 21-36" V Top Adjustable bankstick Simple V top ali adjustable backstick with pointed bottom for easy in the ground
Grandeslam Swing Rest Grandeslam Swing Rest
8 in stock
Grandeslam Swing Top Head Classic Swing Rest automatically levels out no matter the angle with Snag Free line groove.
Korum Leverage Bankstick Korum Leverage Bankstick
13 in stock
Korum Leverage Banksticks The Korum Leverage range of bankware is made from a super-lightweight aluminium that's built to last. The range includes standard pointed banksticks, as well as our own special Screwpoint designs, which come complete with a Bankstick Handwheel, enabling you to twist your banksticks into solid ground with total ease. The Bankstick Handwheel fits both standard and XT models of Korum Leverange Bankware, slotting over our cam-locking system. Included in the range: LEVERAGE STANDARD POINT 30CM, 45CM, 60CM LEVERAGE SCREWPOINT 30CM, 45CM, 60CM LEVERAGE XT SCREWPOINT 75CM, 100CM
Korum Quick Release Net Adaptor Korum Quick Release Net Adaptor
3 in stock
Korum Quick Release Net Adaptor This innovative Quick Release Net Adaptor means once you have screwed your landing net head in once you never need to again. Simply release the cam lock to remove the net or close the cam to secure it. Can also be used for keep net arms, bite alarms and rod rests, along with chair and seat box accessories. Features: Super strong cam lock system Remove your net or accessories easily Reinforced materials for secure fit Multiple use quick change adaptor Built in isotope slot
Preston Innovations Measuring Sticks Preston Innovations Measuring Sticks
2 in stock
Preston Innovations Measuring Sticks Complete with a 5m (16.4ft) cord for setting out accurately, there are 2 colour coded toggle stops to enable you to mark different distances with the same set of sticks. To use, stick them in the ground at the set distance and wrap the required number of wraps around the sticks, if the distance you need to mark is less than a full wrap use the coloured markers to mark up to two ranges.


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