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Cutters, Pellet Pumps & Punches

Welcome to our Bait Punch, Pellet Pump & Cutters page.

Cuda Titanium Bonded Micro Scissors - Lifetime Warranty Cuda Titanium Bonded Micro Scissors - Lifetime Warranty best
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Cuda Micro Scissors - Lifetime Warranty Cuda 3" Micro Scissors will cut mono and braided line. The Titanium Bonded blades feature dual micro-serrations and are 3x harder than untreated steel and will stay sharper for a longer period of time. Oversized Cuda scale pattern bows for non-slip comfort and control. Features - - Titanium Bonded blades stay sharper longer - Cuts mono & braided line - Oversized Cuda scale pattern bows for better cutting - Lifetime Warranty - 3" size is perfect line and hook work
Drennan Brass Head Bread Punches Drennan Brass Head Bread Punches
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The Drennan Brass Headed Bread Punch Set are 6 different sizes in 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6,, and 7mm. All come with a quality brass head with a hooking slot which avoids blunting your hook points. All the diferent sizes come as individual punches and are supplied in a small plastic wallet.
Drennan Large Brass Head Bread Drennan Large Brass Head Bread
4 in stock
Drennan Large Brass Bread Punches A set of five large brass bread punches in sizes 7.5mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm and 11mm. With a brass head and a cut out grove simply press and twist the bread on a flat surface and put the hook through the slit to avoid any blunting. Once immersed the dry bread will swell up to more than twice its size and become one of the most effective baits going. Supplied with a neat plastic carrying pouch.
Gerrys Power Pellet Pump Gerrys Power Pellet Pump
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Gerrys Power Pellet Pump Gerrys Pellet Pump is one of the most sturdy pumps available. This bike style pump is very user friendly and fits in top your bait bag easily. Fill a quarter up with expander pellets then fill half way up with water. Then just give a quick few pumps and the pellets sink everytime.
Guru Pellet Cones Guru Pellet Cones
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Guru Pellet Cones are the ultimate way to present a small compact pile of feed around your hook bait. This tangle free presentation is ideal for use with small softened feed pellets (1mm to 3mm size) as well as grondbait and can be used for fishing at any range. Attach your hooklength to a Guru Micro Lead Clip and use the Guru Size 11 Snap Link Swivel for a speedy safe set-up. 3 Sizes Per Pack.  Use With Small Softened Feed Pellets Or Groundbait for Ultimate Bait Presentation.
Guru Punch Box Guru Punch Box
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Guru Puch Box The New Punch Box from Guru will keep bait such as bread and meat in top-notch condition throughout your session. The tinted lid protects your bait from rain and sunlight when closed, and slides effortlessly open to give quick and easy access when required. The Punch Box comes complete with a set of 4  stainless steel bait punches in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm which are ultra sharp for a neat cut and feature a plunger style handle for trouble free bait release. Features Include, Heavy duty box Sliding lid Tinte lid for UV protection Rubber base grips Punch clip compartment
Korum Meat Punches Korum Meat Punches
5 in stock
The Korum Bait Punch is designed to punch-out hookbait sized pellets from both luncheon meat and paste. Quick (it holds the next punched pellet ready to hook) and simple to use the Bait Punch comes in four different sizes to suit all hook sizes and hair rigged baits. The four sizes you get in each pack are 5mm 7mm 9mm 11mm.
Mustad Braid Scissors Mustad Braid Scissors best
19 in stock
Mustad Scissors Super sharp and hard wearing .These Braid scissors are suitable for all line and braid cutting situations,leaving a perfect finnish to trimmed line or braid. A must for every tackle box .
Preston Innovations Bait Sprayer Preston Innovations Bait Sprayer
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Preston Innovations Bait Sprayer With an adjustable brass nozzle to regulate the flow of water, the Preston Innovations Bait Sprayer is ideal for mixing groundbait and leam to the perfect consistency. Also ideal for dampening soft hooker pellets to prevent them drying out in the summer. With a generous 500ml capacity, there is also an accurate measure on the side in 100ml increments. Features: •Can be used for Groundbait, Leam, and Pellets. •Easy to use. •Adjustable brass nozzle. •Accurate measure on the side. •Capacity: 500mls. •Pump action.
Preston Innovations Commercial Punch Kit Preston Innovations Commercial Punch Kit
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Preston Innovations Commercial Punch Kit The commercial punch kit is ideal for creating the perfect hookbaits, while also keeping them fresh from the outside elements, something that is very important particularly with bread baits. The box can be opened with one hand simply by pressing the button on the side of the box, the sprung lid will then open leaving you to punch your baits. The punches are stored in the lid of the box and once chosen can the be stored in a separate compartment for your convenience. Ther are four punches included in the pack, 6mm, 8mm 10mm and 12mm. Each punch has a spring loaded plunger which enables you to lock the punch at 2mm or punch much thicker baits when when the spring is dis-engaged. Each punch has a ergonomic handle and a blue anodised barrel which has a sharp cutting edge, ensuring baits are punched quickly and easily every time. The box is perfectly sized for a slice of bread but can be used equally as effectively for meat and boilies.
Preston Innovations Super Pellet Pump Preston Innovations Super Pellet Pump
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Preston Inovations Super Pellet Pump Designed by match fishing legend Andy Findlay the Super Pellet Pump offers a quick and easy solution to preparing expander pellets The ultra-compact design allows you to prepare perfect expander hookbaits . This pump features  a clear body to enable you to see the pellets, robust handle and hardwearing seal the pump is designed to generate perfect hooker pellets for any match or pleasure session and is so simple and efficient to use that fresh pellets can be pumped mid-session should you require more. Features : Ultra compact design Clear body Markers on the side for perfect fill level Tuff plunger Hard wearing locking nut


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