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Pellet Bands & Bait Stops

Welcome to our selection of Pellet Bands & Bait Stops.

Drennan Hair Stops Drennan Hair Stops
25 in stock
Drennan Hair Stops Hair Stops have a special dumbell shape that is designed to hold the hair loop securely in position. Having miniature tapered ends, they feed easily into the smallest hair loop, even one which is wet and has stayed closed. Hair Stops are available in two sizes 3.5mm which are ideal for small baits and mini boilies and large at 4.5mm for larger boilies or softer baits where a smaller stop might pull through
Drennan Latex Brown Pellet Bands Drennan Latex Brown Pellet Bands
26 in stock
These dark brown coloured Latex Pellet Bands stretch more and grip much better. These bands are flexible enough to be pulled through drilled pellets using a pellet band. Available in three sizes Small Medium & Large.
Drennan Natural Latex Pellet Bands Drennan Natural Latex Pellet Bands
22 in stock
A natural tough latex band from Drennan. Durable and incredibly stretchy. They are also a good colour match to the low oil content pellets in popular use. Available in Three different sizes.
Drennan Pushstops Drennan Pushstops
17 in stock
Drennan Pushstops Pushstops offer a much easier and quicker method for baiting up. These are high quality, precision moulded Pushstops, so each stop is identical to the next one, ensuring a consistent fit. Pushstops are ideal for soft baits such as sweetcorn, expander pellets, cubes of meat and even worms. With the aid of a 1.5mm Drennan Pushstop Drill, they can also be used to mount boilies, dumbbells and hard pellets.
Frenzee FXT Mini Bands Frenzee FXT Mini Bands
6 in stock
Frenzee FXT Mini Bands The Frenzee FXT Mini Bands are for all your banding needs. Ideal for pellets of all sizes. Perfect for hair rigs, strong and resilient to wear. Excellent when used in conjunction with the Frenzee FXT Banding Tool. Aprrox 100 bands for packet.
Guru Bait Bayonets Guru Bait Bayonets
1 in stock
The Guru Bait Bayonets have been designed for super fast baiting. The unique desing helps grip the bait during casting and reeling in. The compact pin simply pushes into baits like boilies, meat, soft pellets and artificial baits. It hides neatly inside the bait and also features a large eye so thicker lines can be used when targeting big fish. 20 per packet.
Guru Line Stops Guru Line Stops
18 in stock
Guru Line Stops These Multi-purpose, compact line stops have a super tight fit even on low diamter lines. These are ideal for using with feeder or float set ups. Or even as back stops. 12 per packet avaiable in sizes Small - 5mm. Medium - 6mm and Large 7mm.
Guru Micro Bait Bands GBB Guru Micro Bait Bands GBB
3 in stock
The Guru Micro Bait Bands a super stretchy, durable and offer improved bait presentation. Designed for fishing with hard pellets up in the water or with a feeder or bomb. Can also be used for pulling into soft meat baits and sweetcorn. Supplied in packets of 100.
Guru Micro Hair Stops Guru Micro Hair Stops
1 in stock
Three colours tailored specifically to match a variety of hook baits.The tapered design offers easy location in the smallest of hair loops. Constructed from an almost neutral density material this ensures hook baits are unaffected. 360 Hair Stops Per Pack three Specific Colours and gradually Tapered.
Korum Mega Bands Korum Mega Bands
15 in stock
Korum Mega Bands 4mm These super tough bait bands can be directly hooked to create an easy and simple setup for fishing with a wide variety of baits. The extra wide profile makes them easier to hook on and improves lifespan. made from an extremely durable, stretchy silicone material, the Mega Bands provide a neat setup that leaves your hook prone to catch fish. Can be used with pellets, boilies and even baits like bread and floaters. Available in 4mm, 6mm and 10mm.
Preston Innovations Latex Bait Bands Preston Innovations Latex Bait Bands
10 in stock
Preston Innovations Latex Bait Bands High quality Latex Bait Bands, avaiable in three popular sizes. Super strong and offering the perfect amount of stretch, these bands can be used with a multitude of baits including pellets, Band'Ums, meat and casters. Available in Small, Medium and Large


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