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Pole Float Silicone, Greases & Paints

Welcome to our Pole Float Silicone, Greases & Float Paint page.

Drennan Black Silicone Tubing Drennan Black Silicone Tubing
22 in stock
Drennan Black Silicone Tubing Silicone Tubing is used to connect running water floats at the top and bottom. These tubes can be cut to the preferred length to be used as float caps or to help protect swivels, links and knots on all sorts of rigs and tackle setups.
Drennan Carp Pole Float Silicone Drennan Carp Pole Float Silicone
5 in stock
Drennan Carp Pole Float Silicone Polemaster Carp Pole Float Silicone consists of three special sizes of silicone tubing for pole floats with larger diameter stems and tips. The Range: Each packet contains: Black: 0.7mm Clear: 0.9mm Black: 1.1mm Features: Each packet contains approximately 30cm of tubing
Drennan Pole Float Silicone Drennan Pole Float Silicone
26 in stock
Pole Float Silicone comes in four different diameters and consists of two pre-cut sizes of silicone tubing in each pack. Supplied with both black and clear silicone, you can use the black with carbon stems and the clear for wire. The Range: Ex Fine - 0.4mm x 1.1mm Fine - 0.5mm x 1.3mm Medium - 0.7mm x 1.4mm Large - 0.9mm x 1.6mm Features: Each packet contains approximately enough silicone for fifty rigs Black and clear silicone Durable Pre-cut into two lengths
Drennan Polemaster Hook Ups & Depth Marker Bands Drennan Polemaster Hook Ups & Depth Marker Bands
5 in stock
Drennan Polemaster Pole Hookups and depth markers are great for keeping rigs hooked up avoiding unescessary strian on your elastic while your top kits are not being used. Also contains depth markers to slide up your kit inline with your float avoiding the use ofmarker pens etc. Each pack contains 10 hook-ups of sizes small, medium and large. Also suplied with 4 silicone markers in 3 colours.
Frenzee Natural Pole Silicone Frenzee Natural Pole Silicone
6 in stock
Frenzee Pole Float Silicone The soft stretch silicone (un-dyed for consistent quality) wont scupper or damage your line and will fit snugly on the stem of your floats. A massive 4 meters of silicone presented in a handy dispensing tub, labelled with the sizes for your convenience. The silicone comes in sizes 0.5mm-0.6mm-0.7mm & 0.8mm.
Preston Innovations Bristle Grease Preston Innovations Bristle Grease
8 in stock
Preston Innovations Bristle Grease is a very useful bit of kit. Desigined to be applied to float bristles to help make them sit correctly in the water.  Helps support the float tip when dotting right down and can be very useful for wrie tipped floats. Supplied in two colours Bright Red and Yellow.
Preston Innovations Pole Float Silicone Preston Innovations Pole Float Silicone
9 in stock
Preston Innovations Pole Float Silicone A selection of high quality silicone in five popular sizes specifically desinged for attaching pole floats when making rigs. Robust easy to use with a strong 0.56mm wall diameter, pre-cut in 40mm lengths. Ideal for carbon, wire and fibreglass stems. Sizes 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm & 1.0mm.


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