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Waggler Adaptors, Stops & Accessories

Welcome to our Waggler Adaptor & Float Stop page.

Drennan Flexible Float Link Drennan Flexible Float Link
10 in stock
Drennan Flexible Float Link These unique Drennan Flexible Float Link connectors make it very easy to change floats. The float is simply pushed into the connector which is then pushed into a plastic tube, which sits on the line. They will not damage the line in any way and they ensure a clean, splash-free strike and retrieve. As no locking shot is needed, they are particularly useful when you are placing the main bulk of shot well down the line. Features: There are two sizes of link and four links per packet Very Flexible Four per packet (two of each size)
Drennan Grippa Stops Drennan Grippa Stops
3 in stock
These Drennan Grippa Stops are a tapered extra large rubber float stop. Ideal for small sliding rings or locking wagglers in position. 14 per pack.
Drennan Leger Stops Drennan Leger Stops
4 in stock
The classic Leger stop from Drennan. Small neat and as popular as ever. Pass the line through the collar and push in the plug to trap the line in place   Made from a super soft plastic to ensure no line damage is caused.
Drennan Mini Leger Stops Drennan Mini Leger Stops
18 in stock
Drennan Mini Leger Stops Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best. Many Drennan products can be described this way, not least leger stops. Just thread the sleeve on the line and press in the plug. Full instructions on the packet. Available in 2 sizes: Mini and Standard.
Drennan Mixed Float Caps Drennan Mixed Float Caps
11 in stock
These mixed float caps from Drennan are ideal for top and bottom float fixing for stick floats avon style floats pole float bristles or standard wagglers. Come in allsorts of sizes and colours.
Drennan Silicone Float Attachments Drennan Silicone Float Attachments
20 in stock
Just a great quick and easy way to change your floats to suit the different types of conditions whilst  fishing without the need to break your tackle down.
Guru Micro Silicone Tube Guru Micro Silicone Tube
3 in stock
Achieve optimum hook bait presentation when hair rigging baits by using this ultra fine silicone to trap the hair against the hook. Comes in 0.3mm diameter and in a 1.5mtr length. Super Fine Diameter Enhanced Bait Presentation Can be used with hooks as small as a 20
Guru Waggler Adaptor Guru Waggler Adaptor
1 in stock
Guru Waggler Adaptor The perfect line to float connection. Incorparates a micro swivel so the adaptor can be used with the smallest of line stops. Also featured is a large rounded clasp which ensures the waggler is sat in the correct position, improving casting. Easy to open allowing you to change floats quickly.
Guru Waggler Converters Guru Waggler Converters
10 in stock
Guru Waggler Converters Easy to use push on weight, designed to fully shot an unloaded float. Simply insert the base peg into the soft sleeve for a secure fitting. Brilliantly shaped for accurate casting. A a swivel is in the base of the converter for easy connection to a waggler adaptor. Ideal for use with Guru Foam Wagglers


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