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Pole Bushes & Connectors

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Drennan Bungee Connectors Drennan Bungee Connectors
17 in stock
Drennan Bungee Connectors Bungee Connectors are ideal for hollow elastic such as Drennan Carp Bungee. The combination of a semi-flexible bulbous bead and a tough nylon cone for attachment provides the ideal setup for all diameters of Drennan Carp Bungee and other tubular elastics. Connector Beads work best when used in conjunction with the correct size of PTFE Bungee Bush.
Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors
24 in stock
Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors Drennan Pole Elastic Connectors have a unique locking sleeve to ensure the rig cannot come off during fishing. Four sizes are available, supplied in different colours for instant identification. Two connectors per pack. Micro — 1–4 elastic (0.08–0.10mm rig line) Small — 4–8 elastic (0.09–0.12mm rig line) Medium — 8–14 elastic (0.10–0.16mm rig line) Carp — 14–20 elastic (0.15–0.25mm rig line)
Drennan Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes Drennan Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes
14 in stock
Drennan Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes are made from pure white PTFE and shaped to match up with Polemaster Bungee Connectors. They help to improve stretch and recovery of pole elastic and reduce elastic wear.
Drennan Super Slick Internal Bungee Bushes Drennan Super Slick Internal Bungee Bushes
16 in stock
Drennan Super Slick Internal Bungee Bushes Super Slick Internal Bungee Bushes are made from pure white PTFE. Manufactured in our own factories, these bushes provide an elongated slippery tube section right at the pole tip. This extra working length reduces pole elastic wear and smooths both stretch and recovery.
Frenzee FXT Puller Bead Frenzee FXT Puller Bead
4 in stock
Frenzee Precision FXT Puller Beads The Puller Bead from Frenzee is a tensioner bead that works in conjunction with any top kit fitted with a side entry elastic device. The 3 different sizes of Puller Bead have been designed to accommodate ranging elastic diameters from the thinnest/lightest of Hollows through to the thickest/heaviest Hollow. The soft rubber bread has been moulded with a gradual tapered bore that actually grips the wall of the elastic. This allows the bead to run freely along a stretched elastic yet hold firm position on relaxed elastic. Pull more elastic from the side of your pole and tension it with the Puller Bead. Perfect when you need to up the tension without the hassle of chopping back your elastic. 3 sizes available match perfectly to the size of elastic: •Small – elastic up to 1.8mm - Yellow •Medium – elastic up to 2.4mm - Green •Large – elastic up to 3mm - Blue
Frenzee Precision Internal Bushes Frenzee Precision Internal Bushes
6 in stock
Frenzee Precision Internal Bush Effective desing means efficent performance and these internal bushes from Frenzee provide just that. With a newly designed chamfered bore, internals will give elastic better performance and increased fish-playing ability. Smoother edges give a feer flow, ultimately meaning less hook-puls and more landed fish. They are small and obtrusive yet play a big role in your pole fishing. If you want to go the extra yard use Frenzee internals. Availble in three sizes. 3.2mm, 4.3mm & 5.2mm.
Frenzee Smartcut Frenzee Smartcut
4 in stock
Frenzee Smartcut System The Frenzee Smartcut is a revolutionary cutting device that will end your “cut too much off the end of your pole/not enough" nightmares permanently. It’s simple; the device only allows you to cut the pole at the correct place and guarantees a perfect fit to your Frenzee precision bush every time! Comes in three sizes for use with the Frenzee I-Bush or the standard Frenzee PTFE Internal Bushes. See drop down menu for size options.
Guru Elastic Connector Guru Elastic Connector
12 in stock
Guru Elastic Connectors Dacron style elastic connectors. Available In: - Small - Medium - Large
Preston Innovations Carp Extra Connectors Preston Innovations Carp Extra Connectors
39 in stock
The Preston Innovations Slip Extra Carp Connectors are an almost fluorescent colour making them highly visible when playing fish, the Carp Connector Extra are ultra strong and suitable for all strong elastics. Available in four different colours.
Preston Innovations Dacron Connectors Preston Innovations Dacron Connectors
4 in stock
These Dacron Connectors have been specificaly developed to provide a neat link between your elastic and your rig. The Dacron holds your rig away from your pole tip whilst the purpose designed bead makes sure the Dacron points forwards to keep tanlges to an absolute minimum. Available in six different sizes and colours. Micro (Red), Small (Yellow), Medium (Green), Large (Orange), Extra Large ( Blue) and Mega ( Purple).
Preston Innovations External PTFE Bushes Preston Innovations External PTFE Bushes
22 in stock
Preston Innovations External PTFE Bushes Constructed from high quality PTFE, the slim elongated profile helps to eliminate line tangling around the base. The bushes are shaped to allow elastics to flow freely while there is a size in the range to suit all elastics from the lightest in the Slip range through to the heaviest Hollo’s. Available in nine size ranging from 1.4mm through to 3.8mm.
Preston Innovations Hollo Connectors Preston Innovations Hollo Connectors
28 in stock
The Preston Innovations Hollo Connectors are made from ultra strong moulded plastic these large connectors are designed for all hollow and large size solid elastics. A snap fit on the sliding collar ensures security. Available in Green, Blue, Orange & Yellow to suit the larger sizes of Preston Innovations Hollo elastics.
Preston Innovations Hollo PTFE Bush Preston Innovations Hollo PTFE Bush
1 in stock
Made from PTFE the Hollo bush provides maximum performance when used with all hollow elastics. Designed to fit all power kit tops the wide diameter ensures elastic is released smoothly. They can also be used directly on match number 2 sections. The tapered rear of the bush prevents unnecessary tangles.
Preston Innovations Slip Connectors Preston Innovations Slip Connectors
9 in stock
Manufactured to micro tolerences to ensure a perfect secure fit throughout their life. Colour coded to match Slip Elastic Slip Connectors are available in two different sizes. Slip Micro is perfect for light and medium strength elastics up to a size 8 whilst the Slip Carp size will accomodate size 6 and above.
Preston Innovations Stretch Slip Bush Preston Innovations Stretch Slip Bush
10 in stock
Designed for stron elastics the Slip Stretch Bush has a thin walled construction that can be stretched to fit externally over a number 2 section.


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