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Pole Pots & Cupping Kits

Drennan Pole Pots Drennan Pole Pots
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Drennan Pole Pots 150ml & 250ml are the optimum size pots. Nylon screw fittings and tip adaptors make the whole system lightweight and efficient. Available in Black or Aqua.
Frenzee Soft Pots Clear & Black Frenzee Soft Pots Clear & Black
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Frenzee Soft Pots Clear & Black with Lids Frenzee's revolutionary Soft Pot has in a short space of time become a must have item such as the ease of use and great functionality of the product. The advantages of using these pots are huge. For example, no possibility of damaging pole sections, soft rubber compound which grips to carbon, easy to use, light weight, will fit most pole kits, rubber compound actually grips the bait. Come supplied in packets of two complete with lids.
Guru Pole Pot XL Guru Pole Pot XL
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Guru Pole Pot XL The Guru XL pole pot is a perfect alternative to a dedicated cupping kit. It will fit onto a wide range of different top kits, and is made from a soft plastic to prevent damage.
Guru Pole Pots Guru Pole Pots
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Guru Pole Pots Guru have designed a range of pole pots, from scratch, to address the shortcomings of their previous designs. The range includes small, medium and large pots. The small ones have special sprinkle lids for quick-and-easy loading. One of the small pots has specially configured holes in it, to allow easy baiting with pellets and other soft baits, and one without holes for use with maggots. The medium and large pots come with two lid choices in a pack, one with a narrow lip for use with maggots and meat, and one with a wider lip, which is perfect for drip-feeding pellets. The pots are made from super-light, two-tone plastic, which makes for easy shipping and won’t spook fish! Finally, the clever, X-Soft fitting will accept a range of top kits, of different diameters, without damaging the pole. Two pots supplied
Guru Quick Load Sprinkle Lid Guru Quick Load Sprinkle Lid
14 in stock
Guru Quick Load Sprinkle Lids Sprinkle Lids for Guru Pole Pots. Pots not included. ◾Quick load sprinkle lids ◾Ideal for feeding pellets and maggots ◾MEDIUM fits onto Medium Guru Pole Pots ◾LARGE fits onto Large Guru Pole Pots ◾Easy loading without removing lid
Preston Innovations Kups Preston Innovations Kups
10 in stock
Supplied inpacks of two. With two different sizes the popular Preston Kups come with two sizes of internal diameter attachments for different diameter pole sections and have brass threads that will outlast many of the plastic threads available.
Preston Innovations Mega Soft Cad Pot Preston Innovations Mega Soft Cad Pot
8 in stock
Preston Innovations Mega Soft Cad Pot The Mega Soft Pot is designed for feeding increased quantities of bait, ideal for commercial fisheries. This super-size version of the popular Soft Cad Pot shares all of the unique qualities and is made from the same lightweight rubberised material that eliminates any potential top kit damage. With an increased bore diameter, which lends itself to power kits and margin poles, the perforated design counteracts any vacuum effect which can prevent bait from releasing from a conventional pot. Ideal for a wide variety of baits such as pellets, corn, hemp, groundbait and meat.
Preston Innovations Soft Cad Pots Preston Innovations Soft Cad Pots
24 in stock
Preston Innovations Soft Cad Pots Made from soft rubberised material to grip most if not all sized top kits without causing damage. The perforated design serves several purposes, the main advantage is to counteract the vacuum effect which can prevent bait from releasing in a conventional pot, it also reduces the weight on the end of your pole and reduces wind resistance. Suplied with four lids in two different colours, the orange version is easily visible to make sure the pot iis fully turned before you empty it.


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