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Grundéns has developed and manufactured high-quality rainwear and protective clothing for generations. The functionality of their waterproof clothing has been proven across the world in the toughest environments known to man – confirming our philosophy of providing guaranteed products.

Grudnens story started at the beginning of the 20th century, when Carl Grundén, the son of a fisherman, grew tired of the unforgiving weather on the west coast of Sweden.

He decided to make something for people with a passion for fishing and started manufacturing water repellent garments to withstand the forces of nature – keeping all men and women warm, dry and safe when doing what they love. Today Grundens carry on the tradition of developing products you can trust. We help fishermen, both professional and recreational face any condition on waters across the globe.

Fishing Feeds Us

The Grundéns family believes that fishing feeds us, all of us – physically and emotionally. It is our livelihood and our passion. Fishing is about the respect for nature and its elements, the thrill of the catch, as well as the greater journey and the stories we bring back. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that our children will have the opportunity to have a relationship with fishing.

We are the stewards of the ocean and we must take that responsibility seriously. We want to be proud of how we act when no one is looking. Conscious action means being curious about and responsive to new technology, research, and methods. It means supporting natural resource protection and doing our part to keep the oceans healthy. We want the relationship between fish and people to feed us – mind, body, and soul – forever. Because without fish, there is no fishing.

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Buoy-X Goretex Waterproofs

The Buoy X is the most rugged foul weather clothing on the market. Offering best-in-class waterproof/breathable technology with the GORE-TEX® Guaranteed to Keep you Dry Promise and 3-layer fabric construction, the Buoy X delivers an incredibly durable solution without the burden of added bulkiness. Built for the passionate dedicated angler whose life revolves around the water, the Buoy X Jacket strongly delivers on our promise to build gear you can trust.

Neptune Series

Ultra tough with added features.

Built with medium-weight polyurethane-coated fabric this series moves and stretches with you as you work and fish while delivering full protection against rain, wind, and spray.

This is a very well priced range of waterproofs designed for the angler who doesn't want to get let down no matter how harsh the conditions are.

The range has handy additions added to the garments including neoprene cuffs, no corrosive zips and decent sized pockets in the right places.

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