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Cox & Rawle Trebles Cox & Rawle Trebles
23 in stock
Cox & Rawle Extra Strong Trebles Extremely sharp micro barbs round eye and corrosion resistant finish. Perfect replacment hook for lures and plugs, as well as being great for Pike, Salmon etc Pks of 10
Decoy Worm Hook 22 Decoy Worm Hook 22
25 in stock
Decoy weedless Hook Worm 22 Decoy weedless Hook Worm 22's are the ultimate "spring-on" hook for swimbaits and soft plastics. Easy to use than a spring, the unique Decoy barb allows anglers to push plastics on instead of having to fumble through the twist-on process. The Decoy Hook Worm also features a wide gap and set back shank to allow plenty of bite on thicker plastic. Size Options Size 1/0   4 per pack Size 2/0   4 per pack Size 3/0   4 per pack Size 4/0   3 per pack Size 5/0   3 per pack
Fiiish Black Minnow Krog Hooks Fiiish Black Minnow Krog Hooks
8 in stock
Fiiish Black Minnow Krog Hooks This super sharp weedless hook is the replacement for the Fiiish black minnow, but can also be used with other soft plastic lures Available in five different sizes Four hooks in a packet
Fox Rage Armapoint Treble Hooks Fox Rage Armapoint Treble Hooks
20 in stock
Fox Rage Armapoint Treble Hooks These super strong hooks from Fox are perfect for replacing the hooks on your favourite lures, The slightly in turned point allows the trebles to be fished very close to snags or the bottom without damaging the sharpness of the hook. As they are so strong and reliable some top predator anglers like to use them for dead baits aswell. • X-strong trebles for maximum power • Superior strength and sharpness • PTFE coated • Sizes available: 1-8
Gerrys Just 4 Jellies Weighted Hooks Gerrys Just 4 Jellies Weighted Hooks
7 in stock
This new product is a great idea weight to 3.5gms on both sizes allow this hook to give that little extra casting capabilities to jellys , worms etc on 2/0 and 4/0 hooks 5 per packet
HTO Weedless Hooks HTO Weedless Hooks
62 in stock
HTO Weedless Hooks These curved shank hooks from HTO are buit for soft plastics, giving you a versatile hook you can utilise in a range of styles form weedless to Carolina rig style. Available in a range of sizes, 5 hooks per pack.
HTO Weedless Worm Hooks HTO Weedless Worm Hooks
8 in stock
HTO Weedless Worm Hooks These superb hooks from HTO are designed to work great with worm lures and soft plastics, giving you an irresistible weedless lure setup. With a straight shank, round eye and black nickel finish. Available in a range if sizes, 5 hooks per pack.
Partridge Lure Treble Hook Black Nickel Partridge Lure Treble Hook Black Nickel
3 in stock
Partridge Round Lure Treble Black Nickel Hooks X6PR A superb treble designed specifically for use on lures. The hook features a round best and finished in a black nickel. The hooks are made in Japan to ensure the quality, durability and sharpness. Wide Gape Round Bend Short Shank See Size options for pack quantities Japanese Made
Savage Gear Big Fish Trebles Savage Gear Big Fish Trebles
30 in stock
Savage Gear Big Fish Trebles These are the perfect trebles for big fish fishing, hence the name!, The larger sizes are spot on for replacing trebles on big soft lures such as norway shads, the smaller sizes are great for replacing the hooks on Bass lures, 8 sizes to choose from, theres a treble covering all fishing situations in this range! Super strong Stainless Steel
Savage Gear Y-Trebles Savage Gear Y-Trebles
32 in stock
Savage Gear Y-Trebles Wide Eye balanced treble. Especially customized for the tail of the lure which enhances hook up rates and is great for extra lure movement. Wire forged for extra strength. Black Nickel Aviliable in sizes     10  8  6  4  2  1/0  2/0  3/0  


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