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Braids & Monos

HTO Nebula X8 Braid 150m HTO Nebula X8 Braid 150m
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TronixPro HTO Nebula X8 Braid This new x8 braid from Tronix is woven from eight strands of Japanese UHMWPE fibre our Nebula X8 is an ultra-soft, supple but incredibly strong and durable line. Designed specifically for the needs of the modern angler who demands maximum durability and high performance. Nebula X8 is tightly woven to produce a low diameter, round profile braid that sits well on both spinning and baitcasting reels without digging into itself. Combining this with its slick, soft and smooth nature creates a high-performance casting line that is perfect for fishing with hard lures, soft plastics, jig heads and jigs, giving the angler maximum sensitivity and immediate feedback. A UV protection layer adds resistance to the damaging effects of the sun on braided lines, ensuring that the braid lasts longer, saving the angler money in regular line replacement. Features Available in pink & Orange 3 sizes 16lb - 20lb - 24lb 150m Spools
Asso Super Fluorocarbon Asso Super Fluorocarbon sale
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Asso Super Fluorocarbon Fluorocarbon is available at many prices, basically the more you pay the less easy it is for the fish to see it, add to this this Asso Super Fluorocarbon is very tough too it has some great uses where bigger fish are your quarry! Lets face it this is the bit the fish see's so the more invisible the better! Most fluorocarbons are stiff and brittle, however Asso Super Fluorocarbon is very soft and supple, you may not believe it is 100% fluorocarbon just by looking at it! Features: *The Latest Development in Fluorocarbon *Higest Quality 100% Fluorocarbon *Super Smooth *Maximum Strength *Virtualy Invisible in water Asso Super Fluorocarbon is our highest quality fluorocarbon. Used by anglers around the world for a number of years Asso super fluorocarbon is one of the best lines in existence. Suitable for Sea, Carp, Fly and Match fishing, this is one of Asso's biggest selling lines and should be the choice of any serious angler. Available on 50 meter spools
Savage Gear 100% Soft Fluorocarbon Savage Gear 100% Soft Fluorocarbon
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Savage Gear 100% Soft Fluorocarbon Fluoro Carbon is much less visible underwater than regular monofilament and virtually invisible to fish. 100% Soft Fluoro Carbon is UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbent and the super soft formula gives the perfect presentation and action in the water of your bait or lure! • Invisible In Water • Super Soft • High Knot Strength • 100% FluoroCarbon • Shock absorbent leader
Sufix Performance Pro 8 Braid 150yds Neon Orange Sufix Performance Pro 8 Braid 150yds Neon Orange
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Sufix Performance Pro 8 Neon Orange Braid 135 mt An 8 carrier construction of thin dyneema fibers create a strong,thin baided line that has high abrasion resistance and superb knot strength. The precision braiding technology with a high tension weaving process results in a round, smooth and supple braid with a consistent diameter . It is soft, silky smooth, high visibility and has low friction on the guides which results in silent performance and long accurate casts. Ideal for all aspects of spinnig fresh water and salt water ,Salmon ,Bass, Pike ,Perch and Trout * Please note these spools have a line class rating on the spool and the box .This is not the breaking strain it's the traditional US Rating .We have put the true breaking strains in the options box . If you are confused just give us a call on * 01524-422146 Features; High Viz Neon Orange 135mt Spool 8 carrier construction of thin Dyneema fibers Super strong High abrasion resistant Round and smooth for longer silent accurate casting Sufix R8 precision braided technology *Inc 10mt super 21 Flouro carbon in box *
YGK G-Soul X3 Braid YGK G-Soul X3 Braid sale
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YGK G-soul X3 braided lines (PE spectra) (soft body, thin coating) YGK G-soul X3 line has tightly braided 3-strand construction body. The line body has thin coating as on other YGK lines for more casting distance and sensitivity. This X3 is specifically designed for finesse fishing, and its line-up starts from very thin #0.25, 4lb test. The braided line is more durable than fused mono-type line and it is a great advantage for this line. Made in Japan. Color is Hi-vis Flash Yellow Colour: Yellow Breaking Strains 6lb (0.104mm) 16lb (0.165mm) 20lb (0.185mm)


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