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Asso Super Fluorocarbon Asso Super Fluorocarbon
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Asso Super Fluorocarbon Fluorocarbon is available at many prices, basically the more you pay the less easy it is for the fish to see it, add to this this Asso Super Fluorocarbon is very tough too it has some great uses where bigger fish are your quarry! Lets face it this is the bit the fish see's so the more invisible the better! Most fluorocarbons are stiff and brittle, however Asso Super Fluorocarbon is very soft and supple, you may not believe it is 100% fluorocarbon just by looking at it! Features: *The Latest Development in Fluorocarbon *Higest Quality 100% Fluorocarbon *Super Smooth *Maximum Strength *Virtualy Invisible in water Asso Super Fluorocarbon is our highest quality fluorocarbon. Used by anglers around the world for a number of years Asso super fluorocarbon is one of the best lines in existence. Suitable for Sea, Carp, Fly and Match fishing, this is one of Asso's biggest selling lines and should be the choice of any serious angler. Available on 50 meter spools
Berkley Trilene Big Game Fluorocarbon Berkley Trilene Big Game Fluorocarbon
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Berkley Trilene Big Game 100% Fluorocarbon (beaware of cheaper coated fluorocarbons!) Most have heard about fluorocarbon, but how many of us have given it a try? The fish can,t see it! The flagship Berkley fluorocarbon is the Berkley Big Game Fluorocarbon leader material. Berkley Big Game is a name that every angler can trust, and when you use this fluorocarbon you will see why. Available in a wide range of breaking strains up to 80lb to cover most angling situations you are likely to encounter. It can be used for Saltwater angling, Bass, Pollock etc great also for Blue water species Tarpon-Tuna etc. Also Carp fishing with heavy leaders or many Carp rig permutations. Berkley Big Game Fluorocarbon is also perfect for leaders when lure fishing for Bass in conqunction with braided mainline. Be warned this stuff could seriously increase your catch rate! Features: Maximum Invisibility Maximum Durability 100% Fluorocarbon Spooled on Large Leader for Minimal Coiling Breaking Strains: 30lb (100yds) 40lb (100yds) 50lb (100yds) 60lb (75yds) 80lb (75yds)
Berkley Trilene Big Game Shock Leader Berkley Trilene Big Game Shock Leader
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Berkley Trilene Big Game Shock Leader This special mono is the most popular big game leader material in the world. A combination of toughness and high abrasion resistance, excellent knot strength and ease of use makes this the ideal shock-leader. Spooled on large wrist spools to eliminate coiling. Features: Superior Abrasion Resistance Super Strong High Knot Strength Smooth Handling Ideal Saltwater Shockleader Colours: Clear Breaking Strains: 30lb - 0.56mm 40lb - 0.61mm 50lb - 0.74mm 60lb - 0.79mm 80lb - 0.86mm Spool Length: 50m
Fox Rage Illusion Soft Trans Khaki Flouro Carbon Fox Rage Illusion Soft Trans Khaki Flouro Carbon
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Fox Rage Illusion 100% Trans Kaki Flouro Carbon 100% Fluorocarbon .Soft , supple hooklink material with ultra low visability perfect for all angling situations .This Hooklink material is perfect for dropshot and LRF leaders as well as light lure fshing also has a high knot strength. Features: 100% Flourocarbon Ultra soft and supple Low visability Trans Khaki colour High Knot Strength
Savage Gear 100% Soft Fluorocarbon Savage Gear 100% Soft Fluorocarbon
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Savage Gear 100% Soft Fluorocarbon Fluoro Carbon is much less visible underwater than regular monofilament and virtually invisible to fish. 100% Soft Fluoro Carbon is UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbent and the super soft formula gives the perfect presentation and action in the water of your bait or lure! • Invisible In Water • Super Soft • High Knot Strength • 100% FluoroCarbon • Shock absorbent leader
Sufix Super 21 Fluoro Carbon Clear 150 mtr inc free clippers Sufix Super 21 Fluoro Carbon Clear 150 mtr inc free clippers
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Sufix Super 21 Fluoro-Carbon Clear 150 mt The new Sufix Super 21® FC fluorocarbon line is nearly invisible in the water, making it ideal for stealthy presentations. The fluorocarbon line is extremely abrasion resistant and durable for fishing rough structure and tough-mouthed fish and still supple enough for excellent casting performance. Fluorocarbon sinks four times faster than nylon monofilament line, allowing the lures/flys/bait to sink quickly into the strike zone. This fluorocarbon handles exceptionally well for spinning and casting reels. Spooled with Sufix’s exclusive G2 Precision Winding, there’s virtually no line memory out from the spool. Fluorocarbon's other great benefit is that the line will never absorb water, no matter how long it's submerged. This keeps the line's structural integrity in top condition, providing unparalleled knot and shock strength. Perfect for all Spinning applications Bass,Pollock,Pike and Salmon * Please note these spools have a line class rating on the spool and the box .This is not the breaking strain it's the traditional US Rating .We have put the true breaking strains in the options box . If you are confused just give us a call on * 01524-422146 Features- 100% Fluorocarbon line 150 mt spool Clear G2 Precision Winding makes for fantastic handling Suitable as main line for light sportfishing Super long casting Better bite detection Virtually invisible underwater Free Rapala Stainless Mini Clippers Included( Except 0.40mm 20lb)

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