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Nets, Sling and Mats

Aqua Combi Mat Aqua Combi Mat
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
• 120 x 70 x 5 cms • Fully zipped retaining flap • Baffled zip • Built in weigh system • Duratexx nylon • Can be rolled for transportation • Comes complete with sleeve with handle • Carry handle now supplied perfect for stalking situations • Ny plex fish friendly protective surface • Foam fully encased to prevent water ingress
Savage Gear Folding Rubber Mesh Landing Net Savage Gear Folding Rubber Mesh Landing Net
2 in stock
The Super strong, yet light weight Savage Gear Folding landing net is ideal for all predator fishing. The nets unique design feature is that it folds away neatly for easy storage. Yet quick and easy to assemble when you arrive at the water. Manufactured using a knotless rubber mesh netting that allows for easy and safe handling of even the largest fish and helps avoid lures becoming tangled in the mesh. Features ; • Nylon reinforced carbon net block • Aluminum frame and net handle • Rubber mesh net - perfect for lure fishing • Foldable head
Savage Gear Predator Unhooking Mat Savage Gear Predator Unhooking Mat
7 in stock
Savage Gear Predator Unhooking Mat The Savage Gear Pro Unhooking Mat is manufactured from fish friendly Tauplin and padded with high density foam offering the highest level of fish safety for the serious catch & release predator angler. The mat comes printed with measure tape offering a perfect scale for photographing your catch. Easy 3 way fold makes the mat compact when not in use and also makes a perfect boat cushion. Dimensions: 120cm x 65cm
Nash KNX 5 Fold Unhooking Mat Nash KNX 5 Fold Unhooking Mat
1 in stock
Nash KNX 5 Fold Unhooking Mat A simple but brilliant concertina design mat that reduces transport size but ensures a generous padded area to protect valuable big fish of all species. Clips together for easy transport, offering much less bulk than standard mats. Dimensions: 100cm x 60cm
Sonik XTI Landing Net Sonik XTI Landing Net sale
Available to order 5-10 day delivery
Sonik XTI Landing Net 1 Piece The slim yet stiff carbon fibre handles feature a 1K carbon weave whilst the unique ‘S’ design solid aluminium spreader block is functional and smart. The incredibly soft, olive green mesh is deep and has a separate fish friendly base piece for extra protection to the fish. Unique machined aluminium spreader with is black anodised with ‘S’ logo laser etched on the top Japanese shrink wrap handle Carbon arms with 1K carbon weave Black tyings with metallic blue tippings Deep carpy green soft mesh with super soft base section Supplied with a net bag
DAM Steelpower Landing Net 50x55cm DAM Steelpower Landing Net 50x55cm
4 in stock
DAM Steelpower Landing Net 50x55cm A very handy and durable net ideal from boat fresh and salt water applications. The mesh is made from rubber so it doesn't hold water and hooks don't get caught up The frame is full Aluminium making it lighter, durable and strong. Head size 50x55cm Mesh size 10mm Full length 165cm Aluminium construction Rubber mesh
Fox Camolite Net Float Fox Camolite Net Float
1 in stock
Fox Camolite Net Float Featuring the unique Fox Camolite pattern, this ultra bouyant net float will aid in the landing of fish by keeping your landing net on the waters surface, stopping it from sinking when placed in the water. Attached via an easy to use velcro strap, this easy to use product is a must have! Features Features unique Camolite pattern Designed to aid the landing of fish Split design allows float tobe used on nets with fixed spreader blocks Secure velcro closing and fastening
Nash KNX Net Float Nash KNX Net Float
1 in stock
Nash KNX Net Float Essential net addition, especially when fishing on your own. Helps support the weight of the net Features : • Universal fit -compatible with any net • Toggle either end to help grip the net and pole • Dimensions :15cm (l) x 6.6 cm (w) Other products for illustration purposes only.
Trakker Net Float Trakker Net Float
96 in stock
The Nylon Net Float has been designed to ensure your landing net floats on the surface preventing it from sinking or snagging on boulders etc. It is easily attached around a landing net pole and held in place with a Velcro strap.


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