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Damiltech Lid Lifter Twin Pack to fit New Shakespeare Box

Damiltech Lid Lifter Twin Pack To fit New Shakespeare Seat Box The Lid Lifter Kits from damiltech can be fitted as a single unit or as a pair as shown in the photo. This product allows you to lift your box lid and keeps it open while your getting tackle out. So no more wrapped knuckles and fingers…


Shakespeare Seat Box

Shakespeare Seat Box The all new Shakespeare seatbox has been completely redesigned for 2018/19. Made from high quality filled-polypropylene it is a tough and durable box with a very solid feel. The completely revised twin catch style locking system keeps the lid closed and helps to keep the water out. The one piece base moulding…


Breakaway Seat Box Back Rest Conversion New Model

Breakaway Seat Box Back Rest (New Model) The new Breakaway Backrest and harness is for the new Shakespeare box as the lid is deeper on this version. Now with the longer brackets this one will allow the lid to open. For years anglers have struggled along shingle beaches with boxes slung across one shoulder either slipping and sliding…


Tronix Kyoto Blue Seat Box

1. Gerrys Power Premium Braid Blue 1000m This is a classic braid and is unmatched in value!. It's super smooth finish makes long and effortless casts possible. Gerrys Power Premium Braid is super strong and super sensative with all the qualities of a much higher priced braid. Compact and round No stretch High performance PE Braid


Breakaway Comfy Cushion

Breakaway Backrest Comfy Cushion The comfy cushions are made to fit the Breakaway backrest. easy to fit made from strong nylon and well padded for extra comfort. velcro straps. Can be added or taken off without removing backrest For the ultimate luxury buy a pair or one can be put on the bottom backrest for…


Beach Multipliers

We stock a large range of beach multiplier reels from Akios, Daiwa and Okuma - quality Japanese brands which are both solidly constructed and feature rich, with level wind systems, magnetic and centrifugal casting brakes and sophisticated drag systems which mean if you do hook a really big fish you are protected from breakages should you get a sudden run.

Our beach multiplier range has been hand-picked to give you the very best casting distance at the lowest price available - the quality of these multipliers speaks volumes and will give you confidence when throwing your lead towards the horizon!

Lever Drag Multipliers

Our range of lever drag multipliers gives you the convenience of on the fly adjustment for drag - essential when you are fighting heavy, fast moving fish in deep water and let's face it... lever drag is just so cool!

Our lever drag multiplier range comes from top manufacturers like Penn, Shimano, Daiwa and Okuma and are designed to handle the very largest and strongest of fish wherever you are, with specially treated surfaces to shrug off salt water and designs which make your fishing more pleasurable.

Large Fixed Spool Reels

We stock a great range of large fixed spool reels for those who prefer to fish with a fixed spool. With models specifically designed for beach, rocky shore and boat fishing, our fixed spool reel range offers everything that the fixed spool angler needs at a great price point.

Left Handed Sea Reels

If you're a 'leftie' then you're going to need one of our left handed multipliers! Made to perfectly suit the left handed angler, these reels allow you to fish in comfort and without awkwardness associated with trying to adapt to a right handed reel. We offer left handed multipliers for beach, bass, lure fishing and boat use, all from brands who offer the highest quality features and salt protection.

Lure Spinning Reels

If you love to fish with a lure then we have a great selection of fixed spool reels specifically designed to allow you to cast further, control your bait in the water and land that fish of your dreams without drama - our range of lure and spinning reels from manufacturers such as Shimano, Penn, Abu and Daiwa offer the sea fisherman superior lure casting, the smoothest of retrieval and construction which guarantees years of faithful service.

Fixed Spool Jigging Reels

If you love catching large fish aboard a boat but don't like multipliers then why not use a fixed spool jigging reel? We stock a great range of very heavy duty fixed spool reels for this purpose from Penn and Shimano, with features such as full ball bearing mechanisms and slow line lay, giving you the perfectly loaded spool every time, avoiding tangles completely.

Star Drag Multiplers

Do you prefer your multiplier with 'old school' star drag? We stock a large range of star drag multipliers from all the best manufacturers, available with our without level wind systems.