Boat Fishing

We are big into rod building and customisation and offer just about everything you need for any build.

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Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 12-20lb

Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2 7ft 4″ 12-20lb Ugly Stix boat rods with such a huge following as being one of the toughest rods available have now been added to these new GX2 boat rods that will follow the tradition and prove indestructible with great sensitivity from the Glass tips, smooth progressive actions to cope with mono…


Cuda 6″ Titanium Bonded Flex Fillet Knife & Fishermans Sheath Set – 5 Year Warranty

Cuda 6 Inch Titanium Bonded Fillet Knife – 5 Year Warranty This knife features Titanium Bonded German 4116 Full-Tang Stainless Steel. The 4116 steel is known for its corrosion resistance and incredible edge retention. As with all Cuda products, it has a scale grip pattern for the perfect grip. It also features a full-tang window proving the…


Berkley Rod Holders

These rod holders are the best quality we have sold .Unlike some of the copies that are about .These are made from a tough injection moulded plastic.  A multi purpose tough moulded plastic can be used for trolling or just carrying your rods in upright position when moving from mark to mark. Can be fitted…


Daiwa Tournament Travel Boat 4 pc 7ft 6″ 25-40lb

Daiwa Tournament Travel Boat 4pc 7ft 6″ 25-40lb The New 4pc Travel rods from Daiwa are set to be a big hit in the travel market high quality throughout the whole construction from the new unique carbon technology HVF ( High Volume Fibre) making the rod lighter weighing only 320g but with the X45 technology…


Bass Fishing From a Boat

The ever more popular Bass can be fished for from a boat using baits or lures. Catching a Bass from a boat is similar to the shore and many of the lures and rigs can be used for both. Generally Bass feed in shallow running water or sit on the edges of drop offs waiting for their next meal to swim or drift by. The hard bit is getting your bait/lure in the correct spot, if you do somehting will pull back hard.

Cod Cod Cod

Cod fishing is without doubt the Uk's favorite style of boat fishing and there is a serious amount of tackle to pick from. Cod can be caught using bait but its much more effective to use a heavy pirk or shad fitted on a collar boom rig to get to the fish. They are usually found around deepish wrecks just waiting for you to drift past with your shads, eels and pirks.

Pollack Fishing

Pollack are a hard fighting fish and depending where you are can really alter what boat fishing tackle you need. You can find Pollack around reefs and wrecks and the same tackle can be used that will catch you a Cod. You can also catch Pollack close in around kelp beds and steep cliffs. This is all about spinning from the boat. Make sure you have weedless shads if casting in and around Kelp beds. You will usually need something quite heavy so it sinks quickly.

Shark Fishing

Whether you after Tope, Smoothound, Blue sharks, Porbeagles or even a Mako shark the technique is similar you just have up upgrade your tackle to suit the fish. Havy mono and wire are essential to catch any of these toothy critters. All sharks are scent feeders so bloody baits full of scent are required to catch regularly. We have a specific area of our site dedicated to Shark fishing tackle.


There are so many different types of flat fish but they all love worm baits and all love beads and attractors on your rigs. If you can get away with fishing with light tackle from the boat for these, it can be great fun.

Everything Else

There are so many other species to talk about but not enough time. Wether your after Gurnard or Conger we should have the boat fishing tackle for you and if you cant find it please give us a call on 01524 422146.