Albie Snax 5″

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The Albie Snax is a cross between a shad and a stick bait and this hybrid design has led to a very effective bass lure. The body mass and aerodynamic profile allow it to be cast good distances without additional weight and this is the most popular way of fishing it.

A slow to medium retrieve sees it coming back about 4” to 12” below the surface and it has a natural slalom action which bass find irresistible. It is particularly effective at night and it can even cope with moderately turbulent conditions without losing its action. Make sure to fish it right to the end of the retrieve as under the security of darkness a fish could still strike at your feet in just inches of water, exciting but nerve-wracking stuff!

The Albie Snax lends itself to weed-less rigging and a screw fixing hook or standard worm hook with a hitchhiker work well. The tough material lasts well and allows you to confidently fish through rocks and weed.

6 Lures per pack.

Twistlock weedless hooks (available in the drop down options) have 4 per pack and both 3/0 and 4/0 sizes work well.


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