Axia 2 Hook Snap Tackle, Semi Barbed, Size 4 – 28lb


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A stinger rig designed to increase hook up ratios and ensure you land more fish. This two treble hook rig is made for dead bait fishing for pike and zander, placing a treble hook towards the head end of the bait with another around the middle to tail end, depending on the bait size.

This configuration increases the chances of a fish taking in the hook as well as the bait, regardless of which end the fish attacks from.

Each rig is made from a tough, supple, seven strand wire and features two AXIA semi-barbless treble hooks for fish welfare and ease of unhooking. Shrink tubing across each crimp section streamlines the rig, protects the crimp area and helps to prevent tangles.

Comes with bait flags to hold baits onto the treble hooks.

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