Drennan Acolyte Carp Waggler 12ft


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Drennan Acolyte Carp Waggler 12ft

The Acolyte Carp Waggler 12ft is an exquisite two-piece waggler rod that
is purpose designed for today’s modern commercial fisheries.

The Acolyte Carp Waggler 12ft is the perfect tool for general float
fishing on commercial fisheries. This versatile rod can be effectively
used at close range with small to medium wagglers and pellet wagglers
but can also be employed much further out with loaded floats right up to

It is best complimented with reel lines from 4lb to 7lb+ (1.8kg to
3.2kg) while the super-slim, high modulus carbon blank weighs just 4
3/4oz (135g). It has a progressive playing action that soaks up any
sudden lunges during the fight and offers plenty of control close in at
the all-important netting stage. It belies plenty of power for subduing
quality fish from 2lb to 10lb with ease.

The two-piece construction means that it can be left made up in a Rod
Sleeve and conveniently assembled or packed away in seconds.


Average rod weight of 4.75oz (135g)

High modulus carbon blank

Two sections

Ultra slim

Lightweight and perfectly balanced

Crisp and responsive blank

Suitable for reel lines from 4lb to 7lb+

Parabolic playing action

Full cork handle

Engraved butt cap

Fuji reel seat

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