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Designed in con­junc­tion with Alan Scotthorne, these readymade pole
rigs have been more than a year in devel­op­ment and indi­vidu­ally hand
tied in our own factories, so the quality is second to none!


Four styles are avail­able incor­por­ating the latest AS pole floats:
AS1 (F1 & Carp), AS2 (Big Carp), AS3 (Silverfish & F1) and AS4 (Margin

•Each rig is 3.5 metres long apart from the Margin Carp, which is 2.5
metres. These lengths are per­fect for the vast majority of com­mer­cial
fish­eries and can be easily trimmed down if neces­sary for shal­lower

•Designed in con­junc­tion with five-time World Champion, Alan

•Heavily based on Alan’s own rigs and rig diagrams

•Well over a year in development

•Hand-tied in Drennan’s own factories

•Designed for com­mer­cial fisheries

•Incorporating the latest AS range of pole floats

•Highest grade balsa bodies

•Special tough acrylic paint finish gives excep­tional strength and

•Highly vis­ible hollow tips rein­forced into the body

•New-style of light­weight, blackened stain­less steel eye is kind to
the line and a vast improve­ment over con­ven­tional spring eyes
Sensible sized shot from No10 to No8 used throughout

•Shotting pat­terns based on Alan’s recommendations

•Three cor­rectly posi­tioned float rub­bers on each stem

•Drennan Supplex line used throughout

•Loops all tied with a reli­able figure-of-eight knot

•Sensible 15cm (6in) hook­lengths and Drennan barb­less hooks

•Innovative new toughened pole winders made from glass-filled nylon

•Unique design of pole winder places hook at the very end, which avoids
kinking the hooklength

•Clear and detailed rig inform­a­tion printed onto the front face of the
winder itself

•Four styles of rig; each in three of the most pop­ular sizes

•As close as you could get in mass pro­duc­tion to what Alan Scotthorne
uses himself!

•Arguably the best readymade pole rigs available!

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