Drennan Feederbomb


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American Fishing Wire Solid Brass Ball Bearing Swivels with Double
Welded Rings

These are some of the best and most durable swivels we have ever had the
pleasure of using. Each swivel is made from high quality brass and
double welded to ensure maximum life span and durability.

Each swivel is fitted with stainless steel ball bearings to ensure
maximum rotation and free movement to avoid line twist and other
potential issues.

– Bullet shaped head decreases water resistance

– Dual solid brass welded rings for maximum security

– Stainless steel ball bearings provide fluid rotation

– Black Finish

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TFFBL015 x5




does not apply, Drennan

Drennan feederbomb

10 Feeders, 5 Feeders, Medium – 25g, Small – 15g, X Large – 45g


Coarse Fishing, Coarse Terminal


Coarse Terminal, Feeders


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