ESP PVA Mesh Kit




ESP PVA Mesh 20mm Kit

PVA mesh used for bait distribution initially took the carp fishing
world by storm but it has since been adapted for all angling styles and
disciplines. This PVA Mesh Kit from ESP is the perfect tool, not only
for bait distribution but it is also the perfect size refill for most
small diameter dynamite stick sticks, too.

This PVA mesh is superior quality, as you will have come to expect from
an ESP product. With ultra-fine thread, ESP’s PVA mesh offers a
controlled meltdown for expert bait distribution. One of the biggest
benefits of this PVA is that is leaves no solvent residue behind. The
strong anti-ladder construction can hold even the finest of baits and
you’re able to achieve incredibly small knots. This means that no matter
your bait preferences, you’re able to create a mesh bag that suits your
needs. With 6 metres of product, this is an excellent economic pack that
will keep you going, season on season.

There are three different sizes of the EVA PVA Mesh Kit available. The
smallest two sizes are 20mm and 25mm in diameter respectively. These are
both perfect for the angler who likes to target with dynamite sticks, as
they enable you to create a long and thin bait sack. The larger size is
32mm in diameter, which is ideal for creating larger, looser, and more
rounded bags of bait. All three sizes come with a durable polymer bait
tube, which has been designed with a flared top. This makes filling your
PVA mesh significantly easier and it ensures that you don’t have to
battle with fiddly terminal tackle whilst you’re trying to set up your
gear. The two smaller sizes come supplied with a plunger, to help pack
in the bait. It has a rubber handle, for ease of grip, and is graded in
25mm divisions. This ensures that you’re able to produce uniform
packages of bait, anywhere up to 15cm (approximately 6 inches) in
length. The larger 32mm size comes with a flexible moulded funnel,
rather than a plunger. This is because you do not want these balls of
bait to be so compacted. The funnel fits neatly over the top of the bait
tube and it can be removed to allow for convenient storage.

ESP was founded in 1999 on the back of a comment made by pro-angler
Terry Hearn. Hearn asserted that he must have a sixth sense – or extra
sensory perception – because he was always catching the big fish that
other anglers struggled to track down. The name began s a joke, but like
the best jokes it stuck and ESP was born. Terminal tackle has always
been ESP’s speciality, and this PVA mesh bag represents just one of the
top end terminal tackle solutions the brand offers.


–  20 & 25mm PVA Mesh Kits are ideal for producing Dynamite Sticks and
include a Plunger.

–  The Bait Tube has a slightly flared top to make
filling easier and is moulded in a tough, durable polymer.

–  The Plunger has a rubberoid handle for comfort and is graded in 25mm
divisions to help produce uniform size packages and sticks up to 15cm
(6") in length.

–  The full kits of PVA Mesh, Bait Tube & Plunger fit neatly inside the
convenient waterproof containers.

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