ESP Rod Quiver And Hood




ESP Rod Quiver And Sleeve

It comes as a pair with the quiver and protective oversleeve being sold

Made from hardwearing fabrics and designed to be lightweight and
functional whilst offering plenty of protection to the rods, this system
is comfortable to carry even well fully loaded but works just as well
when being transported on a barrow.

The quiver features a pocket for the rod butts which covers the handle
all the way up to the reel and Velcro/webbing straps to attach the rod
at the upper end. At the base of the rod, butt pocket is a small webbing
loop designed to make picking the quiver up easier when loading a
vehicle etc.

The central compartment is easily accessed with the aid of a
three-quarter length chunky zip making it easier to accommodate bulkier
shelters and nets etc. The smaller three-rod quiver is perfect for oval
brollies and slimmer shelters whereas the four and five rod have a
larger capacity for slightly bulkier shelters.

On the reverse of the quiver, there are two bankstick pockets, a short
one which is perfect for 12-inch banksticks and bivvy pegs and a longer
one designed for longer banksticks and storm poles.

The adjustable padded shoulder strap is anchored to the body of the
quiver with webbing loops which are box stitched for extra security.
This method does away with any plastic attachments on the anchor points
which can become embrittled with use, resulting in a weak point,
especially in cold weather.

The sleeve simply goes over the quiver providing extra protection to the
rods, lines, and guides and has a zip on one side making it easy to
place the sleeve over the rods and a webbing/Velcro strap secures the
sleeve to prevent any twist. On 12 foot rods the sleeve comes right down
to just above the reels, so along with the full-length butt pocket, it
means the rods are completely covered in transit.

During testing, we found this the most practical quiver system we have
ever used and with the three different size options they suit every
approach. Not only that but sold as the complete system they provide
exceptional value for money.

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